Pickup 2020 Toyota Hilux – the year

The car started to produce in 2005. During the period of release of the pick-up was twice subject to restyling: first in 2008, second in 2011. Updated model 2020 Toyota Hilux pickup truck began producing in with the month of January, at the company’s plant in Japan, which is located in Thailand.

Our review will consider carefully the updated model pickup Japanese production 2020 Toyota Hilux and , which in Russian is available as a Double Cab model double cab, engines with different power, operating on diesel fuel, transmission with all-wheel drive, five trim levels . To learn about the new Hilux pickup truck, you can see photos and videos, read reviews of people who own this car, with comments to the pickup car journalists and experts in the art.

As history shows, pick-up 2020 Toyota Hilux are truly legendary cars. In support of this there are a few facts from the biographical descriptions of the famous cars.

  • Firstly, the debut of the first 2020 Toyota Hilux pickup trucks went back in 1968 and for more than 45 years the company has been able to produce more than 13 million. Pieces cars.
  • Secondly, car manufacturing enterprise engaged in the Japanese company 2020 Toyota in many countries such as Venezuela, Pakistan, Argentina, Thailand, China, South Africa and the Philippines.
  • Third, sales of pick-up Hilux vehicles engaged in 135 countries on four continents. And 2020 Toyota Hilux first in the world production car, which delivered, not without the help of their own, of course, leading the program about cars, Top Gear, to the magnetic north pole of the planet Earth. Here’s a considerable baggage, both literally and figuratively, there is behind the 2020 Toyota Hilux pick-up in the body.

From the outset, pickups wondered how cars work, having a simple appearance and a simple interior, but the car market dictates its own rules. With a more modern look to the practical demands of car. For the first time he saw a novelty 2020 Toyota Hilux did not even dare to think to operate a vehicle for transportation of heavy loads. It can be called a real handsome, which did not hesitate to ride to the nightclub.

2020 Toyota Hilux pickup truck equipped with a voluminous head headlights, which have a strong fake grille, generously adorn the cross members and the bordering chrome-plated. Sculptural appearance, strong and powerful front bumper, on which are located: the lower air intake and fog lamps fashionable. Majestic vyshtampovki hood is V-shaped, and is complemented by the rise of the upper air intake, which supplies diesel engine airflow. Volumetric body, which significantly large selection bonnet, cabin passenger Double Cab, which fit 5 people, and open body.

In developing such a body type, it is difficult to achieve attractive and new-fashioned kind, but Japanese designers still have been able to create a harmonic pickup with beautiful appearance and moving lines of the body, neatly doorways that are in harmony with a compartment for transportation of goods, voluminous vyshtampovki arches wheels cars . Even the back of the pickup truck the Hilux, looks very stylish and is able to attract attention, has high rectangular folding body side, third brake light, light dimensions in the form of columns and a powerful stylish bumper, which is more expensive complete plating. The rear part is securely protected by a strong metal beam.

Pickup Hilux is endowed with all-wheel drive transmission, and the geometric characteristics of the body allows you to move on the road: the height of the space between the body and the road of 21.2 cm, lifting angle is 30 degrees, and 20 degrees of descent.

Complement a beautiful description of the external dimensions of the 2020 Toyota Hilux pick-up in the body: the width of the body in 1835 (standard version with non-expanded wheel arches – 1760 mm), length 5260, height – 1860 millimeters. Length 3085 mm wheelbase, the distance between the wheels (fingerprint gauge) front and rear 1540 millimeters (in the standard version in 1510). Dimensions of cargo platform: length, width and height – 1545 * 1515 * 450 mm. Pickup truck has the ability to carry loads weighing from 700 to 830 kilograms, and the words of the rightful owner, can carry cargo weighing more than a ton without difficulty.

To prevent damage to the surface layer of a metal platform for transportation of goods, you can make an order for an additional option, carpet to body insert for protection of plastic or aluminum. More to the pickup has a huge variety of accessories such as roof, plastic kung, on the trunk lid of aluminum, canvas and metal.

For 2020 Toyota Hilux tuning manufacturers have provided a lot of options. You can complement your car engine compartment protection, running boards, tacked on the sides to protect the arches on the front and back of the machine, in the luggage compartment. As a trailer hitch, there are many towbars and fastenings for transportation of bicycles and luggage on the roof of the device for transporting cargo. The most fastidious buyers can indulge every interesting part of the outer skirts of their desire and taste preferences.

Bodies pickup 2020 Toyota Hilux painted enamel eight variants of colors: White White, Red – Chilli Red; and metallized – silver Platinum, Gold – Silky Gold, dark gray – Stone Grey, Blue – Island Blue, Black – Night Sky Black and steel – Dark Steel.

