Overview 2020 Volkswagen Caddy Cross – year with photos and video

Company 2020 Volkswagen has recently released several versions of the models Cross. One of the most successful and popular – it’s Turan Cross. On the wave of success, as well as based on the analysis of customer needs, we have developed another version of the Cross-point. This time Cross received prefix model Caddy.

Photos 2020 Volkswagen Caddy Cross – year

As a platform for the production of Cuddy Cross made Cuddy Edition 30. Unlike the original minivan missing. Moreover, both outside and inside.

But let’s understand all the nuances of turns in order to fully disclose all the charm and dignity of the new car, which came from Germany.

Photos Cuddy Cross Body

Let’s start by tradition with the appearance. External differences from the last generation Cuddy grabs.

2020 Volkswagen Caddy Cross Photo Front

The front part is decorated with a stylish grille trim, familiar to us even on the original minivans. In addition, almost the same front have all the latest models from the German automaker – Golf, Jetta, Polo and Passat even. Stylish optics with LED filling draws attention, however, it will be available, apparently, only the most expensive models. At the bottom mark the big crossover front bumper, enclosed in a plastic protection. In addition, the edges of the bumper integrated fog lamps, running on light-emitting diodes.

Cuddy Cross side

Side view explains why Cuddy is Cross console. Increased ground clearance, huge exterior mirrors, large radii with plastic wheel arch protection thresholds and protective plastic around the car perimeter. The arches are located new rims with the original design. Their diameter is 17 inches. In addition, the flat roof is equipped with roof rails that can help transport various cargoes, which for some reason has not been placed in a very spacious luggage compartment.

2020 Volkswagen Caddy Cross back

Back – the sample sensitivity and practicality in design. A large tailgate, the same plastic protection, powerful rear bumper, attractive optics. Unlike previous versions of the minivan, cross-version looks much more attractive than the rear.

Buyers can choose between a five-seat and seven-seat body modification. And the car can be ordered in one of the eight color options.

Generally Caddy – a special category of vehicles, which the body does not fall into one of the existing classes. It is considered a modification of the body kompaktvenom, that is a symbiosis of the minivan and compact crossover.

German Interior minivan Caddy Cross

designers have worked very well in terms of interior. This new images and videos show more than clearly. The main feature and main advantage of interior – is its roominess. Passengers on any row will be a lot of free space in every respect, even if each of the seats occupied. At the same time still have a bunch of space for the luggage compartment.

Salon 2020 Volkswagen Caddy Cross – year

No wonder the 2020 Volkswagen Caddy find the perfect vehicle for a large family or for a small business. For this purpose, a special cargo version of Cuddy, which does not appear in the Cross version.

It is noteworthy that the front and rear doors open in opposite directions, which greatly simplifies the access to any number. The front door with a standard mechanism and the rear – otodvizhnye, thereby get to the last row – simple.

Shop in addition to a spacious, has good finish, which is clearly used high quality materials. Here are involved tissue and skin.

Between the front seats has a large armrest, which the driver and front passenger can comfortably stretch. Plus he has in his design section, boxes for storing small things. The situation regulated in the horizontal and vertical direction.

The dashboard is fairly classic, austere, without any frills. Feels German practicality, which is famous for the company 2020 Volkswagen. In this interior creates a sense of sadness or boredom. Good readable devices, good-designed center console, comfortable steering wheel with the correct grip provide exactly what is required of a family car.

Despite the presence of the factory tinting, which is one of the features of version Cross, it does not impair vision, the confident feel, even at night. The huge exterior mirrors, large windshield, headlights competent layout and the use of an effective system of road lighting makes 2020 Volkswagen Caddy Cross one of the safest cars. Add to this one of the most reliable bodies to date as a result get a great car in all possible ways.


Apparently, many of the proposed equipment will go into 2020 Volkswagen Caddy Cross from the original minivan. But too cheap versions will not. As a result, you can create a short list of options that will be included in the database or will be available for a fee:

  • leather and cloth interior trim;
  • multifunctional steering wheel;
  • sound system;
  • multimedia complex;
  • color touch screen;
  • airbags;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • LED fog lights;
  • alloy wheels of 17 inches;
  • toning of glasses;
  • safety thresholds;
  • climatic equipment (most likely, climate control)
  • navigation system;
  • signaling;
  • immobilizer;
  • full power accessories;
  • Power rear sliding doors (according to unofficial information);
  • security systems;
  • electronic aids safe driving.

The price of the new 2020 Volkswagen Caddy Cross –

In fact, with such obvious beneficial changes that received the 2020 Volkswagen Caddy Cross car, it would be expected to increase the cost of it is quite logical.

However, experts believe that prices will remain roughly at the same level, which is now urgent for the 2020 Volkswagen Caddy cars.

If this is true, then the Cross version other than Compact MPV in Russia can be purchased for about 700 thousand rubles. And it will agree, a very attractive price tag for such a car.

When exactly will begin selling new items – it is not reported. However, in the near future must be received by official statements from the representatives of the German automaker. It is expected that the European premiere of Compact MPV will be held at the Geneva Motor Show this spring.

Technical data 2020 Volkswagen Caddy Cross

About the technical characteristics of information and not as much as we would like to have at their disposal.

Apparently, 2020 Volkswagen will prepare a large range of engines, but directed to different markets is selective powertrains. Thus, the company plans to use motors that are already factory equipped with gas equipment, that is, to fill 2020 Volkswagen Caddy Cross will be at gas filling stations.

Of course, the other engines will remain the traditional gasoline and diesel. The exact list is not called, but the least powerful will be able to give out about 85 horsepower, while the top-end engine will power unit that develops a respectable 168 horsepower.

Select transmission customers can between the two options available. The base would be a five-step mechanics, and for a fee a car can be equipped with a gun.

Also pleasantly pleased with the information that 2020 Volkswagen will provide the ability to select the engine, regardless of the configuration.



Access to the global market model 2020 Volkswagen Caddy Cross – is quite pleasant event. Especially if prices do remain at the level of the cost of the current version of a simple minivan Cuddy.

2020 Volkswagen Company not for nothing called the best producers of true family car. After Cuddy Cross includes all that is required modern large family. A sufficiently powerful engines will not get bored head of the family who understands the need to buy just such a car, but stubbornly wants to be able to press on the accelerator pedal, and feel the true impact of it. It is obvious that the presence of a 168-horsepower engine will be pleased with these customers.