Updates KIA Sportage year

Korean automaker 2020 Kia is actively preparing for the launch of his new creation at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This is the fourth generation of crossover KIA Sportage year.

New KIA Sporteydzh model year

Despite the fact that the salon opens in September, it is already known t

o almost all the major details parketnike fourth generation.

Photo exterior of the new KIA Sporteydzh

While 2020 Kia has not submitted official photos and videos, but journalists managed to learn about the features of appearance of a novelty.

Exterior is based on the concept car KH3, which was shown to the public in the past year. Changes compared to the third generation of serious. Only the proportions allow it to know the former Sportedzh.

KIA Sorteydzh photo front

The front end gets a new trim grille, made in accordance with the corporate style. The short hood, long expressive head optics with LED filling, close to the sports bumper with air intakes, as well as the original section of the fog lights on the edges.

Photos side of the KIA Sportage

Side note large doors that provide easy access to the interior, the correct aerodynamic exterior mirrors with LED turn signals repeaters, imposing wheel arches, compact glazing and roof rails.

The rear part of the updated KIA Sporteydzh

The rear part attracts gourmet overall optics across the width of the trunk, and even more powerful rear bumper, as well as the presence of a peak-spoiler with integrated stop lamp over a small glass tailgate.

Modified rear optics

Regarding the dimensions, there should be expected by adding the length of about 50 mm. As a result, the overall length of the new KIA Sportage to be about 4500 mm. Other parameters remain unknown.

Photos salon updated KIA Sportage

Internal changes are similar to changes in the new version of the Sorento.

That means at the disposal of the driver will be a new three-spoke steering wheel, combined instrument panel, original front panel with a large 8-inch touch screen multimedia on top.

Dark interior

Brand new torpedo

Also, the manufacturer promises to significantly improve the quality of the finishing materials. Increasing the length will affect the size of the wheelbase. As a result, the space for passengers in front and behind becomes even greater.

To date, representatives of KIA cautious regarding the scoring of prices for their new generation of crossover. The same applies to equipment.

Representatives of the Korean brand management report that they get a lot of new modern equipment, whose task is to ensure the safety and comfort of the driver and passengers.

Some experts suggest that the starting price of KIA Sportage , in the basic configuration will cost 23 thousand euros. It should be noted, higher than the current value of the initial version, but with the growth of the quality one would expect quite a small jump in price policy.

Private photo

For comparison, the current version of 2020 Kia Sportedzh sample model year in Russia costs from 880 thousand in the base to 1.48 million rubles for the version with all-wheel drive and a powerful diesel engine.

Specifications KIA Sporteydzh 2016 2017

The rear of the crossover

Generational change will entail a change of “duty” in the engine compartment.

In total, a choice of five engines will be available to customers. But we are talking about the three power units in different versions.


  1. The initial base gasoline engine will deliver four-cylinder unit volume of 1.6 liters. Its capacity is 132 hp and torque – 164 Nm.
  2. The second version involves the use of a turbine. With the volume of 1.6 liters, the power increase to 177 hp and torque – up to 265 Nm.


  1. Some diesel has a 1.7-liter four-cylinder engine and a turbine. Productivity – 117 horsepower with a torque of 280 Nm.
  2. The second is based on the diesel 2.0-liter turbine unit with a capacity of 136 horsepower.
  3. The top diesel engine involves the use of the same 2.0-liter turbo, but with boost to 185 horsepower.

To complete the motors can be a six-speed mechanics or semidiapazonnym robot DCT dual clutch.

The actuator may be complete or only the front wheels.

The basis of a new generation of KIA Sportage fell modernized platform of the third generation Korean crossover. We are talking about an independent suspension on two axes. In front are MacPherson strut and rear – multi-link design.

The side of the car

Steering receive basic assistance in the electric power, the characteristics of which can be changed.

Ahead on wheels installed ventilated brakes and rear – disc design. Pay extra for the ABS and EBD system does not have as 2020 Kia will offer them in the basic equipment.



KIA Company continues to follow its tradition of releasing new models in its corporate corporate style. The appearance of the front could be called controversial, because not everyone draws a similar false radiator grille.

He lit up the city

If we take the overall performance of new products, it makes a very pleasant impression. Reasonable price, modern exterior, competent and comfortable interior, the expected rich equipment. Given the popularity of its predecessor and the changes that occurred in the fourth generation, the novelty can expect a much more serious success.

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