Review of the new 2020 Ford Explorer 2016 the year

Company 2020 Ford has officially presented the updated version of its crossover within the motor show in Los Angeles. The event was held in November this year.

It is noteworthy that it was not just update and upgrade, on the occasion of the anniversary model. Explorer was first introduced in April 1990. It is now twenty-five years since the launch of this model on sale. She survived the change of several generations and many reystaylingov.

2020 Ford Explorer photo

During its existence in the world it has sold about seven million copies of American crossover. Presented in Los Angeles version is designed to change quite a long time holding on to the crossover market, the 2010 sample.

To date, three companies engaged in production of 2020 Ford Explorer year. One is located directly in the USA, Chicago. The second plant in Venezuela and the third in Russia in the city of Elabuga.

Well, let’s find that the American experts prepared on the occasion of the anniversary of one of its most popular models. The changes affected almost all nodes, and appearance, of course, is no exception.


No, global change should not have to wait in appearance. So, in fact, it happened. New 2020 Ford Explorer year underwent a small revision, and the result was very good.

2020 Ford Explorer 2016 photo front

The front part has remained strong, decorated with powerful optics with LED daytime running lights at the corners. Radiator grille in the shape of trapezoid looks quite compact on the general background, but still interesting. It is noteworthy that the grid is important for cooling of the power unit. For decorative inserts hidden active shutters. They can be opened and closed, depending on whether a crossover is moving at speed. Depending on the degree of opening by the engine cooling. Of course, the crossover could not do without the traditional plastic powerful protection, supplemented more and aerodynamic components.

2020 Ford Explorer photo Side

In profile, the changes do not notice almost all. However, before us is a powerful body with a large side door, provides a very convenient embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, successful radii of the wheel arches, an interesting performance of the external rear-view mirrors and many other delights of the American 2020 Ford Explorer.

Photos of the new 2020 Ford Explorer 2016

Behind retouched a little marker lights, and installed a new trunk lid. Bumper gained massiveness and got a spoiler. Chrome elements and very expressive exhaust pipes form a very, very attractive image of a large crossover.

Apparently, although the official confirmation to this effect has been received, the dimensions remain the same. This means that the size of 2016 2020 Ford Explorer are as follows:

  • length – 5006 mm
  • width – 2231 mm
  • height – 1803 mm
  • wheelbase – 2860 mm
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 211 millimeters.


2020 Ford Explorer 2016 photo salon

Photo and video materials allow clear – major innovations in the cabin there. In fact, the modernization of the Explorer is now available to the driver, a new steering wheel, the front house new decorative elements, was decorated with the center console and improved acoustics inside the car.

Photo seats in the 2020 Ford Explorer

However, in brief about the interior, you can say so. It’s bright, fun, comfortable, modern and very good workmanship.

Photo salon behind the new 2020 Ford Explorer 2016

The materials finishing 2020 Ford Explorer 2016 or rather to their quality and fit, no complaints and can not be. Much more interesting to look in the box.

Separately want to mention the trunk. Even when all seven seats are occupied in the cabin, it does not hurt to be placed in the luggage compartment of 600 liters of your luggage.

2020 Ford Explorer 2016 Photos trunk

If you omit the third row, and this is done electrically, then you will be provided under the loading platform 1240 liters. If you omit all the seats except the driver’s and front passenger, not only do you get almost perfectly flat floor and luggage compartment size of 2285 liters.

Options 2020 Ford Explorer 2016

Riggings in a great crossover from the US. Although the option is expected to be more than enough, is said to be the main ones, in order not to load readers extra information should wait for the next Among the equipment.:

  • wide-angle camera with washers, front and rear
  • LED optic head light
  • with parallel and perpendicular parking assistance system
  • the drive to the tailgate (the trunk is opened during the foot under the bumper)
  • audio at 500 watts with a “live sound”
  • active shutters on the grill
  • adaptive cruise control
  • warning system and emergency braking if a collision threat
  • for crossing the road marking control
  • the blind zones tracking system
  • tracking system for maneuver cars around
  • help system when reversing
  • parking sensors front and rear
  • adaptive headlights
  • inflatable safety belts in the back row
  • multifunktsialny heated steering wheel
  • cooling of the rear row
  • leather
  • digital dashboard
  • multimedia color touch screen 8 inches
  • navigation system
  • Wi-Fi
  • Power front seats
  • two-piece sunroof and electric
  • lekgosplavnye wheels 20 inches base.

Before us is crowded with different options and equipment seven-seat 2020 Ford Explorer , which provides a comfortable fit and the required level of comfort for all passengers, without exception.

The price of the new 2020 Ford Explorer 2016 the year

Alas, about the cost of the updated crossover 2020 Ford Explorer has not reported.

2020 Ford Explorer 2016 pictures

In principle, it is not surprising. The fact that the production of new items not yet begun, and it plans to begin next year. As a result, the United States modernized the appearance of the Explorer are expected only in the summer of . As for the Russian market, according to preliminary information, our customers will be able to buy only the crossover next winter. Because obviously, about the prices too early to say.

Engine Price, tr Fuel Drive unit The expense, l. Max. speed
XLT 3.5 AT (249 hp) 2399 petrol 4 × 4 14.9 / 8.8 183
Limited 3.5 AT (249 hp) 2599 petrol 4 × 4 14.9 / 8.8 183
Spor 3.5 AT (345 hp) 2899 petrol 4 × 4 17.3 / 9.4 193

Specifications 2020 Ford Explorer 2016

According to information provided by the 2020 Ford, they will receive the new Explorer at the disposal of three engines. All of gasoline, but will be paired with only one uncontested transmission – a six-speed automatic transmission.

  1. The base engine will be a member of the family EkoBust. When the working volume of 2.3 liter, four-cylinder engine with a turbine will produce 270 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque.
  2. Second aspirated engine, but with a volume of 3.5 liters. The power of this unit – 290 hp with a torque of 255 Nm.
  3. The top-end six-cylinder engine will be the 3.5-liter EkoBust with a capacity of 365 hp and impressive torque of 350 Nm. Will be able to get it only to those who order or Platinum Sport version. For other top-end engine complete sets available.

Upgraded technical component entailed further improving comfort. The car began to behave more stable at higher speeds than dorestaylingovoy version. Largely due to the finalization of the suspension.

Video Test Drive 2020 Ford Explorer 2016


Having done quite a long way, 2020 Ford still managed to release an updated version of its seven-seat crossover. It is possible that the company specifically waited onset of the 25th anniversary of his car to present an update.

Anyway, wait for new items on sale is still long enough. Only with the advent of the first instances in the Russian market it will be possible to give a more objective assessment. Meanwhile, 2020 Ford Explorer year looks interesting and promising. His customers, he obviously finds. This is especially true of the North American market, where like crossovers have a particular weakness.