Restyling 2020 Kia Rio – an updated version in the next year

Korean automaker 2020 Kia is present in the Russian market for a long time. Since 2011, under the city of St. Petersburg, where he established the production 2020 Kia lineup, recently issued today generation Rio model.

We are talking about a car that’s already the third generation. Rio is popular in Russia and the CIS. Not surprisingly, to start production of a restyled version was decided at the facilities of the Petersburg assembly line.

Restyled 2020 Kia Rio photo

It is noteworthy that 2020 Kia produces, in fact, two versions of the Rio. The first is the European and sold in their respective markets. The second is intended for consumers in China. But the important thing is that this version will offer the Russians after the launch of the update. Recall, 2020 Kia Rio in China sold under a different name – K2.

The debut of a new, improved version of the 2020 Kia Rio sample was held in China in November this year.

Well, it will be interesting to see what updates are received the car, and what new to expect from one of the most popular cars in Russia.


Alas, the information at the moment is not so much as we would like. But let us try to assemble a picture.

Updated 2020 Kia Rio photo

The front part has got a somewhat modified optics that photos and videos can be seen clearly. Especially if you are familiar with the current version of the current third-generation Rio. Also, we note the emergence of a new front grille and bumper. Front fog was decided to make a slightly different format. From now on, they resemble an inverted trapezoid with rounded corners. Immediately above them is a LED strip daytime running ogey.

2020 Kia Rio 2016 photo

Side view virtually unchanged. However, this does not take away the car its elegant lines, the correct form of doors and optimum dimensions, attractive exterior mirrors and other delights typical of the third-generation 2020 Kia Rio.

2020 Kia Rio 2016 photo back

it is not necessary to wait behind a big change. It is expected that some change optics podretushiruyut form. However, in general food in 2011 will sample in front of us, when there was a third generation 2020 Kia Rio.

In general, talk about the appearance will not turn bad even with a strong desire. Rio’s success is largely due to the combination of a pleasant exterior, prices and specifications. Like it or not, but the buyer would primarily look at the appearance, and only then to study the technical and other parameters.

2020 Kia was able to give its customers what they want. Because much to alter one of its best-selling even with the restyling of the Korean company did not. In principle, and did the right thing.

Apparently, new bumpers not led to a change in dimensions. 2020 Kia also plans to produce as before a new Rio sedan and hatchback. Consequently, the dimensions are as follows:

  • length – 4370 mm (4120 mm from the hatch)
  • width – 1700 millimeters
  • height – 1470 mm
  • wheelbase – 2570 mm
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 160 millimeters.


In terms of the interior, too, is not much innovation. However they are. The first change is to notice the driver, who has experience of the operation of the vehicle. The fact that Rio has got an entirely new steering wheel. Also changed and the head unit.

The new 2020 Kia Rio 2016 photo salon

The front panel has undergone certain changes, but rather a point. Similarly, we made adjustments to the door cards.

Although restyled turned out quite minimal, still interior retains all its charm and dignity.

2020 Kia Rio 2016 restyled interior photo

Thus, in a convenient hiding steering the instrument panel, which has certain sports notes. The center console may not be the most super modern, but its main function executes. Plus looks good on the general background.

The new 2020 Kia Rio 2016 photo seat

Front seats have, though not very bright, but still appreciable lateral support. One way or another, but the long trips may bring some discomfort after a few hours. While agree that driving any, even the most comfortable car through time begins to tire.

2020 Kia Rio 2016 years Photo salon

The back row of almost not changed. If changes appeared, then the subtle. At constant dimensions did not change and the amount of free space. Although the 2020 Kia Rio is positioned as a five-seater, the rear will be really comfortable only two of them. The three of you can go, but not for long.

In the luggage compartment There are no changes in terms of design and size. Sedan in the normal position for all seats raised accommodates 500 liters of luggage. In this component, the hatchback is slightly inferior, because it has only 389 liters of space, designed for luggage loading. If the lower back, while a modest 389 liters become more interesting in 1045 liters.


Expect more innovations in terms of equipment is not necessary. While the company has not officially announced what kind of equipment will be a novelty for Rio, if it appears at all, and whether the list of complete sets change.

Recall at this moment the car is available in four different equipment variants. Apparently, they will be preserved for a restyled version, but with some adjustments. Perhaps the Koreans offer something interesting, something previously not offered in Rio.


Talking about the prices it is still too early. At present the company is engaged in several other cases. Probably early next year, has already received official information on the complete sets, and cost.

At this point we can only say that the starting price of the updated 2020 Kia Rio should rise. On how much – depends on the ruble, which now shows significant instability.


And 2020 Kia can not please us again with something new. As it turned out, the Koreans to change the specifications for the hatchback and the sedan is not going to. However, this information has not yet been confirmed. Let’s hope that everything will be wrong, and we will see new engines, or at least modified old.

In the meantime, let us remember what the engines are equipped with current versions of 2020 Kia Rio.

  1. The petrol engine of 1.4 liters. It delivers power to 107 horsepower and 135 Nm of torque. It works with a five-speed automatic or four mechanics. Accelerate to hundreds in 11.5 and 13.5 seconds, respectively, mechanics and machine. Also, depending on the boxes, the maximum rate can be 190 or 175 kilometers per hour.
  2. The petrol engine of 1.6 liters. It produces more than 123 serious horsepower with a torque of 155 Nm. It works with automatic or six-speed mechanics. With manual transmission accelerates up to a hundred in 10.3 seconds. With the automatic gearbox it takes 11.2 seconds. The maximum speed is 190 and 185 kilometers per hour with manual transmission and automatic transmission respectively.


Alas, it is not clear exactly what 2020 Kia wanted to show its restyling. Retouched appearance, minimal changes in the cabin. Is that all? Then, perhaps, it should not have engaged in this business, and wait for it a year or two, and then to introduce an entirely new generation with a new design and other powertrains?

Hopefully, the closer to start of sales, which is scheduled for the middle of next year, will reveal some more details, and we still see something that will really make talk about restyling done everything right. Currently, there is none. New bumpers and adjust the optics. For such a claim to the output of a restyled version hardly worth it.