The cheapest version of the 2020 Toyota Hilux comes standard with a modest 16-inch wheels of steel with tires 205/70 R16, for the more expensive version uses light-alloy wheels, measuring 15 or 17 inches with tires 255/70 R15 and 265/65 R17.

Russian motorists will be able to choose the model 2020 Toyota Hilux in five main trim levels: Standard, Elegance, Comfort, Prestige and Prestige Plus. Version with minimum configuration is not very popular with local buyers, so focus on the more complete package pickup.

Landing in this vehicle is simplified thanks to a very convenient side steps and wide doorways. Anterior segment saloon very harmoniously complemented by the most modern equipment. Available touch screen 6.1 inches (2020 Toyota Touch), with which the owner will be able to control the audio system (CD, MP3, iPod, USB, AUX – all 6 speakers in various parts of the passenger compartment), to change the settings of any of the car systems, display the image from the rear camera species, as well as use the phone (Bluetooth is used). Just below is a control unit with climate control and a built-in air conditioning.

Heated front seats, but with too little adjustment range, and very uncomfortable for long trips. Stylish and luxurious multifunctional steering wheel in leather sheath with pseudo-metal inserts perfectly fits in your hand. However, the steering column can be adjusted for height only, that is bad. Optitron instrument panel has a radius of three deep wells is very informative, and just looks great.

Three of the passengers in the second row will be able to stay with the same comfort as the driver and front-passenger. Spaces abound in all directions, the ceiling did not pressure on the head between the knees and backs of the front seats a lot of space.

Materials, which is decorated interior of the car, designed to meet the potential of the heavy-duty vehicle. Durable plastic, dense upholstery fabric, very rough skin can not provide a sense of comfort. At the same time, all interior elements fit perfectly, the overall build quality is high.

Specifications model 2020 Toyota Hilux body “pick-up”. The robust body, which is based on a sturdy frame, a diesel engine, all-wheel drive with a very rigid connection, fully independent front suspension, lying on two wishbone dependent spring suspension with rear axle, this car is a true off-roader, without any reservations.

Version Standard, Elegance and Comfort, equipped with a four-cylinder diesel engine 2KD FTV (2.5 liters and maximum output of 144 hp..) With 5MKPP. There are random connected all-wheel drive with switchable front differential (ADD) and the simultaneous forced blocking rear differential. Diesel mechanics with speeds up pickup having a curb weight 1885-1995 kg, up to 100 km / h in just 12.5 seconds, with the maximum possible speed of 170 km / h. Declared fuel consumption is only 7.2 liters for highway and 10.1 liters in the city.

2020 Toyota Hilux, in versions Prestige and Prestige Plus has a four-cylinder diesel engine (3.0-liter capacity and 171 hp..), Working together with 5 automatic gearbox. Also, steering-wheel drive with arbitrarily switchable front differential (ADD). Dynamic acceleration is very good up to 100 km / h in 11.6 seconds, with the maximum possible speed of 175 km / h. Declared fuel consumption of 7.3 liters for highway and 11.7 liters in the city.

Judging by the reviews of the car buyers of his 2020 Toyota Hilux diesel engines really have a very high efficiency in terms of fuel consumption, spending only 11-13 liters of diesel fuel when operating in mixed mode.

Passing a test drive on a paved road, the truck behaves like a full-fledged heavy SUV. Present: a belated response to the turning of the steering wheel in cornering a large enough body roll, rigid leaf suspension in the rear of the car. At the same time, there are positive aspects: chassis works with almost no reaction to the quality of the road surface. Suspension is easy to cope with pits and potholes on the road almost any size.

SUV demonstrates increased permeability in the full off-road and can get very far. Frame construction, kondovaya suspension, diesel engine with very high torque, and surprisingly all-wheel drive is all that is necessary to present the SUV, which is the 2020 Toyota Hilux.

The persistence and reliability of Japanese cars had already become a legend, and the 2020 Toyota Hilux is an example of the legendary, reliable vehicle that can operate in the harshest operating conditions.

At the beginning of this review, we talked about the reporter from Top Gear, who happened to get to the North Pole, while driving series, though well-prepared 2020 Toyota Hilux. In addition, there is one more proof of the exceptional reliability of the machine. For several consecutive editions of its transmission, the British journalists mocked the Japanese pickup truck. The climax of these tests was placing cars on the roof of the building, prepared for demolition. As a result of falling from 9th floor, the pickup was severely damaged, but after the intervention of mechanical engine starts and the car was able to drive any distance.

Price 2020 Toyota Hilux in Russia, for the modification of the initial “the Hilux Standard” starts with a mark of 1126 thousand. Well equipped modification “the Hilux Prestige Plus” with leather interior will cost the future owner in 1561 th. Rubles. The final price can greatly increase the additional equipment and accessories for tuning.

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