Nissan 2020 Sentra – replacing outdated Tiida

The company Nissan 2020 has officially presented its new car Nissan 2020 Sentra – year, it is within the motor show in Moscow. I do not know yet, but this model is a hatchback sibling under the name Pulsar. However, in Russia it will be sold only sedan Nissan 2020 Sentra, but the hatchback is not worth waiting for at dealerships.

This car has a clear and straightforward task to put the manufacturer on the Russian automotive market. With Sentra, Nissan 2020 will replace the already outdated in all components of the model Tiida.

With regard to production, it will adjust to the capacities of IzhAvto plant. Starting the serial production of new products to Russia in September, although originally planned in late summer. Why is such a small delay, the manufacturer reports.

Since the car is a pretty interesting sedan, which promises to be a success in our country, we are committed to thoroughly acquaint you with all the nuances Nissan 2020 Sentra – year, from the exterior, ending prices and trim levels.


Look closely at the picture of the car and say to whom the representatives of range Sentra – year is like most? That’s right, on the Teana luxury sedan. The similarity with this car only adds pluses Centro.

Nissan 2020 Sentra photo front

The front part was a large trapezoidal grille fascia raditora enclosed in chrome edging. Lights decided to make a spiky and also quite large. The result was a great combination. LED insert only reinforce the notion that the front Centro is made at the highest level designer. Take a look also on the hood, which was fashionable ribs, successfully flowing in the wings.

Nissan 2020 Center pictures in profile

In profile, the Nissan 2020 Sentra does not look less attractive due to the smooth roof line, trim door handles, sufficiently large wheel arches, which can be placed in even the alloy wheels on the 17-18-inch radius. Although it may best wheels 17 inches will look here. Yes, and in the management of this impact is better than installing more impressive in its size wheels.

Nissan 2020 Sentra photo back of

Behind the complaints about the appearance there. Yes, and they can not be, because look elegant charms Optics, which received the LED elements. It is also pleasantly pleased large tailgate, solid bumper and chrome perekladinka.

We can say that experts from Japan worked properly on the design. By the way, it should be noted the presence of just eight variants of body painting. Thus, the buyer can choose between white, gray, dark gray, silver, blue, black, blue and red.

In order to get an idea of ​​the size of Nissan 2020 Sentra – year, we offer you to get acquainted not only with photos and video of a sedan, but also with its overall data. And they are as follows:

  • length – 4625 mm
  • width – 1760 millimeters
  • height – 1496 mm
  • wheelbase – 2700 mm.

As is known, Nissan 2020 Sentra is a C-class in the automobile market. Interestingly, this car is one of the largest in its class. Nissan 2020 says that the main competitors of the sedan is Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus. This is a rather serious allegations, as these two cars currently hold the leading position in the global market.


We have already noted that in size Nissan 2020 Sentra will outperform many of its competitors in the class. However, very few people would have thought that this is the case a positive impact on the interior space.

Unlike some other C-Class models, the Centro will be very solid space in the front row and rear seats. In total, the car can comfortably accommodate four passengers and the driver. In this front without hassle sits a man whose age exceeds even 190 centimeters. Back row place with plenty of space for the legs and head three passengers, the growth of each of which is even 180 centimeters.

Photo interior of the new Nissan 2020 Sentra the year

As for the interior itself, it is in Japanese laconic, has excellent ergonomics, includes finishing materials of good quality. But when compared with competitors in the face of the Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus, Nissan 2020 looks a little boring. Here you will not find special flight imagination of designers and some of the original inserts. Emphasis was placed on high ergonomics, excellent comfort.

Therefore, Nissan 2020 Sentra – year boasts an easily readable and informative instrument panel, the steering wheel is very conveniently located in place controls over the center console and so on. You can easily understand the management of the multimedia system and the climatic equipment, because everything is made simple and understandable on an intuitive level.

Photo rear seats in the Nissan 2020 Sentra

Of the minuses can be noted except that the fact that the steering column is adjustable over a limited range, and the lack of good lateral support on the front seats, which is why in steep turns the driver and front passenger can begin to move from his seat and slide. The rest of the interior is good.


Well, when information about the cars is more than enough. Because we can officially announce that the Nissan 2020 Sentra – year will be sold in four different models in the Russian market. This Welcome, Comfort, and Elegance and Tekna.

The basic equipment of the owner of the Nissan 2020 Sentra will receive the following components:

  1. two airbags
  2. stabilization
  3. air conditioning
  4. Heated front seats
  5. on-board computer
  6. fabric
  7. central locking with remote control
  8. sound system on four speakers
  9. electric windows on all doors
  10. adjustable steering wheel height and reach.

As for the more expensive models, they provide additional presence of a base such elements:

  1. leather trim
  2. six airbags
  3. multimedia system with a color touch screen of 5.8 inches
  4. alloy wheels of 17 inches
  5. keyless entry system in salon
  6. engine starter button
  7. LED daytime lights
  8. Xenon headlamps
  9. dual-zone climate control
  10. rain and light sensors.

It is also worth mentioning the trunk. In its normal position the boot capacity is an impressive 511 liters. Although there are some motorists who need to carry a larger amount of baggage. To this end, the backrest can be folded rear seats, and increase free space to more impressive dimensions.


The main issue for all domestic fans of Nissan 2020 is the price of their new Sentra sedan in Russia. While it is known that the sales start in late fall of this year in Russia. But the official price is not disclosed.

Experts suggest that in the four-door sedan Nissan 2020 Sentra -, the official dealers asked about 720 thousand rubles. And this is the price for the basic package. How much will the most expensive version – hard to say. Obviously, in this case the price tag will exceed the mark of 800 thousand rubles. Anyway, very soon will come the official data, and then we will announce the real price for each of the configuration options. That is why you have to wait.


In terms of technical specifications about the Nissan 2020 Sentra – year can tell in some detail, because official data are already available.

So, to build a Nissan 2020 Sentra used global platform, which already created models such as Tiida, Note, Micra and Pulsar. The front suspension made independent McPherson struts and supplemented. Rear suspension semi-dependent and already has a torsion beam. The standard equipment of the driver can rely on the assistance systems such as BA, EBD and ABS.

If we talk about the power units, then while we are talking about a single motor. This four-cylinder gasoline having a volume of 1.6 liters. Its power – 117 horsepower, and torque reaches 158 Nm. The manufacturer offers two types of transmission – it is mechanics and variator.

  • From manual to hundreds of car will accelerate in 10.6 seconds and have a top speed of 192 kilometers per hour. Average fuel consumption – 6.4 liters.
  • With CVT dynamics of dispersal more modest. Thus, up to one hundred kilometers per hour the car picks up in 11.3 seconds and has a lower maximum speed – 184 kilometers per hour. But the average fuel consumption is similar to the version with a manual.

The Nissan 2020 does not exclude that some time after the start of sales of its sedan on the Russian market, they will offer the buyer a more powerful powerplant. There are already talking about gasoline aspirated 1.8 liters and power of 132 horsepower. This means that the specifications will become more attractive.


Despite the fact that the Nissan 2020 Sentra is only now comes to our market, this car is already quite a long time and successfully sold worldwide. This makes it clear that the car came out very good and has good prospects.

In general, the novelty should really catch on in Russia, because it has a fairly large size for the class C, has a good design, rich equipment, roomy interior and a good engine. Plus, as shown by reviews of the owners four-door sedan, for a value that is offered Sentra, find an analogue is difficult. Most likely to purchase Nissan 2020 Sentra – year will be more profitable than buying the main competitors – the Ford Focus and Toyota Corolla.