Nissan 2020 Pulsar Year – violator class C tranquility

As it is known, in the class reigns utter dvuvlastie. This segment cars captured by representatives of the German and the American auto industry. As many of you may have guessed, we are talking about the companies Volkswagen and Ford and their most popular models Golf and Focus, respectively.

However, not all are willing to put up with this state of affairs. And challenge the leaders going car manufacturer from Japan – Nissan 2020. Their weapon in the fight for the lead in the class perform Nissan 2020 Pulsar year, which really is a very interesting and potentially promising project, which we will try to introduce you today as detailed as possible. We learn what the Nissan 2020 Pulsar and what trumps he had hidden in the sleeve, in order to overcome such powerful opponents as the Golf and Focus.


  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Equipment
  • Price
  • Characteristics
  • Conclusion

In general, the company Nissan 2020 has received a charge of vivacity and confidence due to successful sales of Qashqai crossover. As a result, especially for the European market the Japanese wanted to create a compact, stylish hatchback with a powerful yet economical engines, cancel picking, a high level of comfort and safety, as well as a spacious interior. That is, the project was conceived not just as a direct competitor to the Golf and Focus, as well as a car that can impose a bitter struggle, and surpass in some components of the recognized world leaders.


If you look at a photo, or to explore new product for video content, it is clear that when creating the exterior of developers focused on successful solutions in their crossover Qashqai and the X-Trail . The pulsar is clearly traced notes of these models. In addition, the aging gradually Nissan 2020 Tiida needs a good successor. Why not make Nissan 2020 Pulsar as such? After all, innovation is a bright, dynamic appearance.

Nissan 2020 Pulsar photo

The front part is made entirely in the new corporate style of the producer that immediately traced to false radiator grille. Plus complements the image quality head optics, powerful bumpers, air inlets and beautiful turn signals with logical and concise built on the edges of the bumper fog lights.

Nissan 2020 Pulsar photo Side

The side view shows a beautiful and elegant lines, curves, elegant wheel arches, high sills and fairly compact glass door, especially at the rear. A note of sportiness been successfully formed in the exterior mirrors.

Forage further makes it clear that the image is clearly present sports component. This impressive bumper with a diffuser and a small tailgate. complete with spoiler and bumerangoobraznye lights and stylish optics.

Nissan 2020 Pulsar photo

It is important to add that the Infiniti, which is a Luxury-division of Nissan 2020, will soon release a compact hatchback, the basis for which it will take Nissan 2020 Pulsar, . Is this surprising? Not at all. Nissan 2020 turned out stunning.

If we talk about the dimensions, here the company has yet to reveal the card. Although it is not entirely clear why. Perhaps they want to keep secret parameters, in order to surprise the presentation of a wider wheelbase and therefore more spacious cabin than its competitors. Although it is not a fact.


Photo front seats Nissan 2020 Pulsar

Inside as well as outside, the crossover components are traced. So, multifunction wheel only slightly changed, and have been made several improvements to the dashboard. The rest of the components look like the latest-generation Qashqai.

Nissan 2020 Pulsar photo salon

Nissan 2020 Pulsar Media boast modern, comfortable dispeleem for its management, high-quality interior trim, as well as a spacious interior.

Photo rear seats of Nissan 2020 Pulsar the year

Judging by the statements of representatives of Japanese companies between the backrests of the front seats and the rear distance indicator will be 692 millimeters. And this is the highest score in the class C. That is, already has at least one advantage, allowing to compete with Foltsvagenom Golf and Ford Focus.

Photos trunk Pulsar


At this point configurations for Nissan 2020 has not yet formed. Nevertheless, it was made public a list of options that will be included in the base and offered as optional equipment. Among them are the following:

  • the threat of accidents and collisions with pedestrians tracking system
  • the objects around the vehicle tracking system
  • for road marking control
  • circular camera
  • Blind Spot Monitoring System
  • Assist parking
  • touch screen navigation, multimedia and so on.
  • separate climate control
  • Keyless Access Salon
  • engine start button system
  • alloy wheels
  • acoustics
  • various accessories and so on.


It is a logical question becomes: if Nissan 2020 wants through its news to surpass or at least compete with the Focus and Golf, what price it is going to be installed on its new product?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question until we give you can not. This is because prior to the start of sales is not much, but Nissan 2020 has not yet notified the official dealers in Europe and at what cost it offers a Nissan 2020 Pulsar.

Pictures Nissan 2020 Pulsar

And the saddest thing is that the official Nissan 2020 Pulsar on the territory of Russia will not be sold. Of course, this does not mean a complete lack of new items on our roads. Those who like the hatchback, will be able to order it in Europe, to drive to the manufacturer’s homeland. At the same time how much will cost such a purchase – hard to say.


Nissan 2020 plans to gradually expand the range of engines for your car. Because to start two motors were chosen that will form the basis for the first year of implementation.

  1. So, starting motor, which offer as standard equipment Pulsar year will be the petrol engine of 1.2 liters. Do not be put off by the small volume, as is now fashionable and put the true engines of this type. The fact that the increase in power for the turbo will respond, through which a 1.2-liter engine will issue 115 horsepower.
  2. The second engine for Europe will be the gasoline. Apparently, this will be the 1.5-liter and a turbocharged four-cylinder unit, which will give out 110 horsepower and a good 260 Nm of torque.

If you have patience and wait with the purchase of Nissan 2020 Pulsar until next year, then we will order a hatchback with the new motor. This time it will focus on the turbocharged 1.6-liter petrol unit with an output of 190 horsepower.

Photo Motor Pulsar the year

Each of the motors comes standard with a manual six-gear. In the CVT as an option available to simulate automatic.

Pictures Nissan 2020 Pulsar

Traditionally, for themselves, the company Nissan 2020 will connect to the work of tuning studio Nismo sports version and release Pulsar. It is expected that under its hood will be a gasoline engine with an output of over 220 horsepower.


The car really is of great interest. And not just because Nissan 2020 has defied the Germans and the Americans with their course and focus. In fact Nissan 2020 Pulsar – interesting hatchback with promising prospects. Future reviews of the owners will be able to show exactly what the Japanese have, and whether or not they sumt.n compete with class leaders S.

So far, everything looks solidly, stylish, high-quality. But really to learn about the possibility of new items on the market it will be possible after the manufacturer has announced pricing and packaging options. If Nissan 2020 Pulsar the year will be more accessible and more attractive in terms of equipment, rather than the leaders of its segment hatchback has a good means a brighter future.