The new 2020 BMW 5-Series : Prices, Photos, Specs, Consumption

The famous “Five” new 2020 BMW 5-Series from the first generation, which was presented in 1972., Is positioned as a car, is the perfect choice for fans of high speeds, combined with increased comfort. That model was sverhuspeshnyh, confirms the amount of sold “fives”: more than 6.6 million for the release of all history!

The incredible popularity of relatively expensive cars due not only excellent quality, but also outstanding performance, improvement of the Bavarian concern which pays close attention to. The concept for models 5 Series still relevant today: the current edition, the 6th generation of the date of the start (beginning of 2010), more than one million copies.

new 2020 BMW 5-Seriesnew 2020 BMW 5-Series photo

. The last restyling of the new 2020 BMW 5-Series , was successfully held in , touched on almost all the members of this series: small adjustment appearance, improved materials trim, new powertrains, went wagon Touring, sedan 2020 BMW 5-Series hatchback Gran Turismo and, of course, the stunning 2020 BMW M5. Seeing the model for the first time after the update made adjustments could well be called the surface, however, a closer look closely, all the differences become visible range of dorestaylingovoy machines.

new 2020 BMW 5-Series photo

So, in front of cars got constant nostrils falshradiatora lattice (without them – anywhere, such as “nostrils” has long become a business card of the Bavarians), stylish xenon headlights (LED – optional). Also it stands in front bumper with aerodynamic elements and original inserts – motorists can not imagine any other appearance of the 2020 BMW but aggressive. Separately mentioned dignity coeff. aerodynamic drag: 0,25-0,32 Cx, depending on the model.

new 2020 BMW 5-Series restyled photo

Do not even versed in cars person at a glance on the 2020 BMW 5-Series is clear that the whole family is clearly a member of the sports car: an elongated hood, piled back frame windshields, high line side glass, smooth shape “incident” roof, LED turn indicators on the mirrors. If you have a large number of common components, the most dynamic in the family looks like, of course, the 2020 BMW 5-Series GT – is, in fact, the sports coupe.

new 2020 BMW 5-Series photo

All cars have a series of rigorous back, which at the same time manages to look concise and sports – to match the front. Beautiful bumper, original ceiling lighting – all could not be better discharged in attention to detail the concept of the exterior.

Note that the last restyling virtually had no effect on the dimensions of the fifth new 2020 BMW 5-Series.

  • For example, the 2020 BMW M5 sedan parameters are: length 4899 mm (4910 mm), width – 1860 mm (1891 mm), height 1464 mm (1456 mm). Indicators wheelbase – 2968 mm (2964 mm) ground clearance – 141 mm (114 mm).
  • Gran Turismo hatchback now has a length of 4998 mm, width – 1901 mm, height – 1559 mm. wheelbase Options – 3070 mm ground clearance – 150 mm.
  • Updated Touring wagon length 4907 mm, width – 1860 mm, height – 1462 mm. Wheelbase and clearance is 2968 mm and 141 mm, respectively.

Note that the wagon and sedan in the base get tires 225/55 R17. Optionally, all models 2020 BMW 550i capacity for tires 245/45 R18, with the wheels of the family – only aluminum sizes 17-18. Against this background, several stands Gran Turismo hatchback: for the cars accommodate rubber 245/50 R18, or 245/45 R19 – on the front axle and 275/40 R19 – on the back on alloy discs radii 18-19. We also note and “shoes” supercar 2020 BMW M5 – This car got in front of a low-profile tires 265/40 ZR19, rear accommodate an 295/35 ZR19, 265/35 ZR20, 295/30 ZR20.

2020 BMW 5 series wagon photo

Expanded after the update and suggested palette for range of color options – have been added to the variations on the theme of metallic. Now full of full of colors available for this line is as much as 16 options. But that’s not all: the customer can individually be the coloring book that is present in the package 2020 BMW Individual.

The rear of the 2020 BMW 5 series touring pictures

Interior design is not presented any surprises: all strictly predictable and succinctly as in the other versions 5-Series, the interior space is organized around the driver’s seat. Now for the driver without exaggeration be called a model and ideal for active driving. All seemed aimed at fast driving, starting from the optimal form of steering, strong dash, finishing seat, arrangement of controls – as the basic and advanced features.

