Overview 2020 Ford Fiesta –

In 2020 Ford lineup will be supplemented by an updated model of one of the most popular cars, compacts. The first spy photos of 2020 Ford Fiesta , taken on the road tests in Europe have become available in the www-networks in the past year. They told us that upgrading the exterior it is too radical. This conclusion was confirmed by Martin Smith (executive director of the design department of 2020 Ford), who reported that the designers were tasked, retaining the familiar design of the car, give it a more innovative and modern features. Besides cosmetic changes in appearance, the new model Fiesta will get some interesting new technologies.

The updated sedan of the next-generation 2020 Ford Fiesta has an aggressive, as we have already dubbed him observers, “snarling” appearance. This effect is achieved due to the presence of a massive trapezoidal grille. New design fully corresponds with the restyled the entire line of 2020 Ford cars. Along the length of the updated sedan Fiesta significantly outscored version hatchback by as much as 342 mm.

  • Accordingly, the length of the car has been increased to 4409 mm, and the total wheelbase up to 2489 mm.

The car is equipped with a wheel diameter of 17 inches. Innovative bumper in this model has an integrated air intake and improved optics. Numerous photographs of 2020 Ford Fiesta in allow us to estimate the new look of the car.

Salon sedan Fiesta is designed in the style of fast paced sports. Even a quick glance inside shows the excellent quality of the materials that the manufacturer used for interior decoration. Complementing this is the impression of a new adjustable lighting system. For music lovers, 2020 Ford’om was installed satellite radio and the latest audio equipment from Sony HD. Decent sound is achieved by the presence of just 8 built-in speakers.

The car is equipped with a turbocharged EcoBoost family liter volume capacity of its ability to compete with any competitor of B class. He seriously claim to the title of Engine year. The engine can deliver up to 123 horsepower per 1 liter volume. The new dynamic engine is complemented by a 6-speed INC.

The car has a two-tier system of airbags, both for passengers and for the driver. In addition, it is possible to mention ABS, immobilizer and air tire pressure indicator. As an optional package is MyKey – system, enabling the owner to set the maximum speed limit and set the level of audio subsystem volume.

Price sedan 2020 Ford Fiesta has not yet officially declared by the manufacturer, but their statements already made industry experts voicing estimated cost of $ 34,000 Fiesta.

It can be concluded that the new 2020 Ford Fiesta sedan is an urban, compact, but at the same time, a very dynamic car, whose characteristics significantly improved over previous models in this series.

Technical characteristics of the car are impressive for its class, he got a very solid increase in power and greatly reduced emissions (respectively 20% and 15%). Currently Fiesta wins analogues according to figures nearly doubled. According to the manufacturer, the updated sedan will spend no more than 5.9 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers. For comparison, for example, 2020 Ford Mondeo , the price of which is considerably higher than the new Fiesta, is inferior, while, in the dynamics and maneuverability.

The new sedan is certainly a good solution to the automaker, which has significantly improved the car in technical terms, while maintaining its distinctive style, adding a little of our time to it.