The new hatchback 2020 Audi A1 and A1 Sportback : Prices, Photos, Specs, Consumption

The emergence of two new hatchback is designed to replace standing on sale 2020 Audi A1 dorestaylingovoy versions. Before the updated hatchback is quite a serious problem, because their predecessors failed to disperse all over the world in the amount of 500 thousand cars.

Recall, this is the most compact cars in the line of the German automaker. However, they do not look like normal city cars. These are serious, brutal, with vivid sporty hatchbacks, which are in great demand all over the world. As new items are themselves a cause of great interest, and will soon be available in the market, we offer a detailed examination of particular vehicles, their updated design, improved interior, upgraded specifications and a number of other interesting facts.

Photos Body 2020 Audi A1

For photo and video materials, which appeared shortly before the auto show in Los Angeles, it is clear that the 2020 Audi A1 and A1 Sportback looks much prettier. Unfortunately, the changes have not occurred, and inside the cabin, but more on that later. To begin study exterior.

The style novelties 2020 Audi A1 and A1 Sportbek made on the basis of S1 and S1 the Sportback models that the world could see for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year.

2020 Audi A1 Photos 2020 Audi A1 Front

The front end gets a new, more daring optics, where for an additional fee you can set xenon with daytime running lights based on LEDs.

Photos 2020 Audi A1 Sportback year

Little changed and grille trim, which remained all the same trapezoidal shape, but gained slightly different shape. The rectangular fog lamps and a rather small bumper hatchback finished image.

Side view of 2020 Audi A1

Side view – the exact repetition of the S version, because it makes little sense to describe.

The side of the A1 Sportback

As for the back, then she got the change, though not very serious.

The rear of the A1

For updated and become more stringent bumper is complemented by improved lighting fixtures, new marker lights that are already in the basic equipment will have LED stuffing.

Photo behind the A1 Sportback

Of course, the exterior changes entailed and the changes in terms of size. And for A1 and A1 Sportback different overall performance. Consider each separately hatchback.

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2020 Audi A1:

  • length – 3973 mm;
  • width – 1740 mm (including exterior rear view mirrors – 1906 millimeters);
  • height – 1416 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2469 mm;
  • ground clearance – 125 mm.

2020 Audi A1 Sportback:

  • length – 3973 mm;
  • width – 1746 mm (including exterior rear view mirrors – 1906 millimeters);
  • height – 1422 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2469 mm;
  • ground clearance – 125 mm.

As you can see, the clearance, that is, ground clearance is poor. If Europe, the figure is suitable without any problems, then our roads of 125 millimeters is clearly not enough. But what can you do. Except that you can take the opportunity to order individually different wheels and tires, a wide range of 2020 Audi which will offer all its customers. Plus the whole deposit of body color options. It is expected the appearance of two special packages styling. One is aimed at giving the appearance of elegance and originality, and the second – to create a powerful sports hatchback.

As a result, due to the plurality of disk, about ten standard color variants, 2020 Audi Exclusive color portfolio, the possibility to paint the roof separately in gray, black, red or silver, the manufacturer enables its customers to maximize their hatchback highlight the rest.

Photo of attractive cabin in the 2020 Audi A1 and A1 Sportback

Talk about the interior do not have long. Just look at the interior 2020 Audi S1 and the S1 the Sportback the 2020 Audi , in order to understand what to expect from the internal design of hatchback 2020 Audi A1 and A1 Sportback. They are identical. Entirely without even the slightest change.

Photo salon 2020 Audi A1 and A1 Sportback

Perhaps not everyone will immediately recognize the decision of 2020 Audi. But everything falls into place when you remember how successful and magnificent interior appeared S-approx. Why change something that many experts call reference? That 2020 Audi did not touch her almost the most successful brand in the history of interior design.

Kachstvennye front seats

We will only say that the two new hatchback trunk size in standard position is 270 liters.

Luggage compartment

If anyone in the back row will not be, and lower back, then the space will increase to a fairly impressive for its class of 920 liters.

Rear sofa

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Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not yet reported to the accuracy of what exactly to expect from equipment. Probably, in many respects will repeat grade solutions previously presented versions of S. But this is not yet confirmed.

Pictures 2020 Audi A1 year

It is obvious that during or upon completion of the presentation in Los Angeles, everything will fall into place and we know that will be included in the basic list of equipment, and that will be available in the more expensive versions of the equipment, as well as what options can be supplemented with a hatchback already at extra charge. Apparently, the variation would be more than enough.

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The price of the new hatchback A1 and A1 Sportback year

On the territory of the producer country, ie in Germany, recently opened pre-order the new hatchbacks. According to available information, 2020 Audi will begin to deliver them on the territory of Russia in the spring of next, that is, .

That is, the wait is not so much. Plus, called the price for which buyers will be happy vladeltsemi 2020 Audi A1 2020 Audi A1 or Sportbek sample year. However, while it is possible to focus only on the German price.

So, for the 2020 Audi A1 will have to pay a minimum of 19.2 thousand euros. It is with this mark nachinut sell novelty. Sportbek version will cost at least 20 thousand euros. As you can see, the difference is not so big. Obviously, we should expect some increased costs, rather than in Europe. How exactly hatchbacks will be more expensive for Russian buyers, not yet reported.

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Technical characteristics of the new 2020 Audi A1 and A1 Sportback

In this respect, 2020 Audi continues to delight. You can choose to be, not only from a wide list of external aspects, but also the extended powertrain lineup.

To begin with two new engine, both of which received three cylinders.

  1. The first gasoline TFSI with a working volume of 1 liter. Its capacity is 95 horsepower and a combined cycle consumes 4.3 liters of fuel.
  2. The second engine has 1.4 liters of diesel with volume and 90 horsepower with a torque of 230 Nm. To overcome a hundred kilometers in the combined cycle, you have to spend just 3.4 liters of diesel fuel.

Of course, there were and motors from dorestaylingovoy hatchback version. These are three petrol engines:

  1. 1.4-liter TFSI with an output of 125 horsepower and 200 Nm of torque;
  2. 1.4-liter TFSI, boosted to 150 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque;
  3. 1.8-liter TFSI, whose power is 192 horsepower, and torque – 250 Nm.
  4. Plus there was one old diesel engine of 1.6 liters with 116 horsepower under the hood and a torque of 250 Nm.

Basic vehicles will be equipped with a manual gearbox five or six steps, depending on the motor or the buyer’s choice. But for a fee in place of mechanics can be installed robotic box S Tronic seven stages.

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Company 2020 Audi released its 2020 Audi A1 and A1 Sportback year, once again showed his class. Moreover, they showed that even the compact hatchbacks can be sports, has an impressive, courageous and aggressive looks, surprising passers-by and to please their owners magnificent performance and stunning interior specifications.

Alas, our consumers are not yet fully appreciated the advantages of small cars, while Europe and the United States are the most active buyers of compact hatchbacks. The appearance on the 2020 Audi A1 and A1 Sportback is clearly the market will create an additional impetus to this segment grew even more rapidly. While few can put a car as opposed to the 2020 Audi A1. In principle, this is the best hatchback today.

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