The new model 2020 Opel Astra sedan

Photos of the new model 2020 Opel Astra sedan behind and from the side, 2020 Opel published is not casual, because the family of the current generation Astra underwent slight restyling.

Major changes cars model year line lie exactly in the front. The updated model 2020 Opel Astra in got a different grille, head optics retouched. Another central vozduhozabornikk front bumper has increased in width and has a wide plastic lining and protivotumanok section changed its shape.

The rear of the car received lanterns changes bumper of another form, the parking lights and the license plate podshtampovany under the bumper. Even the rear bumper of the new station wagon has a chrome strip in the form of edging, and wheels of the new line of car received a completely new design.

Specifications 2020 Opel Astra Sedan will receive a new diesel with a volume of 2.0 -litra, twin-turbo four-cylinder with a power of 195 horses (400 Nm). With such a unit acceleration from zero to hundreds of 7.8 seconds and a top speed of cars is 224 km / h. Order it will be available from the autumn.

Note that the 3-door 2020 Opel Astra GTC with this engine will get some external elements differences, lowered suspension by 6 mm, vosemnadtsatidyuymovye wheels, aerodynamic feathers in version OPC, and still sports steering wheel and interior trim in Track style.

Modification touched and gasoline turbo with 140 strong volume of 1,4 liters. Now he’s got a function -Time increasing maximum torque by 10 percent – from two hundred to 220 (Nm). Under the bonnet packed modification Astra OPC is the old turbo of 2.0 -litra with a capacity of 250 horsepower. With him 3-door sprints from zero to a hundred in just 6.0 seconds.

Euro safety test 2020 Opel Astra car.

Updated Model 2020 Opel Astra J got various safety systems, they were previously presented at the Zafira and Insignia cars. They include systems that monitor layouts, dead zones, warning system of a frontal collision, as well as the system helps to find a parking space. To all there is an adapted cruise – control and a rearview camera.

2020 Opel Astra sedan price

All readers of this article are interested in the 2020 Opel Astra sedan price, it ranges from 675 000t.r. up to 900,000 TR on the secondary market, can be found cheaper. Here for you to attach a sign that you can see the price, depending on the three types of complete sets, Essentia, Enjoy, Cosmo.

2020 Opel Astra hatchback price

Prices for the new hatchback 2020 Opel Astra model year.

2020 Opel Astra sedan Photo

Before the start of sales, 2020 Opel Astra sedan photos was very difficult to find on the internet go even spy shots, all the year is exactly the new Astra or not, we already have collected official pictures and spread them to you below.

2020 Opel Astra reviews of the owners in

Users who are looking for a car is very much interested in the opinions of owners 2020 Opel Astra, . On the Internet a lot of controversial comments, some believe that the new Astra is a masterpiece, others precision but on the contrary. Below we will write a few quotes general reviews that occur more often.

Bought today 1.6 Enjoy MT5 equipment Service Enjoy + white Polish assembly of the machine is 424 000 A friend of Deng Mondeo BU said they were at a level of comfort and Shumka
expensive! that Mazda and focus! This is not the low cost options? although asserting that middle-class people! Expensive! near the 2020 Opel 2009
Insignia replaces Vectr’e, and that in turn was a “sister” Astr’e =))
In January , 1.6 automatic. Something to talk too early. Runs until … I like that wind up with no issues at -40. Although where to go in this cold? Just out of principle. Prior to that, Logan three years – only nezamerzayku topped up. But … it is ugly … especially from behind. Earlier I do not praise: M2140SL, M21412, GAZ-31029. Although, for the time … Russian-assorted gathering, including the engine, and I’m afraid to touch the …

Test Drive 2020 Opel Astra sedan video material

An interesting video material containing Test Drive 2020 Opel Astra sedan . A lot of interesting things you can learn about the new sedan.