Nissan 2020 X-Trail -: video test drive, features and photo


  1. What is new in appearance?
  2. Whether interior has been updated?
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So the expected presentation of the new Nissan 2020 X-Trail -, held in early September last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, has surprised almost everyone. First of all, because of the appearance of change: instead of the usual brutal SUV, crossover Visitors saw the “standard” appearance.

It should be noted that such similar changes were made and the exterior of other representatives of the Japanese company – silhouettes of the updated Nissan 2020 X-Trail in many respects resemble the outlines of Qashqai in and Murano in , and in some cases, even the Nissan 2020 Juke . Considering that the new X-Trail went on sale fairly recently, talking about how to affect change in the appearance of the brand attitude of the fans, it is premature.

It is a new body T32

Photos of the new Nissan 2020 X-Trail –

Ahead X-Trail has received a stylish narrower headlights, which complement the good-looking LED running lights. A relatively small grille (conventionally composed of three sections), habitually stands located in the center of the company’s logo – Nissan 2020. Great bumper Nissan 2020 Ikstreyl hardly protrudes from the car body, but pleases smooth aerodynamic contours. There was a place on the bumper and large air intake, as well as protivotumanok, framed by a chrome rim. Provided on the front of the crossover and the lower edge of the fairing.

Crossover side

According fototografii it is clear that a large surface of the bonnet Nissan 2020 X-Trail framed by longitudinal ribs, giving the front of the visually more aggressive, charismatic appearance. It is noteworthy that even the base model Nissan 2020 X-Trail has a full-LED headlights, than they can today boast of few automakers.

The back of the Ikstreyla

Feed news of the Japanese Nissan 2020 X-Trail is fully consistent with the modern appearance of off-road vehicles, it is noticeable in the photo: the back door (as it should be of status, received in all trim actuator), it takes up almost all the space, it is crowned by a small spoiler.

Stylish tail ceiling

Emphasize presentable Nissan 2020 X-Trail – called to the original shape of the rear tail lights (also LED), and carefully made rear bumper.

Type in the user’s profile

Pleased with the new Nissan 2020 X-Trail and elegant side elements: first of all in the photo stand unobtrusive appearance, but powerful profiles arches, through which it turns out an impressive overall picture of the side of the Nissan 2020 X-Trail -. It should be noted, and large radii of the wheel arches, designed for installation of rubber up to 225/55 R19, installed onto light-alloy wheels.

Large door got high glazing, roof crossover Nissan 2020 X-Trail is very smooth. The new body crossover rascherkivayut “bursts” and “Wave”, which gives the car an attractive, extravagant, and in many ways, sporty appearance.

From color schemes for the Nissan 2020 X-Trail will be available six colors: olive, black, white, gray, silver, blue.

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Chic Interior

Similarities in the interiors of the new generation SUV Nissan 2020 X-Trail with the previous as much as their appearance: Salon changed almost beyond recognition, it is perfectly discernible in the photographs.

Chic salon

The first “bonus” was a choice between five or seven local configuration – in spite of the possibility of placing the third row of only two children, the last X-Trail did not provide such an opportunity.

All elements of the interior Nissan 2020 X-Trail now really are prestigious (and expensive) materials for decorating the seats and almost all interior elements, steel natural (or high quality synthetic leather – as standard), carpeting, high quality plastic, and the numerous decorative inserts simulating carbon fiber and metal. Feeling perfectly capture quality photographs.

Like in the Nissan 2020 X-Trail and has received several tiers dashboard, instrument panel with a handy built-in multi-function display (5 inches), an ergonomic steering wheel. The large size of the center console accommodates 7-inch. monitor, with the help of which the management multimedia system (Aux-in, USB, Bluetooth, good quality built-in navigation, to choose from – the rear camera, or more circular). Here at the Nissan 2020 X-Trail is and the climate control unit.

Overview seven-seater saloon

The front seats Nissan 2020 X-trail comfort of today’s popular features, we note the presence of heating and electric. For rear passengers, it is available to provide a spacious sofa, as well as (depending on configuration) large space.

