The new top-end SUV 2019-2020 Range Rover Sport

2020 Land Rover is not in place and has already started road testing the new top-end version of the SUV 2019-2020 Range Rover Sport . This fact is evidenced by photos news at the Nurburgring, as they say news of the automobile world published edition Autoevolution. According to the new source in the title will get RS prefix. The SUV will be equipped with 5-liter gasoline engine with a supercharger, an approximate capacity is an impressive 550 horsepower.

Presentation of the new generation of Range Rover Sport 2019-2020 was held in March this year at the motor show in Nuy-York. One of the global changes in a significant reduction in weight, weigh less cars was a whopping 420 kg than its predecessors. Manufacturers said that the lightweight version of the good shows itself in dynamic performance and fuel economy.

It is worth noting, Range Rover will now go off the assembly line and in the seven-seat version. As for size, the car has become smaller predecessor, but with a wheelbase increased slightly. If we compare the SUV 2019-2020 Range Rover Vogue, the modifications to the exterior of the car is not very much. The main difference is the lower bumper of the car and a short rear overhang. According to auto news in the new model Range Rover Sport designers have slightly modified the hood relief, as well as reduced the area of the side glass. The rear lights of the car were changed to a different form. For a number of new improvements, in turn, received the improved aerodynamics. Engineers have reduced air resistance coefficient of 8 percent.

In the network leaked information contained Range Rover Sport photo representation of the test of the new SUV. We present them to you.