The new 2020 Mazda MX 5 – the fourth generation of the magnificent roadster

The first demonstration of a new generation of roadster 2020 Mazda MX 5, from the Japanese manufacturer, the fourth of September this year. Interestingly, the company held multiple presentations in different parts of the world.

Of course, the first new 2020 Mazda MX 5 years was rated by the Japanese in their homeland. By the way, provided their car a name for each market. For example, in Japan it is called as the new 2020 Mazda Roadster, in the US it is sold under the name 2020 Mazda MX5 Miata, as well in Europe as more simple and clear title MX-5.

In October this year a novelty brought to Paris in order to demonstrate to European motorists all the charm of the fourth generation is largely legendary car.

A bit of history and statistics

The first 2020 Mazda MH5 was born in far enough for us in 1989. Ten days have been sold as many cars as the company planned to produce in a year – 75 thousand copies. For about twenty-five years of the car’s presence on the market of three generations of the roadster were sold in the total amount of more than 940,000 cars. Among the two-seater sports car is MH5 is an absolute record, and even got into the Guinness book.

Throughout its history, the model has received more than two hundred different awards, prizes and titles in different parts of the world. In Japan, it is MH5 named the best car of the year 2005-2006.

We can say that this is a classic sports car, which is required to obtain the successful continuation. Achievements of the previous three generations of the fourth generation poses serious problems. Let’s look at our review of how the company was able to cope with such responsibility.

Designers and engineers set a goal to use the most advanced technology vehicles, but to preserve the traditions of the model. That is, the novelty was to be fast, easy, with excellent control, which is a characteristic feature of MH5.


Appearance 2020 Mazda complied with the new philosophy of the manufacturer – Kodo Soul, that is the spirit of the movement. Combine the classic lines and new ideas exterior design succeeded quite well. Although now MH5 observed certain similarities with the Jaguar F-Type. This does not take away the fact that the Roadster looks great, cheeky, bright and sporty.

2020 Mazda MX 5 2016 photo

The front of the decorated drop-shaped headlights, a powerful bumper with hexagonal grille trim. Also note the presence of a refined aerodynamic components, small inlets with LED strips, large vyshtampovki in the wheel arches and bonnet line interesting.

2020 Mazda MX 5 2016 photo

In profile, it becomes obvious that there is a frank MH5 sporty character and daring character. This is evidenced by the long hood, the location is closer to the rear seats, small overhangs, elegant doors. With the lowered and raised soft top is created equally positive impression of the appearance of a novelty.

2020 Mazda MH5 2016 photo back

Due to the powerful wheel arches, huge bumper, compact optics with LEDs have achieved amazing results in the design of the rear of the car.

It is necessary to say a few words about the dimensions. They have 2020 Mazda MX5 were as follows:

  • length – 3915 mm
  • width – 1730 millimeters
  • height – 1235 mm
  • wheelbase – 2315 mm
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 135 millimeters.

If you examine the dimensions predecessors, it becomes clear that the fourth generation is the most compact in the history of the roadster. Compared with the third generation, the length of a novelty became less immediately by 105 millimeters. Latest photos and videos show that even downsizing will not affect the deterioration of the appearance or the location of the driver and passenger comfort.

Plus, we note that the considerably reduced curb weight. In the basic version it is a little beyond the 1,000 kilograms. But even this 100 kg less than with the same third generation roadster.


Of course, the seats in the new roadster as much as its predecessor, namely two – for the passenger and driver. The interior quality materials, the chair turned out surprisingly comfortable and anatomically correct. The pronounced lateral support, integrated head restraints make the trip to 2020 Mazda MH5 pleasant and comfortable.

Photos 2020 Mazda MX 5 2016 saloon

Before the driver is located multifunctional steering small, informative instrument panel with on-board computer. The front panel has found its place branded display multimedia system from 2020 Mazda, which are managed by a special washers on the central tunnel. By the way, it is located adjacent to the gearbox, but do not interfere with each other.

The interior received a good, interesting, stylish and original. The most appropriate words to describe the 2020 Mazda showroom.


Hardly anyone doubts that the 2020 Mazda MX5 equipment will be at the highest level. Because even the basic version offers a wide list of interesting, useful and even necessary equipment:

  1. ASR system security, BAS, ABS, EBD
  2. four airbags
  3. xenon optics
  4. LED taillights
  5. heated sports seats
  6. Cruise control
  7. climate control
  8. on-board computer
  9. exterior mirrors with heating and electric
  10. powered
  11. 2020 Mazda Connect multimedia system
  12. central locking
  13. wind deflector.

Plus, a manufacturer will offer a number of additional features and systems. The list is quite extensive. Of course, they are all available for a fee. Even the basic version to many may seem sufficient.


While it is not reported, which countries will be the first to get access to the fourth generation of the famous roadster. Surely they will be delivered in the first Japanese car dealerships, and only then will launch sales worldwide. Is 2020 Mazda MH5 Russia to reach – also still a mystery.

2020 Mazda MX-5 2016 pictures

We only know that the start of the implementation of new items planned for the spring of next, that is, . Agree, spring – is the best time to buy such a machine. And pay for it will require not so much as it may seem from the review. In fact, the starting price for the Roadster will be about 24 thousand euros. Of course, with the more expensive equipment and options will have to pay. But you remember that part of the base. Are additional options needed – question.


Unfortunately, information about the technical specifications is not as much as we would like. Nevertheless, we will build on what had to inform the representatives of the Japanese automaker.


So, customers will be offered with two engines. Both based on SkyActive technologies.

  • Junior received a volume of 1.5 liters and output of 141 horsepower.
  • Senior has already two liters of displacement and 182 horses under the hood.

To supplement the base roadster and motors manufacturer offers a six-speed manual transmission. As an option the machine.

Regarding the dynamics of dispersal of the fourth-generation Roadster and fuel consumption data are not available. We’ll have to wait a few.


2020 Mazda once again pleased its fans, as well as the expanded audience of buyers due to the successful continuation of the history of MH5. Indeed, the Roadster appeared outwardly attractive, successful in terms of interior design, dynamic in its technical parameters.

2020 Mazda MH5 2016 photo back

Obviously, even 141 horsepower at a curb weight of 1000 kilograms form good acceleration capabilities. What can we say about 182 horses, which obviously makes 2020 Mazda MX5 , the sharp, bold, sporty, aggressive car.