The new model 2020 Cadillac Escalade –

Presentation of the new 2020 Cadillac Escalade, the 4th generation took place 07.10. in New York. After just a month manufacturer introduced a fairly wide range of complete sets of new creations, intended for the US market. In America, the new product will be available in a few months, in the Russian Federation are expected to appear 2020 Cadillac Escalade is planned for autumn . However, the presented model is enough to get acquainted with all the changes that affected the new generation Escalade. The review will consider photos and videos, learn the updated specifications, and in the future will know the price of the SUV.

The predecessor of the new car – Escalade GMT900, was presented in 2007. The model used a relatively high demand around the world, including the Russian Federation. What, however, did not prevent the North American manufacturer almost immediately undertake to update the model line. And many experts have welcomed the appearance of this version is cool enough – most likely, it was the main reason for the emergence of a new version of the car in a relatively short period after the appearance of its predecessor.

Photo front of SUV

So, what is the Escalade – model year? Global change appearance bypassed the new representative of the family party. The pictures can be seen that the designers have managed to keep the car recognizable image. At the same time the familiar powerful forms were somewhat diluted by new elements: installed a new radiator grille, car boasts LED optics. There have also been added to the other, blend into the look of cars delights that gives the appearance of an independent appearance, especially in the higher trim levels.

At the same specifications changed insignificantly: jeep equipped weight 2651 kg., In the basic version of impressive dimensions Salon 2020 Cadillac Escalade can accommodate 7 passengers, and in the case of the set instead of the second row of seats usual bench settee, capacity increased up to 8 people.

Photo salon

The ceiling became higher by 38 millimeters in the legs appeared about 100 mm of additional space. Significantly increased and the amount of unallocated space in the cabin, adding facilities in all ranks of seats (on the 3rd row is lack of space).

  • Body length of the new the Escalade – 5180 mm, length of the base – 2946 mm, width – 2045 mm with a height – 1890 mm, ground clearance 2020 Cadillac Escalade was 230 mm.
  • Most likely, in the domestic market will be presented, and the extended version, known in America under the name 2020 Cadillac Escalade ESV – the body of the car in the entire length of 5698 millimeters, while the wheelbase at 3302 mm.

Photo elongated Eskaleyda

Top quality trim requires the use of the most expensive types of plastic, high-quality leather, suede and wood, which is not surprising for this class of car. All elements of the interior decoration are produced and placed her hands that also provides a greater degree of installation. Attractive control panel, which has become much more luxurious, modern and ergonomic.

Photo driver’s seat

Under the hood of the latest 2020 Cadillac Escalade located the familiar V-shaped EcoTec3 motor with a 8-cylinder Mew, whose volume – 6.2 liters. The power of the engine at the time of modernization was increased from 409 to 426l.s. while cool. time increased from 565 to 623Nm, making it more mobile Escalade IV. The engine has a variable valve timing, received Active Fuel Management – ultramodern adaptive system that controls the fuel supply. This system is notable for the fact that in the case of small loads, it disables the 4-D cylinder, and is responsible for the mode of direct injection of fuel.

Recall that 6.2LV8 has already been tested in the new Yukon from GMC. A bit upset by the fact that only CPR – 6-speed automatic transmission Hydra-Matic 6L80-E. This automatic transmission, despite the fact that it is equipped with an electronic control system that increases the transmission and received a towing mode, and also has a manual shift is by no means new – it is quite a long time been used in the 3 rd generation Escalade. Dynamic performance of the car, as well as fuel consumption, are not yet available. It is safe to say only that given the characteristics of the previous model: acceleration to “hundreds” km / h in 6,8sek, the highest speed of 172km / h and consumption of 14.6 – 16,2l, 2020 Cadillac Escalade … It becomes somewhat “faster”, given a more powerful engine.

Photos of the second and third row seting

Escalade created, based on a frame platform appeared recently Chevrolet Tahoe in . However, unlike him, Escalade got instead multirychazhnuyu springs rear spring suspension. Front posted an independent structure, which consists of short and longish arms along with stabilizer bar. Also, the chassis is equipped with Magnetic Ride Control – adaptive shock absorbers, electronically controlled. These shock absorbers have a function to adjust the stiffness of the suspension while driving on different types of surface.

It is assumed that in the United States 2020 Cadillac Escalade – will be in rear-wheel and front-wheel versions. At the same time on the territory of the Russian Federation (if you draw a parallel with the 3rd generation) is likely to be available only all-wheel drive version. Recall that they have a transfer case, distributing traction in the proportions 40:60 (more than necessary on the rear wheels). Also standard on all models installed rear differential (self-locking). Make life easier for the driver called to the TRC traction; system that controls the pressure in the tires, and StabiliTrak – the system that is responsible for dynamically stabilizing the exchange rate stability.

Photo shot of the back of the vnedrozhnika

The brake system is equipped with a jeep ventilated disc brakes on all wheels subsystems, 4-channel ABS, cryogenic amplifier, EBD, BAS systems. Note that the rack and pinion steering apparatus is further equipped with a new generation of electric power, having the capacity to adapt to the driving style and the type of surface.

It is planned that in the US market in Escalade will be available in several trim levels: «Standard», «Luxury», «Premium». The basic version of cars get 20-inch alloy. wheels, remote motor switching system, a rearview camera, a multimedia system, temperature control of the front seats, leather steering wheel, navigation, digital devices panel, adaptive cruise control, climate-control system. In Russia, the supposed arrival of a 2-complete sets: «Platinum» and «Base», with the price of the domestic version of 2020 Cadillac Escalade is likely to be announced before the start of sales.