Nissan 2020 Patrol – that brought update

Nissan 2020 has presented its updated Nissan 2020 Patrol – year at the beginning of the year. Moreover, since February of this year, it is available in the official Nissan 2020 dealer showrooms. It is worth noting that the upgraded Nissan 2020 Patrol came after more than four years since the last generation output.

In other words, we are not dealing with the following, that is, the eighth generation of the Jeep, and is only a modernized seventh, which is overdue since February 2010. Although even then the Japanese automaker showed a very interesting SUV, which has received a high level of comfort, one of the most powerful engines in its segment, an attractive exterior.

Of course, four years – the term is not small, but because the modernization was to assume more than minor cosmetic changes. Plus, from the Nissan 2020 Patrol waited for that now quality finishing materials will be better than it was.

Let’s all the same things first.


In general, we recommend to start to see a photo and video materials, as well as a look at what looks like the seventh generation of the SUV from Nissan 2020 at the time of its official launch, that is, before the current modernization. This will allow you to see what changes have occurred in the exterior of the car body.

In principle, dramatically SUVs in dorestaylingovoy postrestaylingovom and performance are no different. Because the exterior of talk quite a bit.

Nissan 2020 Patrol photo

Thus, the updated SUV has a new front bumper, which has become more modern. Also changed the rear optics, substantially reworked headlights, LED components are actively involved. The manufacturer has provided for the headlights and headlight, which simply remove if necessary.

The new Nissan 2020 Patrol photo

Side changes too. But mostly it concerns the chrome moldings, which are also given the relevance of our time appearance of the body.

Updated Nissan 2020 Patrol photo

Despite the small changes, the vehicle remains the same interesting, attractive and aggressive. Actually, we can safely say that the exterior Nissan 2020 Patrol – year is fully consistent with the concept of an SUV. Slightly rough, overall, angular, yet stylish and desirable.

Let’s add a few words about the dimensions. Although we note that they have not changed compared to the previous update. And because the dimensions are as follows:

  • length – 5160 mm
  • width – 1995 mm (excluding door mirrors)
  • height – 1940 mm
  • wheelbase – 3075 mm
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 275 mm
  • vehicle weight – 2785 kg (without cargo and passengers).
In addition, customers can choose what color will be painted body of an SUV. But here it is important to note one thing. If for black dealers do not require a fee, you get gray, light beige, white, silver, purple or gray-brown appearance, you will have to pay an additional fee of $ 31 thousand Russian rubles. Such price tags are set for our market.


As with the exterior, only a point changes in the interior. And to see them is quite difficult at first.

But first I want to discuss the level of ergonomics and comfort. The instrument panel is very high in terms of convenience level. All buttons and controls are located where there should be. Driving a car and all its functions quickly and easily. No need to be distracted from the road in search of a control unit. In this regard, the Japanese did everything great.

Nissan 2020 Patrol photo salon

Unfortunately, the comfort of the chairs are not very high, because there is no serious lateral support. Therefore do not be surprised if in the high-speed corners and tight bends, you will crawl and fall out from his driver’s or front passenger’s seat.

Onboard computer looks pretty good, but over his menu would be worth more work. It feels a lack of literate programming. The same situation is with the multimedia system. Plus, the Japanese did not use the best audio system, which sounds annoying and sometimes even much inferior competitors.

There are claims to the climate system. Moreover, it is too noisy at times, but still warms the interior in the cold season is very weak and slow.

The new Nissan 2020 Patrol photo salon

As for the interior and seats, then there is the new Nissan 2020 Patrol the year finally got the more expensive and high quality materials. At least, this is stated by the manufacturer as to define it is possible not at once.

Despite all these shortcomings, the car still remains quite stout SUV with good facilities and even more so with a remarkable appearance of the body. That only is the roomy interior, which will house five people, taking into account the driver of any build and grow without problems.

The updated version of the luggage compartment in the standard version has 550 liters of space. Plus, it is possible to fold the back row for a few seconds and a couple of simple movements, after which a baggage loading available in 1490 liters. And it is only with the addition of a third row. As you know, the Nissan 2020 Patrol has three rows of seats. Because if you add more and the second row, then in front of you a full truck. Agree to 3170 liters of luggage compartment – it is an impressive figure.


Even the basic package Nissan 2020 Patrol poor can not be named. Total manufacturer offers in the Russian market three versions of the layout – Base, High and Top. What will be included in the basic version:

  • alloy wheels 18 inches
  • Fog headlights
  • driving and tail lights LED
  • steering column, electrically adjustable
  • electric and heated mirrors
  • front seats with ventilation and heating and electric
  • heated second-row seats
  • leather-trimmed multifunction steering wheel
  • leather
  • three-zone climate control
  • bluetooth
  • sound system 13 speakers and a built-in hard disk 9.3 GB
  • set of airbags
  • hydraulic system contributes to the prevention of the bodywork
  • four-wheel drive, and so on.

Well, what do you say? Few options are in the basic equipment? If you do this will seem a little, you can order a complete set of the second option, which will provide:

  • alloy wheels 20 inches
  • the tailgate and electric sunroof
  • roof rails
  • entertainment complex next to the rear with two displays
  • DVD player.

But a top performance of the car includes:

  1. steering wheel with wood trim
  2. Control of distance between vehicles
  3. the markings on the road tracking system
  4. control tiering while driving
  5. the blind zones tracking system
  6. intelligent cruise control
  7. collision avoidance system
  8. Assist for extreme braking
  9. warning system of possible collision when reversing and more.


Yes, Nissan 2020 Patrol prices are really interesting question. But as the car is already on sale, this data is not difficult to voice.

So, for the basic version of the dealers asking 3.2 million rubles. For the version with a more serious equipment will have to pay about 3.44 million rubles. But the most expensive equipment will cost 3.54 million rubles. Well, although the changes in the car is not so much the rise in prices, they still managed to affect.


There was also no change, and therefore the technical characteristics have remained the same. That is under the hood of the Patrol is a 5.6-liter gasoline engine with 8 cylinders and 405 horsepower with a torque of 560 Nm.

In spite of the large weight of the car, this power unit is able to disperse it in only 6.6 seconds to mark a hundred kilometers per hour from the place. The maximum SUV accelerates to 210 kilometers per hour.

The new Nissan 2020 Patrol pictures

The manufacturer claims that the car consumes 14.5 liters in the combined cycle. Practice shows that combined cycle figure is about 16 liters per hundred kilometers. If we talk separately about the city and highway, the flow rate will be 22 and 13 liters per hundred kilometers respectively. That is, consumption remained at dorestaylingovoy version that is to be expected and not surprising.


It is not clear by what Nissan 2020 has raised the cost because of his SUV. Of course, Nissan 2020 Patrol – year was a little more modern in appearance, has received minor changes in the interior. However, the body remains the same, interior also lost its disadvantages from previous versions, and in the engine compartment absolutely no innovations. In any case, the owners of the reviews will put everything in its place.

Pictures Nissan 2020 Patrol – year

From myself I will also add that in spite of all the flaws and shortcomings of SUV Patrol is still one of the best in its class. Plus, the Japanese clearly not greedy when equipped with the basic version of its SUV, as early as the start of there offer a lot of useful and necessary for the driver and his passengers.