Overview 2020 Toyota Prius model years – with photos and prices

History of 2020 Toyota Prius car has its origins as far back enough for many of us in 1997. It was then that was born the first generation car, which has become as a result of one of the most popular in the world.

Initially, of course, consumers with a certain distrust looked toward the little Japanese. But it took quite a bit of time, and the pace of sales began to soar. More and more willing to want to become the owner of almost the first full hybrid in the world. About three years the Prius has been in the trend.

Photos of the new 2020 Toyota Prius –

After this, the company decided on the need of generational change. As a result, 2003 was the year of the emergence of a new version of the Prius. Most surprisingly, fans of the huge, high-powered cars in the US who have always recognized the best just like a car, the 2004 Prius is named the best car of the year in the United States. The second generation of scatter at customers even faster than the first one.

The first restyling was carried out in 2006. Basically, the bigger the car any changes not exposed. But come , and all are looking forward to new updates from the Japanese automaker.

Let’s see what will change in the car 2020 Toyota Prius sample – year.

Interesting appearance of the new Prius

Ethnicity is clearly correct, and in a very good way. At the moment, the majority perceives the Prius as a kind of a family car, a car for people aged.

Photos front of the 2020 Toyota Prius –

Designers have considered it, with the result that the front part was more expressive, impetuous front bumper with clear intentions to attract young people to the car. Raised grille is not here, but there is a large trapezoid grille, literally combined with the bumper. Narrowed optics unusual shape with LEDs, flat sloping roof, and a monumental label companies. All of this creates a very pleasant experience.

2020 Toyota Prius side

On the side it is worth noting the big, wide doors, slightly adjust the exterior mirrors with LED turn signals repeaters. It is also impossible not to notice a pretty impressive wheel arches and nice wheels, which offers a choice of 2020 Toyota.

The back of the 2020 Toyota Prius in

The rear also has undergone a slight change. So, a new optics, the tailgate opens even more convenient access to the luggage compartment comfortable and practical.

The photograph cabin in the updated Prius

Expect something new is not necessary in terms of interior. Prius is famous for the fact that its interior meets the needs of consumers which year without change.

Interesting central panel

Actually, 2020 Toyota did not take risks with global changes of appearance, so why should it change and already successful salon?

convenient steering wheel located in front of the driver with a lot of buttons, and right behind him – the dashboard, designed in a modern style, although developed more than a year ago.

A roof with a panoramic view

The front seats are made qualitatively, lateral support is clearly there, and planting gives a pleasant sensation even during a long stay behind the wheel. back row passengers to complain about lack of comfort does not have to. Complete triple-back sofa tells us that this is the perfect city car for a young family, and even more.

Spacious back row in the 2020 Toyota Prius – year

Well, since then the changes we are seeing at the moment, you can consider equipping. Of course, 2020 Toyota is not officially announce the release of the updated version, you can expect all kinds of changes. Who knows, maybe now designers and engineers are preparing a new salon, which will be launched in the spring.

As before, the automaker will offer a choice of one of several interior modifications. Consequently, any buyer can choose the variation in their pocket.

What will be included in the packaging of the hybrid?

Alas, the Japanese company is not particularly seeks to disclose information on the internal arrangement of its hybrid, and equipment remains a mystery in many ways.

However, representatives from the automaker managed to get a small list of equipment that can be seen as part of the updated Prius. They did not specify what will be included in the database, and that would be optional. However, the list is as follows:

  • multi-function steering wheel;
  • seven airbags;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • parking sensors;
  • sound system;
  • multimedia system;
  • color touch screen multimedia;
  • power windows;
  • navigation system;
  • keyless entry system in the cabin;
  • a set assists, and security systems.

The price of the new 2020 Toyota Prius – year

As you can see on minor changes in the interior, as well as more serious changes in the appearance, increase the value of this clearly should not.

It seems that prices will remain at the current level. Recall, for a base modification in the United States are asked about 25 thousand dollars. A similar version in Europe would cost 27 thousand euros.

The car is aimed primarily at the North American market, although those wishing to become the owner of the car in Europe is more than enough.

As for the release date, the official presentation of new items can be held in the spring, and sales will begin in the summer. However, quite apart from the scant information on the network, as well as a few new official photos and video materials, the manufacturer is not in a hurry to please the journalists the new data. Everything is kept in a very closely guarded secret, reveal that 2020 Toyota is going to only shortly before the start of sales of the updated Prius.

The family hatchback

Specifications 2020 Toyota Prius –

It would seem that the technical specifications will be exactly what will allow to understand the whole point of the restyling. Although, frankly, restyling planned for can hardly be called change.

And all because, even in the engine compartment has not changed anything. As before, the benefit of the environment will run gasoline dd igatel 1.5 liters with an electric motor. Their tandem allows to issue 78 and 70 horsepower, respectively. This power unit is used for a long time. However, it does not cause complaints from customers, and engineers because no hurry to make changes.

Hybrid feature is that the movement of gasoline engine is not responding. It is designed exclusively for charging the electric motor that takes full commitment to the movement of passengers.

Despite the fact that this engine is enough for many years, it continues to show excellent performance in terms of flow. Outside the city the Prius consumes about 3-4 liters – year for every 100 kilometers traveled path.

Nevertheless, 2020 Toyota Prius – is positioned as a purely city car, which rarely go on long journeys, or move on motorways, having pressed the gas pedal to the floor. It is noteworthy that the level of fuel consumption in the city and outside the difference is two-fold. If the track hybrid require no more than 4 liters, the consumption will reach city 8 liters per 100 kilometers.

Although Americans who typically purchase a 2020 Toyota Prius as a second car, and their first engine has at least 4 liters of hybrid consumption seems to be quite insignificant. In fact, it is already very modest. In combined mode leaves no more than 5-6 liters.

Video Test Drive Prius


Loudly restyling, which neatly explains 2020 Toyota, still looks doubtful.

Minimal changes in appearance, it is not modified interior, an old power plant. What is the restyling? Perhaps the Japanese cherish basic information closer to the presentation? It is likely, as fans models clearly do not understand this approach to modernization even without a successful car.

As time goes by, though Prius remains popular, competitors on the heels. A shake-up because certain hybrid is clearly needed. And the new front bumper there is clearly will not be enough.