The new 2020 Volkswagen Passat B8 – – richer, more respectable

There are some cars which you can and want to talk endlessly. It is to such machinery category includes 2020 Volkswagen Passat and 2020 Volkswagen Passat B8 -, in particular, as the most recent member of the family. Despite the fact that his official presentation scheduled for the Paris Motor Show, which will take place in October this year, the manufacturer has decided to declassify most information before the premiere. So we will be able to tell you all the details right now about the new 2020 Volkswagen Passat B8.

Let’s start with the fact that the Passat is already can be called legendary model of the famous car manufacturer. The first in the history of the Passat came back in for many of us in 1973. From that time to the present day it has been sold according to experts about twenty two million copies. And only in the last year the seventh generation Passat sold in the amount of 1.2 million units.


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Not surprisingly, now that the automaker wants to make a step forward in order to outdo their competitors. Not to mention the fact, to make the eighth generation of the best six. Suffice it to say that it would make a very, very difficult, because the seventh generation has earned a lot of useful feedback and a minimum of criticism.


The car will be available in two body styles – sedan and wagon. And the production will adjust simultaneously, so buyers just have to choose.

As a platform enabled global “truck” from 2020 Volkswagen – MQB. At its base it was already built a number of vehicles, including the Audi A3, 2020 Volkswagen Golf 7, Skoda Octavia 3 and a number of other cars and conceptual projects.

Perhaps the new images will not allow to fully appreciate all the charm of design trends. However, even it is seen as a solid, courageous, expensive and respectable was the 2020 Volkswagen Passat B8.

2020 Volkswagen Passat years Photo

The front part is literally immersed in straight horizontal lines. Elegant trim grille consists of a chrome-rays that flow into a neat sports bumper, where special air intake slots are provided. Also, elegantly arranged on the bottom edge and fog lamps and stylish optics narrowed with an aerodynamic body kit only gives the appearance of elegance and originality.

The new 2020 Volkswagen Passat photo

If you look at the car in profile, it gives the impression that it seemed to create for highways. Sporting features sweeping lines, long wheelbase, high sills, a huge door, a large opening to fit into the cabin, bloated profile on the wheel arches. How is it possible to create something so amazing? Yes, this machine does not claim the title of the design of creation, the new Passat is not trying to compete with Ferrari or Aston Martin. He’s different, it unique, it is surprisingly beautiful. It is hard to understand how you can make at the same time strict, and so amazing for her appearance sedan and station wagon.

The new 2020 Volkswagen Passat photo

Behind there was nothing remarkable. But in the sense that the examination of the profile and the front did not give cause to think food supposedly can be unattractive. Again, strict lines, stunning performance optics, a sufficiently large tailgate, body kits, bumpers. Everything is so perfect that it becomes boring.

Now let’s move on to the dimensions. It is worth noting that the new generation Passat was less in length and lower height than prior to the seventh generation. The width increased immediately to 12 millimeters, and has been a change in wheelbase. But let us all specifically:

  • length – 4767 mm
  • width – 1832 mm (excluding the external mirrors, which width is 2083 mm)
  • height – 1456 and 1477 mm from the sedan and wagon respectively
  • clearance (clearance) – 145 millimeters.

Regarding the latter figure have some clarification. Especially for the Russian market company 2020 Volkswagen will offer a version with increased ground clearance. So we have a new 2020 Volkswagen Passat B8 will have a ground clearance of 165 millimeters.


Inside, the Passat does not cease to amaze. Here is difficult to say who from inside the car is better – the driver or passengers. The fact that due to the increased wheel base of the space in the cabin is even greater. This is despite the fact that the seventh generation model, already famous for excellent storage capacity and the possibility of a maximum level of comfort to place on the back seat three people.

2020 Volkswagen Passat photo salon

And the driver’s privileges. First of all, a large eye catches, color dashboard made graphically and with a diagonal of 12.3 inches. What is true, this is available only in the graphical panel as an option. It can change the operating mode, display a variety of information on request, and the driver needed.

2020 Volkswagen Passat photo salon

Plus, manage the machine and its systems can be through the multi-functional, amazingly comfortable steering wheel. The center console housed multimedia and air conditioning systems. Incidentally, the display size may be different – from 5 to 8 inches. Ergonomics can be called standard. Although if you were expecting another from the Germans ?!

