Wagon Lancer Evolution: Car rally driver home

A rare and powerful version of the beloved and adored by sports model in the Lancer Evolution IX station wagon was released a very limited edition and exclusively for the Japanese market back in 2006. But today, we will talk about more rare version – CT9W Lancer Evolution IX MR wagon.

The car is assembled by skilled hands of engineers Garage G Force.

The body of the car is painted in silver color with additional black accents on the roof and hood. In front, it is easy to notice the new bumper with air intakes and predatory push forward splitter. Just above is a special hood with vents. On the side, you should pay attention to the unique shape of tiny side mirrors, muscular wheel arches with air vents and side skirts vysokoaerodinamichnye. The rear wheel arches in its design is very similar to the jet nozzle. But the main attraction is the golden Advan wheels 19 inches, “wrapped up” in the rubber Yokohama. Behind the visible disc brake calipers with six pistons at the front and four at the rear. Aft has a sleek design, sporty touches like a spoiler on the trunk lid, carbon fiber diffuser and a duet pipes titanium exhaust system. The sound of the latter is so loud and big, the owner advises before to go somewhere, buy a pair of earplugs.

Inside the cabin, instead of luxury seats are seen “naked” part of the metal body, sports seats and roll cage, screwed “fleshy” bolts. Since the Japanese car assembly, steering wheel mounted on the right side. In addition to the standard driver’s console, a carboxylic wrapper were “sewn” additional devices including temperature sensors and oil pressure. In the luggage compartment, do not believe it is a massive aluminum battery, “moved from the engine compartment, and on the other hand is a tank with pump fuel system. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with an adjustable suspension from Öhlins DFV.

Under the hood, gently placed a 2.2-liter “masterpiece” with a golden cap and a turbocharger Garrett GTX4294R, a total capacity of 715 hp and 726 Nm of torque. The maximum speed that could develop Evo is 311 km / h, which is very impressive! The rest of the details behind the scenes.

We can confidently assert that the approach of Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer Evolution IX MR, you will hear at least two quarters, and surrounding glass will vibrate like an earthquake, when the “silver bullet” will fly past your glah.