2019-2020 Range Rover Sport HST – dynamics and style in one package

Today crossover 2019-2020 Range Rover is deservedly considered one of the best in its class. But the company 2020 Land Rover has repeatedly confirmed that there is no limit to perfection.

As a result, the band released a new crossover, which was not only an enhanced appearance, but also significantly more charged specifications compared to the source code.

It is worth noting that the British automaker is positioning its new version of the Range Rover as a kind of intermediary between the base version and supercharged modification called Recorder SVR, which has at its disposal eight engine with 550 horsepower.

So who or what is a brand new Range Rover Sport HST? This is such a sporty crossover, do not pay attention to that can not be. The rapid appearance, power and strength in virtually every body parts. If the machine will be as great as in all other components, that is in the cabin, and a complete set of specifications, then we can safely talk about the emergence of a very strong player in the market of premium crossovers.

So let’s get acquainted with the brutal British and know how was this Rover actually.

exterior Photo 2019-2020 Range Rover Sport HST

When compared with the normal version of the Range Rover, then find the differences do not make absolutely no difficulty. The changes can be traced in everything, in spite of the fact that the silhouette remains recognizable.

Picture Range Rover Sport HST 2019-2020 Front

The front end sports a decorated in rich black trim grille, powerful sports bumper with many elements of black. Along the edges of the bumper has a special section under the narrower LED fog lights. Leading Optics is also quite narrow, but it does not prevent it to emit rich lighting. Barriers to this did not even toning optics, which gave the car a more predatory look.

Fototografii Rover Sport HST 2019-2020 side

On the side we see the familiar flat roofline, painted at this time, too black. It is present in many elements, so get used to. Vyshtampovki on the sidewalls, exaggerated wheel arches, new exclusive wheels that have already come with a base diameter of 21 inches. You can order the optional wheels of larger diameter, if desired – to 22-inch. Large glazed, deep black exterior mirrors and a thin line of LED lights that duplicate turn signals, very successfully complete description of the profile of the machine.

Range Rover Sport HST 2019-2020 Rear

The rear part boasts a convenient tailgate, powerful lean bumper, the updated bit back optics, spoiler on the trunk OSTEK glazing and all the same accents of black.


If anyone is interested in the vehicle dimensions, they are represented by the following figures:

  • length – 4850 mm;
  • height – 1780 mm;
  • width – 1983 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2923 mm;
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 200 millimeters.

About the clearance should talk a little bit separately, as in the figure of 200 millimeters is relevant for the normal position of auto. If you want to drive on the road, the pneumatic system can raise the car to 278 millimeters. If the situation on your route very difficult, then pneumatic lift reaches the limit to 335 millimeters, thus forming a huge ground clearance.

Photo of interior Range Rover Sport HST 2019-2020

The interior is not so different from the source code, but has its own characteristics.

For example, the instrument panel on the basis of the digital display remains the same, as well as multi-function steering wheel chetyrehspitsevy unique design. Recognizable left and center console, a large front panel, the original control unit air conditioning and an impressive touch screen multimedia.

Shop front 

Interior lined with high-quality leather red and black. In similar tones, decorated the center console, steering wheel, the front panel. Check in Range Rover Sport HST car you can trim and inserts on the dashboard, on the mat on which the emblem of the HST, as well as boxes of this aluminum.

Photo of interior Range Rover Sport HST 2019-2020

We should also mention the excellent front seats with pronounced lateral support, comfortable fit and athletic profile that allows you to feel confident even when entering the sharp turns at high speeds.

High-quality interior trim

Rear sofa offers plenty of space, and its design can not remain indifferent. Yet it could be argued, where a passenger to sit comfortably – in front or behind. After all, back sofa is also controlled by the level backrest.

Behind the backs of the second row is hidden storage compartment, which when all the seats raised allows accommodate 489 liters of luggage. If you omit the second row of seats, it will give the opportunity to the loading area measuring 1761 liters. At the same time under the floor there was a place for a full spare wheel.


