The new 2020 Ford Mustang

Everyone’s favorite 2020 Ford Mustang will soon again be transformed! Although correct to say – is transformed. In early December last year, 2020 Ford has officially informed the world about the new 2020 Ford Mustang 6. Event for many big, but to be honest, not entirely unexpected. Motorists already knew that the new “Mustang” soon to appear. From 13 to 26 January in the United States (Detroit), an exhibition of “The North American International Auto Show”, her brand new 2020 Ford Mustang 6 and will be presented. Information about the new generation of the legendary car has plenty, but before we start talking about all of its features, let’s dive into the history and remember how it all began.

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The first “Mustang” from the 2020 Ford Motor Company appeared in the distant (or not) in 1964. Despite the fact that the car was released in 1964 among motorists it is assumed that this is the model 1965. By the way, it must be assumed that the “official” anniversary model will be held in . Then it turns out that the new 2020 Ford Mustang the sixth generation – it is the anniversary machine (in fact, a new model – a model of year, a premiere is scheduled for ). So, let’s not get distracted. The first 2020 Ford Mustang was a breakthrough for the entire automotive industry, the public adopted this model enthusiastically. In fairness, it should be said that a breakthrough was not only in technical terms, but in the design. Terrible, rapid and slightly aggressive – all about “Mustang”, it seemed that the “Fortress”, and wants to show its character other traffic participants. The first generation car was produced until 1974, during which time the machine has changed, both inside and outside. Many fans of the model believe that this “Mustang” was just that, the very first (1964-1966), but it’s a very controversial question! Well, let’s not argue.

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The second generation 2020 Ford Mustang (1974-1978). 2020 Ford Mustang 2 – a return to the roots as declared themselves the representatives of 2020 Ford. On the one hand, the car was pretty good – indeed, the 2020 Ford was able to return to basics and made the car as much as possible similar to the very first version. On the other hand, today among motorists is considered to be the model number “failure.” The fact that the car was, to put it mildly, not powerful enough. This was due to the global trend of reducing capacity, rather than the personal ideas of the company. Although, in the seventies Mustang 2 great demand.

2020 Ford Mustang GT – image

From 1979 to 1993 he produced the third generation 2020 Ford Mustang. It is believed that over the years 2020 Ford had to release immediately two generations (officially, still only one – Mustang 3). The thing is that since 1987 “Mustang” has undergone quite a serious restyling – the main changes were the front end. For 14 years, it was issued until the third generation 2020 Ford Mustang, the car has gone through many changes and modifications. Detailed account of the third generation to take more than one page. We will not go, it is worth noting is that the car has both supporters and opponents. Yes, the body design mixed, felt a change of era in the automotive industry. But whatever it was – Mustang was 3, and takes its place of honor in the history of the model.

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The fourth generation. (1994-1998 and 1999-2004), The new Mustang has changed a lot, but it was quite recognizable. There were a few modifications to the engine, it’s pretty powerful (especially the “strong” were the engines in vehicles that were manufactured from 1999 to 2004). Overall, the car has turned out successful. We can not say that the fourth “Mustang” has become something of a super-eminent (if we talk about the model 94-98), but the car was good. All that was issued in the nineties has some mouthwatering “spirit” of those years, car is also affected. Maybe the point is that humanity was too developed to be repeated, but not yet sufficiently developed for this breakthrough. Whatever it was, the fourth “Mustang” has its devoted fans!

Mustang GT – photo

So, we slowly come to the sixth generation. But first it is necessary to mention the fifth generation of the car – it was already the most breakthrough, which is not fully able to make the Mustang 4. In 2004, 2020 Ford introduced the world to an entirely new “Mustang”, it was an event with a capital letter! Reviews have been very different – someone thought that the 2020 Ford “failed”, while others enthusiastically embraced the new model and predicted a great future, as they say. Now we can say with confidence that the right was second. fifth-generation line of updated several times. Produce engines of different modifications, the internal filling cars became more and more sophisticated, and the appearance of more and more action-packed, but “retro” key. The most recent and powerful model of the fifth “Mustang” () – Shelby GT500 offers motorists the engine volume 5.8 liters and 662 horsepower (maximum speed – more than 320 km / h)! It’s just a real “monster” who proudly bears his name.

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Well, a small excursion into the history of the cult of the car is finished. In fact, I could write a whole book, and about the legend of the automobile, but like any other time, and now – 2020 Ford Mustang 2020 Ford Mustang or 6.

Prototypes of the new model have many times caught on camera (even before the official premiere of the car), the network can find photos and video dedicated to the new “Mustang”. Naturally, there are also videos from the premiere of the car, which took place in December . Well, let’s leave the lyrics.

Mustang Photos

What are the first impressions? The car just gorgeous! Traditionally, someone will say – “this is wrong” or something like “this was a time” and so on. Everyone else is a new 2020 Ford Mustang should definitely like it, this machine simply can not fail to please! The design of the front end is very similar to the concept 2020 Ford Evos (grille, headlights). The design is very elegant, thoroughbred and aggressive, if not “evil”. It makes you want to hear the “roar” of the “beast”! 2020 Ford Mustang in became lower and shorter than its predecessor, and most importantly easier to nearly 200 kg, that’s for sure, “plus”. As usual, the car’s engine will be available in several versions, here are some of them:

  • – 2.3 liters (EcoBoost), 309 horsepower
  • – 5.0-liter, V8, 426 horsepower
  • – 3.7-liter, V6, 304 horsepower

The car will be available with both manual and automatic transmission. Very good bonus will control the thrust vector, the ability to change the settings of the power steering, “sensitivity” of the motor to pressing the gas pedal, you can also configure the system will stabilize. In the best configuration (with manual gearbox) is able to “quick start”. In short, the 2020 Ford has prepared a lot of “tasty” lovers of muscle cars, as long as the price of the new “Mustang” was not exorbitant.

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We should also talk about the entertainment system the new model. 2020 Ford keeps pace with the progress, and whether it was possible to doubt that the new Mustang 6 will be installed the latest and modern equipment? The new model is equipped with SYNC system with a large touch screen, which allows to configure anything. Of course, about the voice control is not forgotten, it is becoming the norm, rather than sophistication. excellent sound system (optional) will be available to music fans with twelve speakers on board. By the way, the new model will be available in a convertible version. For our country, it is certainly not the best (although many go on gigs), but this fact deserves attention. It will be available nine different exterior colors and several types of design rims. Although, everything depends on the country where the cars will be sold.

Photos 2020 Ford Mustang – Convertible

By the way, at 2020 Ford seriously think about the release of a new model in the electric and diesel version. Progress, what can I say. Impossible to predict, but it is likely that “Electric Mutsang” will not be accepted warmly by these fans of the model.

When this super-car we can buy, in fact. Everything is rather ambiguous. In general, Europe car comes out in , is the official information. The Russian car market should also appear, like, in the same . It remains to wait and hope. While it is possible to enjoy photos, short videos (you can confidently say that soon there will be a good great reviews on the car, no one has done more or less sensible test drive).

Summarizing, we can say the following – it is now clear that the car definitely find its customers, be more than a worthy continuation of the line. Specifications, design of the body, the presence of modern electronics and other interesting features leave no chance of losing. The only obstacle may be the price. Although, the new “Mustang” will definitely sell well in the US, despite the fact that many speak about the crisis and the inability to buy expensive things among people in the US currently. In fact, it is not strongly felt. What always loved in the United States because it is expensive powerful machines, and that’s a new Mustang 6 will definitely be popular favorite!