Nissan 2020 Note – new hatchback

New Nissan 2020 Nout is a departure from the previous model of the same name, which is a compact minivan. Now it is marketed as a hatchback and is a more cost-effective and low-cost car, while it can be attributed to a class of family cars. Updated Nissan 2020 Nout will compete for the car Ford Fiesta . This version is produced in factories in Japan, the UK and Mexico, and the United States and Europe, is known more as a Versa Note.

First impressions of the new Nissan 2020 Note only positive. At a time when most automakers release new versions of its models, which are almost indistinguishable from the appearance of his predecessors, Nissan 2020 designers have largely succeeded. Restyling version of the Nissan 2020 Note has surpassed its old model in many respects. In the video you can see how much has changed appearance of the car: the car was taller and a little longer, there was a wide grille, elegant side lines, big headlights and front bumper is designed in such a way that a collision with a pedestrian to avoid causing it severe injury.

New Nissan 2020 Note, photo

Interior is not quite in line with expectations as opposed to design the look of the car. Seat is made of cloth, and in a more expensive configuration of genuine leather. interior elements made of gray plastic, instrument panel mounted on the center console has an aluminum frame and chrome on the metal door of the vehicle emphasize practicality.

Nissan 2020 Nout photo salon

Perhaps the salon a few simple-minded, but it is comfortable and spacious. Places lacking both the front and rear areas.

Photo of the front seats Nissan 2020 Nout

The front seats are regulated by longitudinally and in height, which allows the driver to take a comfortable position regardless of body proportions. The passenger compartment has a good sound insulation. While driving along the gravel road almost do not hear the noise of the wheels.

Photo back row Note,

New Nissan 2020 Note, , of course, can not compete with such cars as the Ford B-Max or Vauxhall Meriva, but he is a versatile car. For example, not all business-class cars have so much space for the hind legs, as there are in the hatchback. The rear doors open almost 90 degrees, which allows you to install children’s car seat without any problems.

Photo Note, Profile

Nissan 2020 note length is 4.1 meters, which is 4 cm longer than the Ford Fiesta, and an additional reserve of 11 cm allows for a spacious cabin. Some more expensive models can even set the tables. Cargo capacity is 325 liters, while it can be increased to 411 liters by the fact that the rear seats are able to move forward 16 cm.


The different models Nissan 2020 Note three types of engines are available:

  • 1.2-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine with 80 hp and 110 Nm of torque,
  • 1.2-liter DIG-S three-cylinder supercharged engine with a capacity of 98 hp and 147 Nm,
  • 1.5-liter DCI diesel engine with 90 hp and 200 Nm.

All engines come with five-speed manual gearbox, while the CVT automatic transmission comes with the DIG-S engine. Petrol engines of this model is not particularly strong when compared with diesel. Machine weighs just over a ton and acceleration on a flat surface it is required not less than 11.7 seconds. On the downside is the fact that the diesel engine while traveling through the city gives off an unpleasant hum, but on the track feels great.

The power unit in a Nissan 2020 Note,

Featuring DIG-S engine Nissan 2020 Note looks much stronger, partly due to the more rigid suspension. The steering wheel is more sensitive than the previous version, making the car easy to control, and thus feel better traction. In addition, the steering wheel features additional controls that allow the driver to be distracted from the road. The car is not suitable for extreme driving on impassable terrain, but for a trip to the countryside or to the country is well suited.

Engine Photo Nissan 2020 Note

All versions are equipped with the new Nissan 2020 Note the default fuel-saving mode. Thanks to this petrol engine fuel consumption is not more than 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers, and a diesel 3.6 liters of diesel per 100 km. This is despite the large size and weight of the machine. Green button, located next to the handbrake, will disable at any time the fuel saving mode, for example, if you need to overtake on the highway. On the dashboard there are appropriate sensors and signals indicative of the fuel remaining and enabled or not fuel economy mode. Despite the relatively large frontal area of ​​the vehicle more than two square meters, Nissan 2020 Note has good aerodynamic drag. These and other measures can reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere to 99 g / km with petrol engines and 95 g / km with the diesel engine.

Compare Models & Prices

New Nissan 2020 Note is available in three trim levels: budget Visia, Acenta and extended the maximum Tekna. Options Visia is minimal and has steel wheels, remote locking and cruise control, nor is there even a standard air-conditioning system. Prices for the car with such a configuration starts with a mark of 11 590 euros with a gasoline engine and 14 190 diesel engine. The package Acenta includes 15-inch alloy wheels, air conditioning, Bluetooth and slide the rear sofa. For an additional fee, you can install a multimedia Nissan 2020Connect system, climate control and automatic wipers. The cost of this equipment varies between 12 990 to 15 590 euros.

Premium-grade Tekna includes 16-inch alloy wheels, leather seats, automatic air conditioning, leather steering wheel and a special camera with a 360-degree view, which opens the rear view and makes it easy to park. Prices for this complete set will start from 15,690 euros. So far there is no information about the Russian prices since the beginning of sales in Russia is still pending, but if the price of a new Nissan 2020 Note is not greatly exceed the cost of the previous version of 529 000 rubles, this car will be in high demand. This equipment will be sold to Russia with a capacity of 1.4 and 1.6 liters.

Photos rear of the Nissan 2020 Note

All variants of the new Nissan 2020 Note equipped with electronic security system that allows the driver of the car with the help of cameras to increase the review, thereby avoiding accidental collision with a pedestrian at the time of turning machines. Also, the security system will alert the driver an audible signal at the intersection of the solid line marking. The touch screen displays an overview of the perimeter of the car, as well as the type of forward or backwards depending on the gear through the side mirrors mounted on the camera. When pollution cameras is their automatic cleaning, which allows to increase the visibility of the car under any weather conditions. The touch screen also informs the driver of the approach in relation to the car people or animals, which helps to brake in time. New Nissan 2020 Note is equipped with six airbags and point safety belts.


The new front-wheel drive Nissan 2020 Note is able to accommodate up to five people. This five-door hatchback has a beautiful appearance, excellent security, spacious interior, but the dim interior decoration and not a particularly powerful engine specifications. However, it should be noted that the new Nissan 2020 Note is a practical family car, and at the same time inexpensive. He copes with its responsibilities. Inside, there are different stands, holders and holders. Chairs can be easily adjusted not only drive, but also comfort.

Photo tailgate Nissan 2020 Note

The trunk is quite roomy, but it can be expanded further up to 1350 liters by folding the rear seats. In addition, the luggage compartment has a raised floor Flexiboard, allowing to transport oversized cargo, as well as compartments for small things. Although the engines do not have good power, but it is enough, thanks to the same mode fuel economy of gasoline consumption does not exceed 4.5 liters. Is not it important for the family car, a spacious interior, large luggage compartment, low cost and low fuel consumption.