Photos trunk 2020 Volkswagen Passat

No less pleasant surprises and boot size. In the sedan, he became even more than its predecessor, and now allows you to accommodate 586 liters of luggage. The wagon increase was even more – plus 47 liters for a total of 650 liters of space in the boot in its normal position. But do not forget that the car provided folding rear seats that instantly increases the luggage compartment up to 1780 liters.


So far, 2020 Volkswagen has not decided on the equipment options, that is, equipment has not yet been formed. Nevertheless, it is already known that the car will go into the layout. All transfer will be difficult and long, so call the main equipment, which will be part of the new 2020 Volkswagen Passat B8 – year:

  1. projected display
  2. keyless access
  3. LED interior light (blue, amber and white)
  4. Pedestrian fixation and emergency braking
  5. Assist for driving with a trailer
  6. parking assistant
  7. tracking system ha markings and traffic signs
  8. determining the condition of the driver system
  9. Assist to move in traffic
  10. navigation equipment
  11. audio at various levels
  12. separate climate control
  13. full power accessories
  14. viewing chamber 360 degrees
  15. a set of security systems and assists.

As you can see, equipping the car is really serious. And that we have not taken into account a number of other components that are important, useful and necessary to the driver and his passengers.


Even in the summer in Germany, local fans of 2020 Volkswagen were able to pre-order a brand new 2020 Volkswagen Passat B8. At the same time the Germans announced and cost. Thus, in the initial version of the car in the sedan will have to pay about 26 thousand euros. If they want the wagon, that is, the starting price of only € 75 higher. Of course, a top performance can reach up to 40 thousand, if not more.

Pictures 2020 Volkswagen Passat B8

As for Russia, the news here promise to bring about the beginning of next year, that is, a few months after the start of production. Unfortunately, the price for our market are not disclosed. So have patience and wait.


For all narrated above, it becomes clear that the Passat want to bring in a higher segment, increase the model in the class. Either will increase or eighth generation Passat will be the most solid in its current segment.

Everything is so wonderful outside, everything is great inside the cabin. What happens under the hood? Observed whether there is such a drastic change that occurred with the appearance of the car? Let’s try to figure it out.

Photos of the new 2020 Volkswagen Passat Front

Let’s start with the fact that the manufacturer offers a front-wheel and all-wheel drive version of the car. If we talk about engines, then there will definitely be a good choice.

Many consider the most interesting hybrid unit. It consists of a gasoline engine of 1.4 liters and output of 156 horsepower from the family of the TSI, as well as an electric motor, whose output is 80 kW. As a result, it allows you to get 211 horses. In the electric motor alone, the car is able to travel 50 kilometers. Maximum speed at the same time is not available.

But as for our country hybrid cars is not particularly relevant, move on to conventional petrol and diesel engines.

  • They all consist of a family of TSI, and have a volume of from 1.4 to 2.0 liters. There are two variants of the 1.4-liter whose power is 125 hp and 150. 1.8-liter one – its power is 180 horsepower. 2020 Volkswagen also offers two-liter engines with 220 and 280 horses.
  • The youngest of them was 110 horsepower at a volume of 1.6 liters. Two more have 2.0 volume and complemented by the turbine. This allows you to issue 150 and 190 horsepower. Yet the most attractive looks all the same two-liter diesel engine, but already biturbo. Through these indicators, he develops an impressive 240 horsepower and a remarkable 500 Nm of torque.

Incidentally, this was a powerful diesel four-wheel drive and seven-robot DSG. This engine achieves on the odometer of the first one hundred kilometers per hour in just 6.1 seconds and accelerate to a maximum of 240 kilometers per hour. Of course, the maximum speed is electronically limited. But consumption surprised with the plus sign. One hundred kilometers in the combined cycle, this 240-horsepower engine will consume just 5.3 liters of diesel.

The photograph’s new 2020 Volkswagen Passat B8

Total for all of the motors are three transmissions. This six-and seven-speed robots DSG, as well as a six-speed mechanics. Plus, in the next couple of years, 2020 Volkswagen promises to equip its new Passat new robotic DSG, which has just 10 and the dual-clutch transmission.


To sum large amounts does not make any sense. Before us is an amazing car, striking the imagination. Yes, we can not consider all of its attractive design in mind its severity. But it is impossible not to recognize that the Passat B8 – year – it’s a terrific car, perfect in almost everything. It’s hard to find flaws in it. Perhaps they do not exist. Future reviews of the owners will show how in the end turned out to be the eighth generation 2020 Volkswagen Passat.

While it is possible to describe it in a few words – a beautiful, comfortable, high-tech.