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Specifications of the new generation Nissan 2020 X-Trail – for different countries are virtually identical, due to the fact that the crossover is positioned as a global model, founded on the basis of Common Module Family (CMF), owned by the concern Renault-Nissan 2020. With this unification, all models of cars will get ALL MODE 4x4i – an advanced all-wheel drive system.

In addition to technical innovations, the system has received and highly ergonomic: now the control knob is located between the front seats, in the tunnel. This system has three modes: 2WD, Lock, Auto, however, for an extra charge, provided the presence of the front-wheel version.

In addition, the new Japanese crossover Nissan 2020 X-Trail – was modern electronic systems such as: engine braking system Active Engine Brake; system to ensure increased smoothness of motion, Active Ride Control; active Active Trace Control system of a steering; as well as systems Advance Hill Descent Control and Uphill Start Support.

List of available additional options

All of the above system, along with many others, to help the new Nissan 2020 X-Trail to discover themselves at safe distances for approaching objects (including vehicles approaching from the sides), it is safe to park and leave the car park – both parallel and perpendicular. In other words, the technical characteristics allow to carry Nissan 2020 X-Trail – year to one of the most high-tech in its class.

  • Of the petrol engines for cars are available two engines – 2.0 liter (141 hp) and 2.5 liter (169 hp).
  • The diesel range offers a number of new power units the DCI, the first of which has a capacity of 1.6 liters (150 hp), the second – 2.0 liters (180 hp).

All motors Nissan 2020 X-Trail aggregated with 6-speed manual transmission, automatic transmission, or Xtronic CVT. Fuel consumption, declared by the manufacturer, is quite acceptable 7-9,6 liters, depending on the chosen engine and transaxle.

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Prices and equipment in the new crossover body

Engine Price, AR Fuel Drive unit Transmission The expense, l. maximum speed
XE 2.0 MT (144 hp) 1249 petrol front Mechanics 11.2 / 6.6 183
2.0 CVT (144 hp 4×4) 1 419 petrol full variable speed drive 9.4 / 6.4 180
SE 2.0 CVT (144 hp) 1 441 petrol front variable speed drive 9 / 6.1 183
2.0 CVT (144 hp 4×4) 1551 petrol full variable speed drive 9.4 / 6.4 180
1.6 MT (130 hp 4×4) 1581 diesel full Mechanics 6.2 / 4.8 186
2.5 CVT (171 hp 4×4) 1661 petrol full variable speed drive 11.3 / 6.6 190
SE + 2.0 CVT (144 hp) 1550 petrol front variable speed drive 9 / 6.1 183
2.0 CVT (144 hp 4×4) 1660 petrol full variable speed drive 9.4 / 6.4 180
1.6 MT (130 hp 4×4) 1 690 diesel full Mechanics 6.2 / 4.8 186
2.5 CVT (171 hp 4×4) 1 770 petrol full variable speed drive 11.3 / 6.6 190
LE 2.0 CVT (144 hp 4×4) 1667 petrol full variable speed drive 9.4 / 6.4 180
1.6 MT (130 hp 4×4) 1697 diesel full Mechanics 6.2 / 4.8 186
2.5 CVT (171 hp 4×4) 1777 petrol full variable speed drive 11.3 / 6.6 190
LE + 2.0 CVT (144 hp 4×4) 1751 petrol full variable speed drive 9.4 / 6.4 180
1.6 MT (130 hp 4×4) 1781 diesel full Mechanics 6.2 / 4.8 186
2.5 CVT (171 hp 4×4) 1861 petrol full variable speed drive 11.3 / 6.6 190

Price Nissan 2020 X-Trail – in XE configuration starts at 1249 thousand. Rub. with manual transmission, 1 419 thousand. rub. – With the CVT. Components SE is available with a gasoline engine for 1 441-1 551 thousand rubles.; diesel power unit – 1 581 thousand rubles.. Next to them on the prestige grade Nissan 2020 X-Trail SE MID with a gasoline engine “prolong” the price of 1 550-1 770 thousand rubles, the variation of the LE -.. 1 667 thousand rubles.. The most expensive was the LE Platinum – its price starts from 1751 rubles..

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Video Test Drive

Introducing Vashmu attention of some of the most popular videos with test drive crossover – Nissan 2020 X-Trail. We encourage them to look for a more precise opinion about this car.

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