Overview of the new crossover in

Today, new crossovers were able to gain such popularity that they are now aware of not only the majority of men, but also a considerable part of the fair half. Of course, such a rapid demand for crossovers can understand, because you only see on our roads, which are the most routes with obstacles than the road, you do not need time to think, to understand the following: take a ride on such roads only by crossover.

Its all-wheel drive allows it to easily traverse almost any terrain, without spending too much effort. However, crossovers won the love of their drivers not only drive, but still quite surround the cabin, which can fit his entire family. In order to get you safely guided into the modern concept of crossover, we are pleased to present a series of the most successful, the new crossover .

Below we describe the new crossovers:

  • Nissan 2020 Qashqai
  • Skoda Yeti
  • Kia Sportage
  • Volkswagen Tiguan

Nissan 2020 Qashqai

Over a long period, the honorable first place was occupied by Qashqai crossover from Nissan 2020 the company, whose characteristics do justify such a high place in our ranking. With all-wheel drive and unrivaled style, it is ideal for those who accept only the highest quality and at an incredibly low price.

But now, his place was taken by the next model, which is the name of Skoda Yeti.

Skoda Yeti

It is worth noting that it is part of the VAG. The platform, which is used in the Skoda Yeti is the same as that of the Audi Q3, Audi Q5 and Volkswagen Tiguan. Purchase this new product on the Russian market is available in more than 10 complete sets.

Note that in the original package includes a gasoline engine, which amounts to 1.2 liters and a maximum capacity of up to 105 horsepower. Learn what it is capable of the engine of this crossover, you can thanks to a six-speed gearbox. His whole force will focus on the front wheels. And for those to whom such motor equipment may seem insufficient, available 1.8-liter gasoline engine, which is able to activate immediately all its 152 horsepower.

In addition, the available diesel power unit, whose power is equal to 140 horsepower. But whatever the crossover of the series you choose, each of them capable of operating both with six-speed manual transmission and DSG gearbox.

Skoda Yeti could be as all-wheel drive and front. Four-wheel drive, by the way, is available only in the last two trim levels. At the moment, I have already begun to be issued the new Skoda Yeti model year.

Buy Skoda Yeti crossover can be 700 thousand rubles, and taking into account the most expensive complete set, the price will rise to the level of 1100 thousand. Next on the list this year, luxury crossover is a worthy representative of South Korea – Kia Sportage.

Kia Sportage

By the way, that the Kia that Hyundai, do not continue to please their new products, the quality of which, along with the design, will soon become similar to the Japanese cars. Kia Sportage – this is the crossover, which, thanks to the refined appearance of your body can rightly be considered a sport.

Crossover has arrived to the Russian market in 12 different models, the characteristics of which are as follows: petrol engine, 2-liter, and the diesel engine, 1.7-liter, with a maximum power of 115 horsepower.

This year came the updated Kia Sporteydzh model year.

Kia Sportage specifications

Diesel engine power, as in the Skoda Yeti, rests on the front wheels through a six-speed gearbox. This Kia Sportage equipment can cost about 1030 rubles. As regards petrol engines, they can overpower 136, 150 and 184 horsepower. Their power does not lie completely on the front wheels, and can be distributed on all wheels. This can be done as by means of an automatic transmission, and mechanical.

Become the owner of a stylish Kia Sportage with the original equipment can be for 860 000 rubles, while the most expensive equipment can cost about 1 500 thousand rubles. Closes the three leaders of stylish and brand new crossover Volkswagen Tiguan fashion from the German manufacturer.

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Volkswagen Tiguan

Despite the fact that it is similar in construction platform with the platform Skoda Yeti, its design is fundamentally different. The crossover Volkswagen Tiguan came to the Russian market in seven trim levels are available, including five petrol engines and two diesel. Their amount ranges from 1.4 to 2 liters.

Gasoline equipment capable of delivering 122, 150, 170 and 200 horsepower, while the power of the diesel version reaches about 140 horsepower. Transfer the entire crossover power can be not only the front but also on all-wheel drive through a six-speed manual and automatic transmission.

The original version of the Volkswagen Tiguan crossover will cost 900 thousand rubles, but for full integration will have to pay not less than 1 400 thousand rubles.

Best Crossover in can not be called as models such as the Audi Q3 and Q5. Despite the common platform, they can be easily confused. All this thanks to the diligent work of the designers, who were able to make some features of the recognition in each of them, making them unique. Skoda Yeti, Kia Sportage and Volkswagen Tiguan are not as expensive crossovers, and were recognized as the best because of their incredible balance between reasonable price and unsurpassed quality.

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