Sanёng Rekston – a roomy crossover

Recently a well-known regular update we have Korean SUV Sanёng Rekston late model touched quite a substantial change in such a way it will be done over the next 3-5 years. The new model name added to the letter W.

In fact, even we are considering modification of 2020 SsangYong Rexton W is a deep modernization of the first model, which first appeared on sale in the distant 2001, and regularly update undergoing facelift. This fact does not detract from the benefits of the new Rehton In – car turned out quite successful, fully corresponding to today’s needs, and looks very stylish.

Sanёng Rekston photo

So, ahead of restyled SUV 2020 SsangYong Rexton W released false radiator grille with chrome slats, which proudly cuts the cars on the width of the width, as well as stylish lamps, dilute with modern LED running lights. Completes the picture of the appearance of the front car bumper trim, received several air intakes and rectangular fog.

2020 SsangYong Rexton photo

Behind the new Rexton W was compact bumper strict rectangular rear door (which is crowned by an elegant spoiler with an additional stop sign), as well as a beautiful back “Peonies” with an interior LED technology.

On the side of the updated crossover elongated bonnet is clearly defined, strict, direct roof somewhat exaggerated arches, massive doorways, sloping sides, as well as quite unusual form-pillar roof, get back slope.

Bottom body Sang Yong Rexton foresight to protect high-quality durable plastic lining, which, among other things, reliably cover the edges of the wheel arches. Different cars can be equipped with a complete set of wheels of different sizes and equipped with tires 235/75 (R16), or 255/60 (R18).

Ssangyong Rexton photo

Developers were able to not only maintain but also slightly increased the proportion of the body. Despite the fact that the increase in some of the parameters may seem insignificant, the overall picture is impressive: SUV in front of us with a really impressive size.

  • Settings updated 2020 SsangYong Rexton in (relative to the size of the previous generation) are as follows: length is 4755 (4720) mm, width – 1900 (1870) mm, height (including on the roof rails) is 1840 (1830) mm, and 2835 (2820) mm wheelbase. No change was only the clearance (by and large, he did not need to increase) – 247 mm.
  • At the same time the lowest point of car is under continuous rear axle at a height of 206 mm from the surface.

Do not become developers especially excel and to update the interior – a special interior changes have not touched. However, this solution is obvious: only two and a half years ago, interior decoration was completely replaced, so during the current renovation creators could well afford to restrict cosmetic changes.

New Ssangyong Rexton photo

Among the most evolved elements of the interior, we note a large steering wheel, completely studded with control buttons: on the phone and music to cruise – control. The front seats have plenty of quality – even for a sufficiently long time, the driver and passenger will sit very comfortably in them. Note that both seats have a large range of different adjustments, and convenient for the sides of the support. The remaining elements of the front row – the armrest, the dashboard, center console, made and posted in full compliance with all requirements of ergonomics – use them very convenient.

Csangyong Hekston w photo

The second row allows comfortable seating for three passengers. back row backrest has a variable slope (all provided by the presence of five different positions). Also, everyone can also order the third row of seats, which can accommodate two passengers.

Even the base model of the updated crossover Korean (Comfort grade) can be equipped with a considerable variety of different functions and systems. Individual attention: the stabilization system (ESP, ARP); side and front airbags front row; availability of heating all the seats; sufficiently advanced cassette recorder (CD, MP3, USB, Bluetooth), which is controlled from the steering wheel; central locking and alarm system; Additional turn indicators built into the side mirrors; quality climate control system. Note that for such content will have to fork: all who wish to obtain a crossover with more features, will have to pay about 100 000 rubles.

The highest packaging 2020 SsangYong Rexton in could be described as chic, thanks to the presence of the integral elements of luxury, as a fully leather interior, cruise control, expensive monitor the center console; elektroreguliroka front seats, extra row of seats; the presence of additional air conditioning as well as separate air ducts.

Sang Yong Rexton photo trunk

Roof crossover able to accommodate from 952 to 2082 liters., Depending on the number of passengers. Thus, the 7-seater SUV, the presence on board all passenger seats only 250 liters. With the third row folded, it automatically increases to 678 liters with folded second and third rows -. Up to 2082 liters. Note that in the car there are two options open tailgate: fully or partially (only open the upper part – glass).


Technical specifications are almost identical to the characteristics of its predecessor: the foundation of the new Rexton W is a familiar frame spar type. In the line of available powertrains including three engine: gasoline and two diesel.

Saneng Rekston photo

The first of the proposed diesel units has a volume of 2.7 l., Its power is 165 hp 2.7 liters. diesel produces 186 hp gasoline engine, which amounts to 3.2 liters., is capable of 220l .s. All motors operate with a 5-speed automatic transmission T-Tronic. However, for the basic configuration (diesel 2,7 l.), Proposed a 5-speed manual transmission.

  • Restyled 2020 SsangYong Rexton W can be equipped with three-wheel drive system:
  • automatic four-wheel drive (TOD);
  • wheel drive manual connection (Part-Time);
  • permanent all-wheel drive (AWD).

Ahead of SUV got independent suspension on the wishbone. The rear suspension, regardless of all-wheel drive can be used type: sensitive (set beam axle), or independent of 8 (eight linkage).

Price and equipment

Price delivered to Russia 2020 SsangYong Rexton W begins with a fairly democratic (for a SUV) level of 1.149 million rubles – it is in many Comfort priced base model equipped with a diesel power unit, and having the five-seater cabin. Price of the most expensive Saneng Rekston received a seven-seat interior, the most powerful diesel engine in 186 hp and four-wheel drive the AWD, starts with a digit in 1519000 rub.

Video Test Drive