The new Pathfinder Nissan 2020 model year

The company Nissan 2020 has finally decided to launch a full-fledged production of the new generation Nissan 2020 Pathfinder model year on the territory of Russia in the summer of last year. So now we can get to know this detail is very interesting crossover.

It is worth noting that the Russian version of the car is based on the platform of the American SUV modification. Despite this, there are differences between them.

Nissan 2020 Pathfinder Photos

Before us is not a car with RAMS chassis, as it was in the previous generation Pathfinder. So we can say with confidence – the fourth generation Nissan 2020 Pathfinder is a real urban crossover with a pretty good off-road capabilities.

The refusal of the direction in SUV style led to a change in appearance. The machine is ready to offer much in the cabin, equipment, boasts some good performance and many others.

As novelty is officially represented on the Russian market, and our countrymen have been able to appreciate the new look products on the crossover Nissan 2020 Pathfinder, then we invite you to read in detail the car, study it literally on each side, to look into the interior, to look at the packaging, as well as see what specifications will now be based Nissan 2020 Pathfinder.


The car has got rid of the old brutality, and instead got a dynamic, elegant body, drawing attention on each side, where it no look.

Nissan 2020 Pathfinder Photos front

The front part is decorated with a large relief hood, a serious trim grille adorned on all sides with chrome inserts. Large head optics is ideally complemented by a stylish case the fog lights, which are located at the edges of the front bumper with a more powerful crossover protection.

Nissan 2020 Pathfinder photo Side

Side note muscular, swollen wheel arches, impressive in size and design, wheels, solid glazing, chrome moldings of the doors, almost perfectly straight line of the roof, which is ideally complemented by roof rails, which increase the possibility of the car in terms of transportation of cargo and baggage.

New Nissan 2020 Pathfinder photo back

The back part is not less successful than the front. Feed meets us a powerful bumper, a large tailgate, a large glass tailgate, the spoiler above the tailgate glass, complemented by a stop signal. Very refined turned back optics, based largely on the use of LED lights.

Well, it looks really cool car. Here even make impossible claims. Of course, those who are accustomed to see in the face of a full Nissan 2020 Pathfinder SUV, may be upset, because now the car is really perceived as a full-fledged member of the community of urban SUV.

By the way, this match and title dimensions. In numbers, the size of the new generation Nissan 2020 Patfayder are as follows:

  • length – 5009 mm;
  • width – 1961 mm;
  • height – 1768 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2900 mm.

Through the application of the new chassis and the use of copious amounts of high-strength steel in the production of the body, the car has lost about 230 kilograms compared to its predecessor.

As a result, front-wheel drive version is now weighs 1,882 kilograms, while AWD variation shows 1,946 kilograms scale. Weight reduction, improved aerodynamics also affected and fuel consumption.

Photo interior of the new Nissan 2020 Pathfinder 4

Before us is a full seven-seater crossover, whose interior has almost nothing to do with the sample of the third generation Pathfinder model.

Nissan 2020 Pathfinder photo salon

The decoration manufacturer using higher-quality materials, ergonomics and praised the level of the leading experts and specialized media. This indicates that controls the distribution close to the ideal.

As we have said, frame chassis is now in this car is not in use. Such a step has allowed to make interior more spacious, to provide increased comfort for passengers of any series.

Instrument computer

Of course, special attention should be front seats Nissan 2020 Pathfinder. Driver has at its disposal an elegant chetyrehspitsevy multifunction steering wheel, well-thought-out instrument panel. The center console has a beautiful decoration and very conveniently located buttons, switches, knobs. At the top of the center console is a large screen infotainment system, covered from top to small peak to sunlight does not degrade the appearance of the data on the screen.

Photo of interior rear Nissan 2020 Pathfinder the year

For the second row provided the use of a special seat folding system, which is called the EZ Flex Seating System. With the help of just a pair of motions enough to open space access for passengers in the third row, where we are dealing with two comfortable chairs.

Above the rear passengers provides for a glass roof, while in front there is a panoramic electric sunroof opening.

Luggage compartment Nissan 2020 Pathfinder

Special attention is also worthy of a luggage compartment. With all the seats raised trunk is capable of accommodating 453 liters of luggage, which is very good for this type of crossover. But this is not the limit, as both the back row are formed, thereby forming almost perfectly flat area under the loading of luggage.

The hidden drawer in the trunk of the Nissan 2020 Pathfinder

There you can even sleep together, or to use luggage space capacity of 2260 liters for its intended purpose. Under the floor there is a special niche, where you can put a variety of trivia, tools and so on. Scattering them do not have the cabin or trunk.

Options Pathfinder

Placer pleasant and useful equipment is available for the Nissan 2020 Pathfinder buyers starting from the basic version. It includes such “goodies”:

  • alloy wheels 18 inches in diameter;
  • Stability;
  • traction control;
  • front seat heating;
  • three-point seat belts and retractors;
  • front air bags;
  • side curtain airbags;
  • curtain airbags;
  • leather upholstery;
  • full power accessories;
  • sound system 12 speakers;
  • internal memory for music storage capacity of 2 gigabytes;
  • USB support;
  • multimedia complex;
  • multimedia touch screen 7-inch;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • three-zone climate control;
  • heated outside mirrors;
  • central locking with remote control;
  • immobilizer.

