Review of the new 2020 Skoda Yeti – year

The output of the first-generation crossover 2020 Skoda Yeti has caused a flurry of emotions among ordinary citizens and automotive experts. The model quickly gained sympathy, became popular, it bought up very, very active.

As time went on, and it forced the manufacturer to resort to specific steps in order to maintain the relevance of the car. Restyling, minor improvements were doing their job. Nevertheless, the hour has come when it’s time to go on stage to a new generation.

Photos of the new Škoda Yeti

will be precisely the starting point from which to begin the story of the new version of the 2020 Skoda Yeti. 2020 Skoda, which is part of the automaker Volkswagen significantly benefited from this. Largely because a new version of the Czech crossover will be built on the MQB modular platform, which was released a lot of very successful car under different brands, controlled Foltsvagenu.

Well, let’s examine the currently available information, in order to make a first impression about the future novelty car market. Just note, the information is not so much as we would like. Much manufacturer keeps in the strict secret.

Picture 2020 Skoda Yeti – in the new body

If you look at the available new photos and videos, it is not difficult to determine how attractive was the crossover in comparison with its predecessor.

It would be correct to say that the Yeti has acquired some more classic, restrained, strict exterior components.

2020 Skoda Yeti photo front

The front part is decorated with a large grille trim, a bit like SUVs from BMW. Large Optics, LED daytime running lights, fog lights neat. All optics performed at a very high level. Complementing the successful pure crossover front of the front bumper with large air intakes. A large rib on the cover hood rushes to the sloping windshield, and its tip is located compact label of the Czech automaker.

Side view of the new Škoda Yeti

Side view is the most pleasant emotions. Large comfortable doors, large exterior mirrors, in which were mounted repeater turn signals, flat roof with roof rails, a huge wheel arches, where it is possible to place a very solid discs at 17-19 inches.

The rear of the 2020 Skoda Yeti

Behind it is worth noting beautifully elaborate optics, competent tailgate, bumper impressive. Everything looks harmonious, stylish and very attractive. Confident rating “5” for the design efforts.

It is expected that the crossover dimensions become larger than its predecessor. In particular, the new product will be the longer and higher. The exact parameters are not specified yet.

The updated interior Yeti

If you look in the salon, here traced the opposite appearance change. Earlier exterior was a toy, and it made strict and classical, the interior tried to perform live, bright, interesting. In conjunction with the appearance it looks very good.

Salon updated crossover – Škoda Yeti

It is no secret that the 2020 Skoda Yeti is positioned as a family car. Because the main focus was toward increased comfort and safety.

The quality of interior trim materials reached a new level, which previous versions of 2020 Skoda Yeti could only dream of. Even the plastic was soft, neat, pleasant to the touch.

The new steering wheel, modern instrument panel, the actual time for our center console, touch screen multimedia, and more will get a driver at your disposal, according to the available information.

The harmonious front row seats

By the way, due to the increased size, 2020 Skoda Yeti a few go beyond the compact crossovers. It will also introduce another innovation – a modification of seven seats.

That is, the buyer will be able to order a Czech car, in which instead of the usual two rows of seats will be a third, quite full, rather than conventional, except that a suitable for small children.

Options and prices for the new 2020 Skoda Yeti – year

We do not knowingly combine two items in one of our review, because this component information is not completely.

You can be based on assumptions of experts, as well as trust in the data, which provided a variety of informal sources. According to them, on the 2020 Skoda Yeti prices will rise slightly, just for 1-2 thousand dollars. Although, given all of the innovations that the automaker is preparing, as a small rise in prices seems unlikely.

Good quality passable

But it is known that in addition to the modifications to the seven-seat interior, dealers offer special packaging, which involves getting into the hands of the buyer a full crossover. This will be the exterior changes, the appearance of the plastic protection on the perimeter, special wheels and, most importantly, all-wheel drive. The base will also be front-wheel drive only.

Yeti Yeti will not?

we could not not share this information, but at the moment it is just a rumor among the active media.

The fact that representatives of the company 2020 Skoda in an informal conversation found out about the alleged impending name change Yeti model. What to do, what caused such a decision – is not clear until the end.

2020 Skoda Yeti Review – year from all sides

It is possible that 2020 Skoda is planning to release a full-fledged crossover, which will go beyond the compact models. It is possible that this new product will be the replacement for the Yeti. Or maybe the company just thinking about starting a new member to its line, and soon 2020 Skoda is not a crossover, but two.

Specifications 2020 Skoda Yeti

It is known that the technical specifications are subject to change under the hood of the Czech crossover will have new engines. Plus should be kept some of the important engines that are equipped with the now sold last modified 2020 Skoda Yeti.

Engine 2020 Skoda Yeti

Alas, it is reported only about the use of new petrol and diesel powertrain that promises to demonstrate a very serious performance in terms of power, dynamics and consumption.

But nothing more Czech experts did not tell. At the same time the start of production is expected in late spring of this year. Most likely, more information is expected in the framework of the Geneva Motor Show, which will take place in March. It is an ideal venue for the European presentation of new products from the Czech Republic.

Video Test Drive Yeti –


Exit 2020 Skoda Yeti – of the new generation, the many expected, with few expecting it so soon. Frankly, the latest version at the moment has not yet had time to get bored. It is an attractive, fresh, interesting, more than successful.

The rear of the crossover

Apparently, the leadership of the Czech automaker saw its reasons for such a fast change of generations. It is unlikely that this fact will be unhappy with the buyers themselves. Yet expectations of a new generation of much. This improved appearance, increased dimensions, new powertrains and more.

Most importantly, the 2020 Skoda Yeti with her is going to continue to please European customers, not forgetting the CIS countries, where the crossover will necessarily deliver. In addition, Czech SUV to enter new markets – China and India.