The new 2020 Volkswagen Polo sedan

The first time the new 2020 Volkswagen Polo sedan we saw at the beginning of the summer of 2010. As VW says this model is specially designed for Russia. The new Polo is assembled on the base hatchback 2020 Volkswagen Polo hatchback 5. It took the title of Car of the Year in 2010 in Europe.

If we compare the platform 2020 Volkswagen Polo sedan and its nucleus, it became a little more.

  • Length 4384 mm.
  • Width 1 699 mm.
  • Height 1465 mm.
  • Wheelbase 2552 mm.

Especially for Russian road car manufacturer has increased ground clearance, now it is 15 mm.


Sales of the new Polo began in the summer, after the presentation at the Moscow Motor Show. Price 2020 Volkswagen Polo was launched in from 399 000 rubles. Such low-cost manufacturers have achieved by assembling cars in Russia at Kaluga automobile plant and localization Most kits.


Specifications 2020 Volkswagen Polo sedan include only one engine 1.6-liter (105 hp 153Nm). Which is suitable for Euro-4 standards. Consumption of this car is very economical like drivers (taxi drivers) of 6.5 liters per 100km.

With regard to transmission, there is a choice between the tiptronic six-speed manual gearbox. Mechanics accelerates 1.6 seconds faster than the automatic, 10.5 seconds to 100 km / h. The maximum speed on the passport – 190 km / h.

For 2020 Volkswagen Polo sedan manufacturer thought up three packaging options:

  • Trendline
  • Comfortline
  • Highline

The main competitors of the new Polo sedan, include budgetary Korean sedan Hyundai Solaris and the Kia the Rio . Both competitors are going to the Kaluga automobile plant, they can significantly reduce their cost.

Photo 2020 Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Video Review, test-drive 2020 Volkswagen Polo Sedan