Presented the new generation of 2020 BMW X5 New F15 body

In the middle of winter it was possible to see spy photos in the network with the image of the new, third-generation SUV 2020 BMW X5 New by the Bavarian manufacturer (the project is called F15). And in the late spring, the Bavarians presented to the public a new modification of its best-selling X5.

Compared with the previous version, the new differ head optics and radically redesigned front fascia. The design of the front bumper, with its side air intakes in common with kupeshkoy 4 series. Developer leave silhouette trends recognizable (this is especially evident when viewed from the side), there is little change in the wings (adding new air vents). The 2020 BMW is proud to say that this model is the lowest in this class drag coefficient (0.31 only).

Rear optics has features in common with a younger model (X3), plus the car a little grown in size in the width of 5 mm, is longer by 29mm. Height on the contrary, decreased slightly (by 14 mm) and wheelbase remained the same.

The changes were made, of course, and the inner space of the machine. While maintaining the general orientation, the front panel has not changed much. Multimedia Display Steel Retractable (its diagonal thus became more), and models, designed for the overseas market, we received an additional option in the form of a third row of seats.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show , the model was presented for the first time. Sales in Europe, the modification of the plan in November, and the first official version of the dealers will receive:

  • xDrive50l
  • xDrive30d
  • M50d

Now some information containing technical characteristics of the 2020 BMW X5 . The petrol version is equipped with propulsion power of 450 horsepower (V8 and 650 Nm, to disperse hundreds in five seconds). Diesel xDrive30d has a three-liter engine, giving out 258 hp (560Nm and acceleration dynamics to hundreds – 6.9 sec). M50d version is equipped with a three-liter diesel engine (381 hp with 740 Nm acceleration dynamics to hundred for 5.3).

Transmission 2020 BMW X5 has not changed, still the same 8-band machine (in this case the mass of cars compared to its predecessor was less than 90 kg). The manufacturer promises to eventually add another gasoline engine at 306 horsepower (xDrive35i) and three diesel engine: 313 hp (XDrive40d) and two modifications xDrive25d (one of them will be deprived of all-wheel drive).

The exact date of the start of official sales of new products 2020 BMW X5 (F15) in the vast Russia is not (respectively, it is difficult to predict, and the prices for it).

In September, 2020 BMW has shown the most charged diesel version of its new crossover X5, – M50d. Model feature three turbochargers based on the six-cylinder unit (381 hp, 740 Nm), allowing it to accelerate to a hundred in just 5.3 sec (0.1 sec which is smaller than its predecessor, and the result is only 0.3 seconds slower than the gasoline version xDrive50l) . It should be noted excellent fuel consumption of the diesel version – mixed cycle shows only 6.7 liters per 100 km.

Model 2020 BMW X5 is slightly different and externally, – the manufacturer identifies its special aerodynamic body kit, 19-inch wheels (plus low-profile tires and raznoshirokie), as well as the interior decoration with leather and Alcantara (borrowed from the directory M Performance). Plus, you have the possibility to order air suspension on the front axle (rear axle comes with it by default). Another of the additional options include the ability to order LED optics (standard – biksenon), smart media system from B & O to 1.2 kW, navigation, DVD-player, a video camera with a circular review function, as well as stabilizers Dynamic Drive. The cost of this modification of the new X-fifth of the 2020 BMW is still unknown.

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