Nissan 2020 Tiida : photo price, performance and video

It can be a large enough confidence to say that the new Nissan 2020 Tiida is designed specifically for the Russian market. We are referring to a model that will be assembled at the facilities of Izhevsk Automobile Plant.

Photos of the new Nissan 2020 Tiida

The pr

ocess of manufacture of cars has already begun, so that soon the news will reach the showrooms.

The uniqueness of the car for the Russian market is that we have almost a full copy of the hatch under the name Pulsar. Here is meant appearance.

In this interior, specifications borrowed from other models – Nissan 2020 Sentra. It turns out a kind of symbiosis between the two models, one of which received a very interesting car. About its potential in the domestic market is said is very active, and this project is the manufacturer had high expectations.

Well, because it is almost the first exclusive vehicle for our Russian customers, study it very, very much want details. It is interesting to find out what features brought the Japanese what to expect from the car, and what are the technical characteristics of the Nissan 2020 Tiida will be able to please your customers. Of course, it touches on the issue price.

Exterior Nissan 2020 Tiida

By tradition first examine the external aspects, and then see what is hidden behind the exterior design.

In principle, the appearance of the five-door hatchback Tiida in Russia turned out to be a complete surprise and a huge surprise. After all, few could have predicted that the manufacturer will take as a basis for design of a brand new Pulsar, “vpihnet” in his interior and equipment from Sentry, resulting in a new generation of already known before the car under the name Tiida.

Judged purely on appearance, this car looks excellent. Indeed, without any exaggeration. Remembering available Tiida first generation earlier, amid news it simply pales and is a kind of a bunch of dull iron design.

But do not let the sad. Soon the Russians will be able to buy a novelty, the design of which pleasantly pleasing to the eye. Look at the photo and video materials, learn about the content directly to the very model of Pulsar. This will help to fully understand exactly what kind of car would soon be together with other members of the Nissan 2020 lineup in dealer showrooms.

Photos Nissan 2020 Tiida Front

The front part has a refined trim grille with chrome insert, powerful, like a sports bumper with sections for the fog lights on the edges, vyshtampovki on the hood.

Photos Nissan 2020 Tiida Side

We see the side wheel arch trim, elegant wheels, pleasant exterior mirrors, original vyshtampovki door, quite compact glazing.

Photos Nissan 2020 Tiida back

The back of the invites us to elaborate trunk lid with spoiler, supplemented stop sign on top of the luggage compartment glazing, lean bumper, stylish tail lights.

That is, the machine is really good, from whatever side it did not look. Because already in terms of visual appeal, the novelty has a huge potential, in order to win the hearts of local motorists.

If anyone is interested in size, they have the following vehicle:

  • length – 4385 mm;
  • width – 1768 mm;
  • height – 1520 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2700 mm;
  • ground clearance – 155 mm.

Depending on the equipment level, the vehicle can rest on steel wheels with a diameter of 16 inches or alloy wheels of 17 inches with a very interesting pictures.

The color range includes seven body paint options – white, red, dark gray, silver, bronze, black and blue.

Salon Nissan 2020 Tiida

If the outside in front of us full Pulsar, even with the same dimensions, the interior has migrated to a new Sentra from Russian Tiida model.

Photos Nissan 2020 Tiida salon

As a result, we have a very comfortable front seats, a large and comfortable back sofa, high quality materials used. The interior boasts the presence of a large supply of free space in the legs for the rear passengers, which is an important criterion for the choice of the machine many buyers.

Since the design is identical, we recommend a closer acquainted with the model Sentra in order to facilitate their task.

Photo of the front seats Nissan 2020 Tiida

It should be noted that the luggage compartment is different to the background Sentra sedan. Of course, the other body structure it could not affect. As a result, in the presence of a full spare wheel rear luggage compartment offers 307 liters of space. But the back of the sofa backrest can be folded down, with the result that we have a solid loading area the size of 1319 liters.

Options Nissan 2020 Tiida

It is obvious that the package will be one of the main advantages of new items, as the Russian Nissan 2020 Tiida offers a very rich equipment already in the database. Plus there are a number of options offered in the more expensive models, or for a fee.

Thus, standard equipment includes in itself the following equipment:

  1. multifunction steering wheel, adjustable in depth and height;
  2. lifter for the driver’s seat;
  3. heated front seats;
  4. air conditioning;
  5. ducts for the second row passengers;
  6. on-board computer;
  7. electric windows in the front doors;
  8. transforming back sofa;
  9. heated exterior rear-view mirrors;
  10. electric door mirrors;
  11. ABS safety system, ESP, EBD.

