The new 2020 Skoda Superb – year

2020 Skoda has already officially announced that is completely ready for the premiere of their new items in the framework of the Geneva Motor Show, as well as for serial production of its liftbek third-generation 2020 Skoda Superb – model year.

It is noteworthy that the Czech producer did not wait for March, when starts the Geneva Motor Show, and held a private screening of the new car at home, in Prague. The event took place on 17 February.

The new Škoda Superb photo

One can safely say that the car has become better in every way. Ethnicity was more elegant, rigorous and concise, increased external dimensions, the interior space has increased, there were some very interesting options, technical specifications have reached a new level for the 2020 Skoda Motors.

Do not forget that 2020 Skoda is a part of the automaker Volkswagen. And it gives certain advantages. For example, the new generation Superb 3 created on the basis of modular MQB platform. Due to this, despite the increase in the external machine, it lost weight about 75 kilograms. At the same time the body turned out to be more reliable and more durable than its predecessor.

Recent statistics tell us that the Superb – is an extremely popular car. The previous two generations were sold worldwide total of more than 750 thousand copies.

2020 Skoda also in their photo and video materials especially reminds us of the fact that the Superb has existed under this name on the market in the period 1934-1949 years. Then the machine was different elegant design, powerful propulsion units. In the video presentation of the company makes reference to the data, comparing Superb sample of the last century with the most recent development of the Czech manufacturer.


For the development of the exterior and interior meet the whole team, which was headed by the chief designer of the company 2020 Skoda. Through the efforts of Joseph Cabana was established concept, which is based on the basis of the new generation Superb appearance – Vision C. Yes, that futuristic and extravagant as the prototype, the new liftbek not received. However, the car looks great.

Many compare Superb with the latest generation Volkswagen Passat – . Yes, much in common between them, even in terms of appearance. Both cars are very nice, and give some of them prefer very difficult.

The new 2020 Skoda Superb photo front

The front part was the traditional trim grille, made in the style of the firm 2020 Skoda. Heavy edge in the middle of a long hood ends nameplates Czech manufacturer, like a small “tip”. It looks elegant, conservative. Powerful bumper, aerodynamic elements, mad stylish optics, the original fog lights. This machine wants to enjoy forever.

Photos Škoda Superb

Silhouette side shows solid car dimensions. Interesting vyshtampovki ideal wheel arches, stunning rims, the right shape, size and design of the door, almost perfectly smooth roofline. Shine, and only.

The new 2020 Skoda Superb photo back

Behind the car is fascinating for its excellent size, extravagant optics, powerful lean bumper, rear window line, like a sports car. The presence of LED optics is no surprise, but the glow of the machine simply delightful.

Interestingly, the new generation liftbek get rid of double trunk lid, leaving only an option like hatchback. So now we face a full liftbek rather than alternating sedan and liftbek.

As we have said, the car has changed in terms of size. Practically in all directions there are allowances, resulting in actual dimensions to the third generation is now as follows:

  • length – 4861 mm;
  • width – 1864 mm;
  • height – 1468 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2841 mm;
  • ground clearance – 140 mm.

But with the clearance of the Czechs clearly overdone. Too low to get a machine. For our customers, this could be a definite stumbling block.


Talking about the interior here is quite difficult, because it takes a long epithets. Too good it turned out, even on the background of the predecessor.

In principle, the build quality, the level of organization of the internal space of the interior of the new 2020 Skoda Superb can be equated to a seemingly older brother Superb – Foltsvagenu latest generation Passat.

Škoda Superb photo salon

Both machines characterized by rigor, conciseness, an increased level of solidity of internal space, unbelievable level of ergonomics, pedantic assembly. The interior of the new Superba can only admire.

One of the key advantages of this car is the availability of free space inside. It’s hard to say exactly how engineers and designers manage to achieve this. For other models presented in this class, similar capabilities can not boast.

Judge for yourself, because the interior is designed for 5 people including the driver. Moreover, there is no conditionality that rear passengers have to sit compact dimensions. The 2020 Skoda rear sofa easily accommodate three adults whose height passes for 190 cm, and weight – 100 kilograms. What can we say about the front seats, which seats more than enough.

Chic salon

But that’s not all. With such a huge salon, 2020 Skoda has managed to put together an even more voluminous luggage compartment. Predecessor, he was 595 liters in the standard position, the rear backrest of the sofa. This is one of the leaders in the segment of his time. Now all competitors to compete with the 2020 Skoda impossible, for third-generation Škoda Superb trunk has a capacity of 625 liters.


