The new 2020 Toyota Avensis

From this article, I want to warn that the new 2020 Toyota Avensis in our country can not officially buy. The dealer came to the conclusion that it sold well enough, and removed from the delivery line. With a starting value of 845 thousand rubles, many prefer to get a more solid and representative of 2020 Toyota Camry, which cost only a hundred thousand more. This standard, of course, but many people like does not stop. The principle of “richer appearance – in poorer” is not particularly bother the domestic motorists.

2020 Toyota Avensis sedan category is class D, which can still be called the initial business class. Here is the line already begins when you feel really standing inside the machine, which is not only a brand name, but also a sizeable proportion of comfort. If you do not mind buying a car suppliers in gray, the Avensis propose to consider in more detail.

The new 2020 Toyota Avensis photo

External view of the four-unit looks like many of his older brother. But the differences are, first and foremost the user will notice a more carnivorous front of the machine.

2020 Toyota Avensis photo

If Camry hood and front bumper a few angular, there is a streamlined form that’s all right. Slanting eyes-headlights look as if defiantly, saying that this car on the shoulder to withstand any test.

Picture 2020 Toyota Avensis

So whether it is in fact, each owner will decide for himself, because queries people are very different. Let me just say that for the urban environment 2020 Toyota Avensis almost perfect car.

Photos 2020 Toyota Avensis

Having a good economy, Avensis is not much to wag your wallet, asking new gasoline servings. Mixed fuel consumption closer to the mark of 7.5 liters, and the drag of the air flow is equal to 0.28 Cx.

  • Dimensions of the new 2020 Toyota Avensis can be called quite standard. If it is a sedan, it is 4710 mm in length (on wagon 70 mm long), 1810 mm in width, with a clearance of 140 mm and a wheelbase of 2700 mm.
  • The luggage compartment does not disappoint and is 509 liters (543 for touring), but who this figure may seem small, the rear seatback can be folded always, thereby increasing the amount of luggage three times.

Photos trunk 2020 Toyota Avensis

The car is presented in ten different colors, and each will be able to pick up the coloring to your liking. Inside 2020 Toyota Avensis new also does not disappoint. Interior is made of quality materials and not cheap plastic.

The new 2020 Toyota Avensis saloon pictures

Backlash and squeaks has not been noticed, the seats are shown in upholstered, but you can order a leather interior, if desired. The front panel looks conservative, presenting the driver only the necessary minimum. In the presence of the display for video playback, navigation maps and PDC (in the basic version available). Multi-wheel equipped with electric power, to read information from the instrument panel is easy and convenient. The size of the glove box in the same raises no objections, though overall very things there and not put. The audio system head unit provided with access under the iPod USB connector and, in the presence of six columns evenly Placing the cabin.

2020 Toyota Avensis saloon pictures

With ergonomic interior is all right, sit comfortably, even for people whose growth exceeds ninety meters. It promotes the ability to adjust the seat “for themselves.” At present the driver’s seat electric lumbar support, which often helps out when the wheel have to be for a long time. Rear passengers also do not feel infringed: a place for comfortable placement of missing his knees in the backs of the front seats do not abut.

2020 Toyota Avensis photos

In general, 2020 Toyota Avensis interior does not disappoint, and leave a positive impression. He presentable measure, very ergonomic, and is surrounded by passengers and the driver only quality materials. In the car all you need to the system, without which the modern and cantankerous motorist can feel uncomfortable. Here you and the cruise control and rain sensor, and air conditioning; heated exterior mirrors with fold automatically. For security, in turn, meet the five airbags, ABS system with EBD and BA, TRC, as well as a system of exchange rate stability. We should not forget that the body is not made easy “paper” plastic, in the Avensis model range is widely used impact-resistant alloys.


Technical characteristics of the car not really changed compared to previous generations. The new Avensis is used all the same independent suspension with MacPherson struts , disc brakes and the handbrake. In the CIS, the machine is represented with only one petrol engine. This four-cylinder, 147-horsepower engine capable of accelerating to a hundred in 9.4 seconds. The maximum speed declared mark in 200 km / hour, and due to its mass Avensis good feeling at high speeds. But there is a small nuance. The fact that 2020 Toyota Avensis was created primarily for the European market, and accordingly, the European roads.

Video test drive for 90 seconds.

On the paved smooth coating machine have in no case will not disappoint, but the Russian roads reality is that every ten meters there is a small pit or bump. All this makes us hold fast the mark no higher than 100 kilometers per hour, because any bump transferred to the rumbling of the body shop, which did not save even a good insulation. Summarizing all the above, it becomes clear why the domestic consumer prefers a more expensive, but at the same time and more practical 2020 Toyota Camry.