If you do this will seem a little, then you should pay attention to the more expensive version of the car. In them you can get:

  • xenon head optics;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • electric repeaters and LED turn signals in the outside mirrors;
  • side curtain airbags;
  • curtain airbags;
  • sound system for four or six speakers with USB support, Bluetooth;
  • Nissan 2020 Connect multimedia system;
  • multimedia display of 5.8 inches;
  • navigation system;
  • phone;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • Rain sensor;
  • light sensor;
  • leather steering wheel;
  • leather upholstery;
  • leather-trimmed gearshift knob;
  • fog lights;
  • keyless entry system in the cabin;
  • engine start button system, and so forth.

The price of a new Nissan 2020 Tiida

We had already you know what it looks like Nissan 2020 Tiida interior and exterior, as well as some basic and optional equipment will offer its owners. And it pleased us very, very seriously.

Because Now I want to know what the price set on the exclusive manufacturer for the Russian market. The car is offered since the end of March this year, and release it as you remember, at the Izhevsk factory.

The cost of new items will start with a mark of 680 thousand rubles. It is an adequate price, taking into account all that you even get in the base.

For comparison, the European Nissan 2020 Pulsar latest generation is sold at a price of 15,200 euros. Russian Tiida, in terms of the European currency, will cost around 10,500 euros. As you can see, and the price policy does things perfectly.

Specifications Tiida

But if we talk about the technical characteristics, here Nissan 2020 Pulsar significantly outperforms its twin on the exterior of the Russian. It offers a variety of engines, including modern turbocharged powertrains for him. Plus the car is filled with modern security systems, various electronic assistants.

But all this is a very strong influence on the final cost of the machine. Add them to the Russian Tiida, and the price tag would be easily passed the mark of 1 million rubles. It is hardly necessary as the producer himself, and domestic consumers. Nissan 2020 has created for Russia is very stylish, good-looking car with excellent facilities and a very rich equipment. Many of our drivers will agree that all these new-fangled electronic assists our motorists are not particularly necessary.

As a result, under the hood, the Nissan 2020 Tiida hides a single uncontested power unit. This naturally aspirated engine with a displacement of 1.6 liters, four cylinders. It gives a pretty good power at 117 horsepower and its torque reaches 158 Nm.

The engine can be equipped with five-speed manual gearbox, which is in the basic equipment, or the CVT variator, for which, as you know, have to pay extra.

In terms of the dynamics of the power unit it looks relatively well. On manual transmission accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour takes 10.6 seconds. When choosing a variator dynamics will have to sacrifice a little bit, because with a CVT acceleration from zero to hundred will take 11.3 seconds of your time.

Different and the maximum speed, depending on the selected transmission. In the variator, it is 184 kilometers per hour, while the mechanics allows accelerating to 192 km per hour.

Power good, and with the business dynamics of the situation is normal. Against this background, a nice addition would be a modest fuel consumption. For every 100 kilometers, Nissan 2020 Tiida will require about 6.4 liters of gasoline over the combined cycle.

You can sum up. Technical filling repeats sedan Sentra. He, incidentally, is also produced at the Izhevsk Automobile Plant.

In favor of the Nissan 2020 Tiida as the car was designed for operation in the Russian reality talk some more facts. Thus, the manufacturer has increased the ground clearance of up to 155 millimeters, rigged mirrors and front seat heating systems, strengthened suspension, adapting it to the conditions of our roads, plus the increased battery capacity, so that the driver can start the engine without any problems even at low temperatures.

Video test drive Nissan 2020 Tiida


Very nice to watch the famous automaker produced exclusive models for certain markets. Doubly pleased that this turned out to be the Russian market in the case of the Nissan 2020 Tiida car.

Yes, it is the union of two existing models. But to be frank, a symbiosis has been very, very successful. The car turned out beautiful in appearance, convenient and functional inside, boasts a solid set of options. Even the engine looks acceptable. And against the background of the declared price tags so in general, Tiida claims at a very high position. It will be interesting to summarize the first year sales of Nissan 2020 Tiida in Russia and see how well appreciated by our customers efforts of Japanese experts.

Plus it is very important, so that the staff of the Izhevsk plant responsibly approached to the assembly machine. Given the quality of Centro, to fear on that score is not particularly necessary.

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