Wireless charging for the 2020 Tesla Model S

Presented charge: that can recharge your 2020 Tesla Model S without wires. The first wireless charging stations for electric luxury can be found on the streets in the United States this week. After the planned export to other countries, where the demand for the 2020 Tesla Model With growing.

The module itself is called Plugless Power. It costs $ 2,400. It requires the installation of a special extra. equipment Model S and the charging station with built-in floor unit charge. Its use – very simple. The driver need to park, so that a special charging panel was under the seat of his car charging adapter, and you can safely get out of it, while Plugless Power will begin its work. Power charger 7.2 kW allows one hour to recharge the car, so he was able to drive 32 km.

Manufacturer – Company Evatran, counts on the sale of modules as the network to be able to use public and private buyers who will be able to install this device in his garage. While Plugless Power is only available for rear-wheel drive 2020 Tesla Model S. So those who own sedanolm-wheel drive crossover and the Model the X – is not yet in deeds.

In the 30-second video below shows how the system works.

Recall that recently received information about the increase in performance and power reserve 2020 Tesla Model S model year.

Evatran also offers wireless charging modules Plugless Power Car Chevrolet Volt cost $ 1,300, Nissan Leaf EV value of $ 1,500 and Cadillac ELR worth $ 2,000.