Of course, that just does not offer the 2020 Land Rover company to equip its Range Rover Sport HST year. His grade presupposes an impressive number of interesting and useful equipment.

Enumerate all makes no sense. Do you know enough, that will go down in the basic equipment, to fully assess the scope of the crossover in this regard. Buyers basic version Rover Range Rover HST will be able to rely on these “gadgets”:

  • color digital instrument panel;
  • multimedia complex;
  • multimedia touch screen diagonal of 8 inches;
  • premium audio system;
  • climatic equipment (dual-zone climate control, apparently);
  • a full set of airbags in the cabin;
  • complex security systems;
  • set of modern electronic assistants, aimed at improving the comfort and safety;
  • wheel diameters of 21 inches of exclusive design and so forth.

Price 2019-2020 Range Rover Sport HST

Already in April, charged a brand new Range Rover Sport HST is available to customers. But it is important to note that the geography of the presence of new items is strictly limited to a few markets.

Fortunately for our fellow citizens, Russia is one of the very short list of countries to which 2020 Land Rover delivers a sporty crossover. Besides Russia, the novelty will be able to purchase the inhabitants of North America, the Middle East and China. That is, in Europe are not going to drive the car, though the car British. At least at this point it is relevant only to a list of countries.

Of course, British companies themselves is not going to hurt, because already started taking orders.

But to pay for such a daring novelty in the UK will have a minimum of 149,000 pounds. Price-list for the United States of America start at all with almost 200 thousand dollars. It is not surprising that markets are precisely the states, Russia, China and the Middle East, where the number of wealthy people impressive, and hence the probability of successful sales is high.

Specifications 2019-2020 Range Rover Sport HST

Can specifications Range Rover Sport HST and can not be considered outstanding, but they look quite good.

Under the hood is located modest in scope the six-cylinder 3.0-liter engine that runs on gasoline. It is made of aluminum and complies with the stringent Euro 5 standards on environmental indicators. Drive in the collapse of the supercharger engine blocks, direct fuel injection system sanders from Bosch, a dual mechanism of timing and other innovations made it possible to extract from three liters of an impressive 380 horsepower and a torque of 460 Nm.

Powertrain Range Rover Sport HST 2019-2020

For power distribution along the axes of the British four-wheel drive crossover meets vosmidiapazonnaya automatic transmission.

Tandem engine and transmission delivers dynamic acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 6.9 seconds, while top speed is 225 kilometers per hour. It is unlikely that this is all that capable car. Most likely, its potential in terms of the maximum speed is electronically limited. And there is little point in the machine in such a body and such aerodynamic performance to go faster the same 225 kilometers per hour.

Car Range Rover Sport HST is based on the standard crossover, that is, all-aluminum platform with a body made of light but strong metal, and a fully independent suspension.

The steering mechanism is additionally equipped with an adaptive electric power. The brake system is based on the Brembo brakes manufactured. The front wheels are mounted calipers on 380 mm, and the rear – 365 mm.



Indeed, all indicators Range Rover Sport HST year is the middle link between the initial Rover and its most extreme version now capable of delivering serious 550 horsepower.

Interesting refinement appearance, certain changes of interior, rich basic equipment, solid technical specifications. This car is for that love. However, the price of 200 thousand dollars, and for the basic package, it looks a bit too high. In recent years 2020 Land Rover too overestimates itself as a premium brand, and sometimes goes beyond the reasonable.

Surprisingly, the high prices for their cars do not stop the flow of customers. But if you think about and promonitorit market, then for the money you can find excellent crossovers, offering the best technical characteristics is not inferior to the external aspects, rich equipment, and many others.

But here every man has a right to choose. Especially not for us to decide on what kind of car people spend their earned money.

Plus, be frank. Yet the current Range Rover Sport have excellent quality, stylish, original design, very rich performance, as well as some of its chips that emit these crossovers from the competition and that forced to give preference to Rover, and not the same SUV from BMW, Mercedes and any other company that makes a worthy competition to the British.