List the equipment that will be available in more advanced versions, we will not. Suffice it to say that Russian consumers are four versions of the fixed equipment – Mid, High, High Plus, Top.

Prices of the new Nissan 2020 Pathfinder the year

As the car Nissan 2020 Pathfinder the fourth generation is already available in Russia, prices are not a secret.

Thus, in the initial version in the configuration Mid official Nissan 2020 dealers are asked to 2.5 million rubles. Maximum grade will cost about 2.8 million rubles.

Do not forget about the existence of a hybrid version of the Nissan 2020 Pathfinder, which also officially represented in Russia. For it will have to pay a minimum of 2.8 million rubles.

Equipment Price Engine Box Drive unit
Mid 3.5 2460000 3.5 petrol (249 hp) variable speed drive full
High 3.5 2610000 3.5 petrol (249 hp) variable speed drive full
High + 3.5 2680000 3.5 petrol (249 hp) variable speed drive full
High Hybrid 2730000 Hybrid 3.5 (250 hp) variable speed drive full
Top 3.5 2760000 3.5 petrol (249 hp) variable speed drive full
High + Hybrid 2 800 000 Hybrid 3.5 (250 hp) variable speed drive full
Top Hybrid 2880000 Hybrid 3.5 (250 hp) variable speed drive full

Specifications Nissan 2020 Pathfinder

It has been noted at the beginning of this review, the Nissan 2020 Pathfinder abandoned frame chassis, instead of which appeared bearing body. We used the same platform, which is based on the new Murano .

The suspension has also undergone revision, with the result that front are MacPherson strut and rear multi-link system, which has undergone a major revision.

Especially for the suspension of the Russian market changed by setting different bushings. Moved damper setting, enabling the car to adapt to our road conditions confidently pass difficult sections of the roadway, whose state is far from perfect.

Due to the appearance of the monocoque, steering the car has improved markedly. Intelligent Drive system allows a few to compensate for the lack of off-road qualities.

Photos updated Pathfinder

As for powertrains, the range of engines is similar to that offered to consumers in the United States of America. However, there are some differences.

Thus, line engines Nissan 2020 Pathfinder includes two motors, as in the US. Only now their power is reduced in Russia. This is done to ensure that customers had to pay less taxes. By the way, this approach does not upset our compatriots. On the contrary, pleased as deforsirovka engines has reduced the cost of the machine.

The main actor in the engine compartment Nissan 2020 Pathfinder for Russia will be the traditional internal combustion engine in the face of six-cylinder petrol engine of 3.5 liters, whose power is 249 horsepower. By comparison, U.S. unit gives a 263 horsepower. The torque is then equal to 324 Nm. Works Japanese crossover with a new generation of uncontested stepless variator, whose name Xtronic CVT.

If we take into account its predecessor, the technical characteristics of which are close to this engine, the new generation will demonstrate more efficient fuel consumption, surpassing the old Pathfinder 25 percent. As a result, the motor consumes about 11.7 liters per city problkah when moving in the front drive. All-wheel drive modification “eats” a little more fuel – 12.3 liters in the city for every 100 kilometers.

The second engine is still somewhat unusual for the Russian market, because it is a hybrid power plant. It is composed of four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine and 2.5-liter motor. ICE provides 234 horsepower, while the electric component – 20 horses. As a result, the total hybrid power – 254 horsepower with a torque of 329 Nm.

As you can imagine, to work only at the expense of the electric car can not. He will play the role of an auxiliary motor, improving efficiency of the internal combustion engine. As a result, city hybrid uses about 9.4 liters of gasoline, while tracks in a flow rate drops to 8.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

The fuel tank was 74 liters. Due to this, the stock crossover course is about 850 kilometers without the need to stop at the gas station.

Hybrid is equipped with the same gearbox as the version with a traditional engine. However, setting them a little different.

Video test drive Nissan 2020 Pathfinder


Obviously, the new generation Nissan 2020 Pathfinder year may provoke a storm of emotions. Some admire how managed to fundamentally change the approach to model this, brutal and formidable SUV in a stylish, elegant, urban crossover.

Others, on the contrary, a little surprised why the Pathfinder had turned into something like that, because in the line of the manufacturer has not one SUV.

Anyway, the fact remains – the new, namely the fourth, generation Nissan 2020 Pathfinder looks great, fresh and modern. To his cabin and interior design of the claims does not and can not. Moreover, a number of authoritative publications and experts recognize that the ergonomics in the crossover almost the best among its competitors.

Yes, let the technical specifications do not indulge us a variety of power plants, but everything has its time. It is unlikely that someone will be surprised by the fact that within the framework of restyling, which is not far off, Nissan 2020 Pathfinder and got new motors. Information to this effect from the official sources have not yet been reported, but the likelihood of expansion of powertrain lineup is very high.