By the way, the trunk lid opened manually is not necessary, since there is provided the drive and contactless opening technology. You just have to wave your foot under the bumper. However, these options are available for a fee. But already in the database you will put in the trunk of a portable LED flashlight, various nets, hooks to facilitate the securing of the load, and even umbrellas, which will be located in the secret compartments of the front side door. And in the rear you will find a holder designed for passengers tablets.

decomposition of the trunk

Components of the new 2020 Skoda Superb

The exact list of Czechs voiced equipment, but was told what to expect in a car of the new generation.

A sample list of equipment as follows:

  • Electronic stability program;
  • electronic transverse differential lock;
  • electric handbrake;
  • Automatic piloting system when driving in urban traffic;
  • tracking system for the blind zones;
  • help system for maneuvering in reverse;
  • three-zone climate control;
  • high-speed Internet connectivity for LTE technology;
  • Stop system at low speed;
  • RV pressure sensor;
  • full power accessories;
  • seven airbags;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • tracking system and recognition of road signs;
  • system of tracking the physical fatigue of the driver;
  • panoramic roof with the hatch on the drive;
  • Four different multimedia systems to choose from.

As you can see, the assembly was very rich. What is of the following will be included in the basic equipment, and for that you have to pay extra – we learn, apparently, already in Geneva.

Pictures of the new sedan

In the meantime, we can say that with such equipment to enter the market 2020 Skoda clearly should not be afraid, even against its main competitors. If you carefully read the new Nissan TEAH , Mazda in June , the Toyota Camry in and, of course, Volkswagen Passat, then find their weaknesses on is not so difficult compared to the 2020 Skoda Superb. The Czechs have created a worthy vehicle to continue its success story and not to lose its market share. And, perhaps, on the contrary, to increase its presence even more.

Price updated 2020 Skoda Superb

Previously it was thought that the 2020 Skoda is an analogue of Volkswagen, only at a lower price. Over time, the difference in the cost of cars decreased slightly, but still remains affordable Superb Passat. Exact prices manufacturer has not yet announced, but promised to keep them at the level of the predecessor. Therefore, customers have to prepare at least 1 million rubles in order to become the proud owner of new items from the Czech Republic. According to unconfirmed information for the base version will have to pay 18,650 pounds (about 1,479,012 rubles).

Updated 2020 Skoda Superb – photos

We recommend to wait for the beginning of the Geneva Motor Show, because that is where the world premiere of the third generation liftbek 2020 Skoda Superb . Therefore, it is in the framework of the event officials 2020 Skoda called indicative price lists and the dates of sales of the car.

Specifications Škoda Superb

Using modular MQB platform speaks for itself. Yes, the specifications from Škoda Superb is just as good as the exterior, interior and equipment.

power plant

But you also want to know more about what it will drive a brand new liftbek? Total Czech automaker will prepare eight engines. Five of them run on gasoline, and three – diesel fuel.

  1. gasoline:
    1. Younger petrol engine TSI engine is a family with a volume of 1.4 liters and output of 125 horsepower.
    2. Slightly higher than the motor is located on ierarhii, but with a more serious impact on the 1.4 liter – 150 hp mud.
    3. The role of the mid-engine got a 1.8-liter TSI, from which the engineers were able to extract 180 horsepower.
    4. The step from a top of the engine is located 2.0-liter TSI with an output of 220 horsepower.
    5. Well, the crown of creation for the new Superb become similar in terms of the 2.0-liter TSI with return in as many as 280 horsepower. It is noteworthy, but 2020 Skoda told only about the dynamic characteristics of the power unit. The first hundred on a speedometer car picks up in 5.8 seconds. In this case the maximum speed, apparently, electronically limited, because the mark – 250 kilometers per hour.
  2. Diesel:
    1. Start the diesel engine has in its arsenal a 1.6 liter volume and 120 horsepower. He 100 kilometers requires only 3.7 liters in a combined cycle.
    2. The second engine has a capacity of 2.0 liters and 150 horsepower out. Of course, there has not been without turbocharging.
    3. Well, mainly two-liter turbodiesel was also made by TDI. Its impressive power – 190 horsepower. In this mixed mode of motion he needs only 4.1 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.

2020 Skoda transmissions produced just three. One of them – a six-speed manual, and two more – robotic DSG double-clutch 6 and 7 assists.

Video Test Drive 2020 Skoda Superb the year


Brand new Škoda Superb 3

The impression of a third-generation 2020 Skoda Superb – year generated very positive at the moment. Not all the details had to disclose producer, but about the most important thing we have, in fact, learned.

New liftbek has great looks, great, and maybe even a great interior design, luxury packaging and very diverse motors, which in sochatenii with reliable technical characteristics, promise something for which we love 2020 Skoda – reliability, quality and durability of all components .

Photos from behind

We look forward to the premiere of the car and began to export to Russia. We are sure that many are actively selling their old cars and collect the money, because they know – a brand new liftbek already on the way.