2019-2020 Range Rover Evoque : photo price equipment, video test drive

2019-2020 Land Rover has become not just a guest of the International Auto Show, which was held in early March in Geneva. In this great event in the world automotive manufacturer from the UK brought an updated version of its most popular crossover. Moreover, Range Rover Evoque is generally the most popular representative of the entire production line of the company.

Photos Ewok Range Rover 2019-2020 year

Having survived a planned restyling, SUV has not undergone major changes, which are seen purely externally. That is, the predecessor updated version is not much different. The image remained recognizable.

Nevertheless, and in appearance, and in the inner space changes are observed, and very high quality. Do not pass by experts and technical data, as a result of which not only fine-tuned the car itself, but also got a couple of new power units.

Frankly, most of the experts and ordinary citizens did not even think that 2019-2020 Land Rover plans to update its premium crossover, and to see the company’s representatives in Geneva were not expecting. However, they came back, and brought with them a qualitatively new crossover.

After that there was talk that the Ewok get except a slight facelift. But here, all wrong. If you look at a photo and video materials, once it becomes clear that the real in front of us, we can say, global restyling.

The decision to upgrade the machine looks more unexpected because the success of the model exceeds the limit. Its popularity is now huge. So, starting production in 2011, the crossover scattered around the world in the amount of 400 copies, which have found their owners. Primechatalno that he was most successful last year, since more than 125 thousand vehicles were sold in .

Well, because we will have an interesting excursion into the restyling Range Rover Evoque, we can start to discuss a very sought after car in its new guise.

Exterior Range Rover Ewok 2019-2020

The car began to look more menacing and powerful. In principle, this is exactly what was missing crossover.

Picture Range Rover Ewok 2019-2020 front

The front part has got a new bumper, which proved to be more massive than its predecessor, received an increased air intake, and a pair of air ducts, bogus at the edges of the bumper. These sections are placed LED strip, which act as fog lamps. Raised grille has also changed, and the head optics can now boast a fully LED-filling.

Picture Range Rover Ewok 2019-2020 side

On the side, in principle, we do not see serious changes. The high sills, compact glazing, vyshtampovki door, off-road boards, huge hollow wheel arches, almost perfectly smooth roofline. Range Rover Evoque both looked elegant side, and continues not to break this tradition. It can be noted except that the emergence of three new variants of alloy wheels from the changes in the profile.

Picture Range Rover 2019-2020 rear Ewok 

The rear part welcomes us sufficiently large spoiler, which integrated 3G antenna in the shape of a shark fin. We put this structure directly over the glass of the luggage compartment. Of course, not without its rear optics modernization, which is now also filling is entirely composed of LEDs.

Photo Range Rover Evoque 2019-2020 

As you can see, the changes are more than serious. Retaining recognizable and beloved by all appearance, to distinguish is not so difficult against the background of its predecessor, the new Range Rover Evoque year.

Interior Range Rover Evoque 2019-2020

Inside the car looks just as great as the outside. In principle, any problems in the interior to the restyling was not, because the changes are much less than the exterior. Of course, external modernization does not say that there were problems. Just approach to the design of the interior and exterior is different.

Photo of interior Range Rover Evoque 2019-2020 

So, the driver kept before old stylish multi-function steering wheel, while hiding behind him dashboard unchanged. In particular, the car has got a brand new display the TFT, thereby significantly modifying the onboard computer and not only.

You can also add new doors cards, decorated quite as much as before. In general, the finish is now made of materials of higher quality. The client can choose one of twelve color options for the interior decoration of its updated Range Rover Evoque. It’s two options is greater than it was before the restyling.

Photo driving position Range Rover Evoque 2019-2020 

Front seats in appearance will remain the same, but that’s already in the basic version will have electric adjustments in 8 directions. If you want to 14 destinations, will have to buy the car in the top configuration. Additionally you get a massage, heating and ventilation of the seats.

Photo rear sofa Range Rover Evoque 2019-2020 

Since we are talking about the equipment, we can safely move on to the next item on our review.

