The crossover of the new generation 2020 Hyundai ix35

We are all well remember in 2009 when we first became acquainted with one of the greatest crossover released by 2020 Hyundai. This, of course, is about the 2020 Hyundai ix35 , which has the same platform as the third generation KIA Sportage. Due to this factor, its production in Europe was possible thanks to the company of KIA factory, located in Slovakia.

In many respects, the elements of the new 2020 Hyundai ah X 35 in are similar to those we have already seen earlier in the 2020 Hyundai Tucson, with them so much that it is for this reason, the South Korean markets, this model is sold as the 2020 Hyundai Tucson ix.

If we recall that the 2020 Hyundai ix35 grade offered in a fairly broad range. Price 2020 Hyundai Ix35 began with 899,000 rubles and reaching 1.295 million rubles, you can choose between 9 different modifications. The engine in each of them was gasoline and did not differ in size, except for the top version, which offered a diesel engine capable of developing more horsepower than the other versions. Also, for these variations are typical of the different gearbox and drive.

Inside this crossover could be seen a lot of eye-pleasing, that can not be overlooked. Many of smooth forms and distinct lines led to the interior of such a level that it is safe, can lay claim to an expensive salon, using all or at least many of the advantages of modern technology and amenities.

It should be noted that work on the exterior and interior design of 2020 Hyundai ix35, engineers and designers decided to abandon many common trends and created his vision of how to be stylish and sophisticated car, and we should recognize that they succeeded. But time passes, and the fact that yesterday was relevant and popular today is not such a bright and desirable. That is why the company-developer has decided to selectively change some of the elements of this model, giving it an even greater scale.

2020 Hyundai ix35 is not an ordinary crossover, which in appearance is not much different from other models, which are constantly in sight. The first thing that catches the eye, is the availability of high-quality LED optics and converted the top of the radiator grille. Along with giving it more modern paints and shades, changes were made in its engine.

Now some information containing specifications 2020 Hyundai ix35 . Since then, the 2020 Hyundai ix35 will function with the help of improved engine Nu, instead of using the Theta-II, which has been used previously. Despite the fact that the volume of the engine remains unchanged, it is possible to strengthen the capacity of up to 163 horsepower. Earlier, it was possible to develop only 150 horsepower.

When choosing a version using diesel units, the owner can be satisfied extremely useful changes that will positively affect the number of negative emissions into the atmosphere. To date there is no official information about what will be the price of 2020 Hyundai ix35 , as well as about the beginning of their sales, so it is worth taking into account the earlier value, which was characteristic of the original 2020 Hyundai ix35.

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