The new 2020 Skoda Rapid : live photos and some details

Czech company Scoda presented us with a new 2020 Skoda Rapid. Home sales are guided by the end of . As the new 2020 Skoda Rapid is an intermediate car class between Fabia and Octavia.

From Rapida characteristics are only known dimensions. The length of the car will be – 4 480 mm and a maximum width – 1700 mm. On trim levels, the technical characteristics of the motor, the size of the boot is not what is not known, but in a short time data should be available, so stay tuned.

2020 Skoda Rapid first car equipped with a new grille and the company symbol on the hood. The trunk lid on this car will be opened together with the glass at both the hatchback.

2020 Skoda Rapid photo

Recently appeared on the Internet live photos 2020 Skoda Rapid , you can see them below.

Video Rapid