Photos trunk Range Rover Evoque 2019-2020 

Options Evoque 2019-2020

Whatever you say, but the equipment at the Range Rover Evoque more than the rich. Yes, a lot of interesting solutions are available in high-end versions, either for a fee. But due to the fairly successful pricing policy and I developed such a love for this car. No wonder sales figures flocked to the mark of 500 thousand and this year can easily overcome it.

We list some of the equipment, which the buyer can get the base or expensive equipment:

  • electric seat adjustment for 8 or 14 directions;
  • massage front seats;
  • ventilation and heated front seats;
  • a new multimedia system with touch screen diagonal of 8 inches;
  • phone;
  • navigation system;
  • audio for 6, 11 or 17 speakers;
  • two displays on the 8-inch for the rear passengers;
  • tracking system for the unauthorized crossing of road markings;
  • Automatic return system in the lane light rudder;
  • system to prevent a frontal collision;
  • system of tracking the physical condition of the driver;
  • System speed limits from 2 to 30 km / h in cruise control mode when driving on the road or the reverse;
  • climate control and dual-zone climate control;
  • full power accessories;
  • LED head adaptive optics;
  • LED fog lamps and so on.

In fact all the basic and advanced options can be listed for a long time. Because we stayed in the most interesting and useful.

Price Range Rover Ewok 2019-2020

Already during the presentation of a restyled version of the Range Rover Evoque in Geneva, representatives of the 2020 Land Rover were talking about the price of their car.

As it turned out, despite several external modifications, interior upgrades and expansion of the list of options and the underlying hardware, the price tags they want to leave at dorestaylingovoy version of the crossover. Consequently, it will be possible to buy a novelty for the sum of 40 thousand euros.

In Europe the car will appear in updated form in the network of official dealers of British companies since the beginning of this summer. As for Russia, where the Ewok also in demand, to us it gets about autumn. The cost will be similar to the European one. Maybe a slight premium, as always.

Specifications Ewok 2019-2020

Before describing the new specifications, it is worth noting the work of specialists from the 2020 Land Rover to improve the stability and the stability of the car when traveling at relatively high speeds.

To this end, they have established a new front subframe, finalized the rear bushings, made adjustments to the suspension, plus made the diameter of the brake discs any more. As part of the test was able to confirm that the changes really have benefited greatly.

Engine Ewok

As for the engines, something about the old diesel engines are 2.2-liter can be forgotten, because they will only have dorestaylingovoy versions. Updates brought with it two new motor. And they are also diesel and have the same volume.

  1. The first motor has a working volume of 2.0 liters and a turbine, through which managed to extract 150 horsepower. Complete with motor six-speed manual gearbox, while the claimed average fuel consumption is 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers.
  2. The second engine with the volume of 2.0 liters was 180 horsepower. Working with six mechanics, tandem leads to fuel consumption of 4.8 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle.

Both diesel power units can be equipped with dedicated six automatic transmission. It is available as an option.

The petrol engine has got an updated Range Rover Evoque crossover from the pre-reform. It is about trubirovannom engine capacity of 2.0 liter capacity of 240 horsepower.

But the new devyatidiapazonnaya automatic transmission is now available for it. As a result, the dynamics of the acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour with automatic transmission is 7.6 seconds, and top speed – 217 kilometers per hour. The vehicle will consume on average 7.8 liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers traveled path.

Video Test Drive Ewok 2019-2020


The output of the updated Range Rover Evoque years and the appearance of the car at the Geneva International Motor Show was a surprise for many. However, the surprise turned out to be more enjoyable. Only here the competitors hardly pleased.

Indeed, competing producers in many aspects should follow the example of 2020 Land Rover and its Ewok model. The car began to look more solid, has received an improved interior layout, added high-quality options in the basic equipment. Plus, the regular restyling introduced two new engine.

Not every company offers new engines, when it comes to carrying out the planned improvements. Some even from one generation to carry the old engines, slightly modifying them.

But all the same problems the other Range Rover Evoque do not care. Much is said about the fact that 2016 will be even more successful in terms of sales Ewok than . Although their adjustments can make a not very stable situation in the world. But that’s another story.