The new 2019-2020 Range Rover Ewok

Perhaps, without any reservations, we can state the fact that the 2019-2020 Range Rover Evoque in became the most successful project of Range Rover. Rapidly and unconditionally to take a leading position in the market of compact crossovers, this beauty has no equal in terms of self design perfection. Ewok  is a very beautiful and something elegant crossover with expensive equipment, all kinds of technological refinements, the abolition of the technical characteristics and the present British charm. It surprising combination of visual appeal with the power, swiftness and maneuverability. This crossover is undoubtedly the ideal choice for the streets of the modern metropolis.

2019-2020 Range Rover Evoque Picture

Going to a new level, range Evoque without interest and received several significant updates:

  • further improvements in the design of exterior / interior;
  • equipping the new nine-transmission;
  • optional all-wheel drive system is active;
  • six additional functions and comfort systems and driver assistance;
  • Enhanced Communication Features Range Rover InControl;
  • reduction in fuel consumption and emissions reduction.

Perhaps the most significant upgrade the highlight is the new automatic transmission ZF 9HP, which can be described as the most advanced version ever used in automotive production transmissions. It differs instantaneous response and the ability to move quickly at speed, the most appropriate driving style (adaptive changes in the program).

System active all-wheel drive Range Rover Ewok significantly enhances the dynamics and reduces fuel consumption when working with front-wheel drive and crossover speeds over 35 km / h. With the loss of traction, the system automatically connects the four-wheel drive. It has the system and active torque bias function with E-Diff, which actually helps to rapidly distribute torque between the rear wheels of the car, thereby providing stability and a perfect coupling.

With regard to the auxiliary systems (driver assistance / Comfort function), in this regard, the brand did not stint on the improvements. Lineup Range Rover Evoque is equipped with:

  • adaptive cruise control, facilitating the movement in heavy traffic (Queue Assist), collision warning (Forward Alert) and having predictive emergency braking system (Intelligent Emergency Braking);
  • an automatic exit parallel parking (Park Exit);
  • The system warns the possibility of a collision when reversing (Reverse Traffic Detection) and a warning of the approach of other vehicles (Closing Vehicle Sensing);
  • warning unplanned gathering a band (Lane Departure Warning);
  • recognition of traffic signs (Traffic Sign Recognition);
  • definition fording depth (Wade Sensing).

Installed in the new Evoque InControl system includes two functions, where the function will allow the Remote InControl call for help in case of emergency situations, and the Secure InControl helps track crossover in case of theft and inform the incident to the Security Center.

In addition to the introduction of new technologies, or even, one might say, in addition to several Evoque design changed. A clear forethought, flawless performance, the highest quality of the materials used – the distinctive features of the interior design of this exquisite toys. Convenient and beautiful style is not satisfactory and can quickly adapt to the crossover, make sure it is comfortable. Stylish, glamorous, ergonomic dashboard originally performed in two wells, a crossover between which the developers have placed on-board computer display. The center console is very appropriate color touch screen, which are located around a comfortable / stylish auxiliary keys. Here were placed the control unit of the climate system and radio cassette player. Meets and overall styling lever manual transmission or, in the case of automatic transmission the original “Puck” switch transmission modes. As for the interior, the driver and the passenger of a nearby have enough space to feel comfortable. Especially appreciated the opportunity to pick up the individual fans for their taste preferences finishes and a wide range of materials used.

2019-2020 Range Rover Ewok photos

Exterior crossover is dynamic, sporting spirit and even to a certain degree of aggressiveness. Despite the small rear window size, there is an impression of massiveness Evoque. A two tailpipes say about his power and speed. The impressive size of the wheels on low-profile tires, stylish wheels and wide wheel arches and the sloping roof give the predatory crossover originality and singularity. The model range is available in three and five-door versions. And, more characteristically, not looking too impressive, this kid is capable of accommodating up to 1,500 liters of cargo. After reviewing the design of the car and all kinds of variety of electronic assistants, options and support systems, making the driver’s life obscenely comfortable, it can be stated that the Evoque in – a dream that is worth any money.

Specifications. Regardless of the type of body to Ewok offers three power settings (and only one of them is gasoline) and two types of transmission. If we take the following order:

  • The first option, it is basic and, as it should be the weakest. Provided diesel turbo 2.2-liter. Its capacity is 150 l / s. It can be supplied as “automatic” and “mechanics”.
  • The second embodiment also diesel and has the same volume, but have higher power – 190 l / s. Transmissions are used similar to the first embodiment.
  • Option three, gasoline, the most powerful. 240 l / s when the engine is in a volume of 2 liters. Use only automatic transmission.

It should be noted that regardless of the option, the crossover characteristic marvelous speaker, which you can see on the video. The most “floppy” Ewok podomnet under a first hundred for 10.8 seconds and can accelerate to 185 km / h. The fastest model will take 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds and accelerate to 217 km / h. All have four-wheel drive crossovers.

Photo Range Rover Evoque restyled model 2019-2020 year

This year, the Russian market can be seen Ewok in four trim levels, which of course can be supplemented at its discretion. The price of basic package (two diesel variants and two types of transmission) range from 1 million 632 thousand to 1 million 903 thousand rubles. At 157 thousand. Is more expensive “sub-grade.” Dynamic already proposed in the range of 2 million 219 thousand to 2 million 298 thousand. For top-end “Prestige” will have to pay from 2 million 60 thousand to 2 million 340 thousand. Rubles. It regards a five-door version. The three-door model is an average of 50 thousand is more expensive. For those wishing to doubters and showrooms recommend a test drive. With the help of which you can make sure that equal Ewok the segment has not yet been created.