Picture 2020 BMW 5 Series saloon

Also, anyone can now also install a digital dashboard, where 10.25 inches will be installed. TFT screen. Undoubtedly, to control any of the 2020 BMW 5-Series is incredibly convenient and pleasant. However, you first have to experience some discomfort associated with a slightly clamped position of the driver body – people picking large salon may seem a bit cramped. We’ll have to get used to the iDrive control specifics, as well as overly rough trim materials.

Photos of the first row of seats of the 2020 BMW 5 series

Note that in the first row in the passenger seat can comfortably accommodate almost any traveler, but this statement is not entirely suitable for the passengers of the second row – they unfortunately got limited space. About three passengers can not speak – the rear seats are molded for two seats. Do not contribute to the placement of the rear passenger and third dimensions of the central tunnel.

2020 BMW 5 series pictures

However, two back row passengers are fully capable to enjoy all the charm of staying in the 2020 BMW 5 Series: increased by 100 mm figures wheelbase, the ability to move back row along the interior 73 mm and adjustable to 330 back, let you feel at ease and comfortable .

The luggage compartment of a sedan 2020 BMW 5-Series is able to accommodate 520 liters. cargo wagon – from 560 liters. with passengers at the rear. With the rear seats folded volume increases to 1670 liters – the trunk in this case is a perfectly level surface, ideally suited for the transport of virtually any cargo. The original decision was the division of the trunk lid in two parts: You can now tear off the entire rack and half.

Photos trunk 2020 BMW 5 Series

Of all the representatives of the 5 Series trunk largest expected boasts Gran Turismo: Depending on the location of seats, as well as the presence / absence of passengers, its capacity can be up to 500 – 650 liters. When folded back row can be placed in the trunk of 1750 liters. payload. A new mechanism for opening the luggage compartment has been applied here as well: the lid can be opened in two ways – either a small lower part or lift the entire door.

Roof wagon 2020 BMW 5 series

Basic equipment represented a huge number of features and elements, even in the initial version of the sedan 5-series. So, there is the latest Servotronic system responsible for strengthening the steering wheel; installed anti-theft satellite system 2020 BMW Professional; advanced bi-xenon headlamps; front and rear parking sensors; multifunction steering wheel is equipped with heating; also present heated front seats, which are installed actuators; dual-zone climate control; 2020 BMW Professional – a new sound system; on-board computer; dynamic cruise control, light and rain sensors – agree that the feature set more than impressive.

By default, the trunk door hatchback and wagon have electric. However, the sedan this function can be obtained only as additional equipment. All bodywork modifications are optionally available features such as remote opening – the sensors are located at the bottom of the bumper, at the stroke of foot near a specified location, automatically open the tailgate.

The luggage compartment of the 2020 BMW 5 series

The list of available optional equipment simply enormous, so we mention only the most interesting position. It deserves the attention of the automatic parking assistant; new 2020 BMW Parking Assistant is now able to issue commands not only the steering wheel, and the brake pedal and accelerator. In other words, all members of the 5th series are able to independently find a parking space and park on it. Note that for the touring sedan and the 2020 BMW 520d are available intelligent all-wheel drive system xDrive.


Specifications of the new 2020 BMW 5 Series in and is primarily characterized by the expansion of the applicable range of engines: diesel engines supplemented 2,0l (143 hp) 2020 BMW 518d, which the dynamics of dispersal to 100 km / h is 9,6sek.. Average fuel consumption is also encouraging:. 4.5 – 4,9l, regardless of the established checkpoint. The rest of the diesel engines to domestic motorists familiar 4-cylinder 2020 BMW 525d (218 hp), 2020 BMW 520d (184 hp); 6-cylinder 2020 BMW 530d (313 hp), 2020 BMW 530d (258 hp), 2020 BMW M550d (381 hp).

The power unit new 2020 BMW 5-Series

Petrol engines are represented 2020 BMW 520i (184 hp), 2020 BMW 528i (245 hp), 2020 BMW 535i (306 hp). Restyling affected the capacity of the leading representative of the 2020 BMW 550i engine – now it has increased to 450l.s.

Special mention deserves the post-restyled 2020 BMW M5, which has 4.4 liters. V8 (560 hp). Optional Package Competition Package will increase the capacity of car 15 hp Motor is now working with 6MKPP or 8AKPP.

Price new 2020 BMW 5-Series

In conclusion, we note that all members of the 2020 BMW 5 series has never been cheap. The cost of basic kit starts from 1.765 mln., with the most powerful representative of the series, the 4.4 liter. wagon “will delay” to 3,240 million rubles. 2020 BMW 5-Series Grand Turismo worth 2.5 million rubles.