Nissan 2020 Murano – a new crossover of the third generation

The network published the first photo – and video footage of the new Nissan 2020 Murano – model year. Of these, it becomes clear that an updated version is fully ready to to start off the production line. Members of the press were able to meet with the third generation Nissan 2020 Murano, April 16, the public cars will be presented April 18-27 of this year at the auto show in New York.

The crossover will be produced in Canton (pcs. Mississippi, North America) in a factory Nissan 2020. Sales of the third generation will begin this fall. At first crossover will appear in the official US and Canadian dealers. On the Russian market the car should arrive only next spring, . Interestingly, for the Russian crossover will be built on the local plant in St. Petersburg. According to preliminary data, the price of the Nissan 2020 Murano – in Russia range from 1 million 850 thousand. Rub.

Updated Nissan 2020 Murano – photo

The first thing that catches your eye, looking at the new Murano – body design, which can only be described as a fantastic. He is extravagant and original at the same time. And all due to the “legacy” that is inherited from Nissan 2020 Resonance concept. Recall the concept first debuted at the Detroit Auto Show in and immediately became clear that Nissan 2020 is preparing to release a range of new-generation crossovers with bright and distinctive design. It is therefore not surprising that the designs Resonance model, and moved to a renewed generation of a crossover.

New & nbsp; Nissan 2020 Murano photo

Now we have to wait, as the public will perceive the new model. But the first pictures provide an excellent opportunity to understand what the car in front of us. Although once and can not believe that in front of us – the serial crossover. Everything is so stylish and even boldly. And in some places – even avant-garde. Note that the body has a record low aerodynamic resistance – 0,31 Cx. For its class it is a very good idea. The same figure, for example, after a test in a wind tunnel-the Porsche 911 Turbo.

Attractive front

Now let’s take a closer look closely to the new model. The first thing that catches the eye involuntarily in front of the body – the radiator grille V-Motion. This – a new feature designers from Japan, which is very well and fits well into the “face” of third-generation Murano. Before us – a huge bumper with an impressive aerodynamic skirts and headlamps with sharp corners. We see a stylish chromed insert and fog lamps, which have a classic round shape. Lights equipped with DRL (daytime running lights) that are consistent with modern safety standards. For head light as an additional option is available completely filling of the LEDs.

If you look on the hood, a sense that this is a element in which the contours of the muscles stand out prominently. These contours as if the line is repeated false radiator grille. We can also see the grille louvers that are active. This means that the blinds can be opened / closed depending on how fast and how moving the crossover engine auto cooling needs.

Expressive side

The Touring Car profile can see many different vyshtampovok, various bumps, ribs, depressions and twists. A special “chip” – Floating Roof – Floating roof line. Also in front of us – a solid spoiler located on the boot glass. Foods – massive and solid, but also looks very organic. All the lines are verified, the proportions are harmonious.

Go to the stern. Impressive overall lighting fixtures consisting of diamonds boomerangs with original shape. Tailgate – large and practical. In addition, the door has an electric drive.

luggage space

The rear bumper is also quite powerful, it is organically placed spaced apart trapezoid exhaust system. In general, we have a sport and if you like, a youth car. Nevertheless, the Japanese designers did not forget that it’s still a crossover, so in advance covered the lower part of the car unpainted plastic.

Photo rear of the car

Now – about the external dimensions. The third generation in comparison with its predecessor, the increase in length and width. But the height of car was a bit stocky.

As says the manufacturer, the new crossover interior is even more comfortable and cozy, providing the driver and four passengers maximum driving pleasure. finishing materials have become more qualitative. Interestingly, the chair of the first and second series developed jointly with specialists NASA. This Murano chairs provide a minimum load on the spine.


The front seats are equipped with ventilation and heating, as well as different electric adjustments. To footwell rear passengers even more than the Lexus RX. Another interesting device interior – LED backlight, which is located on the front panel until the rear of the salon.

Also attracted an upgraded steering wheel with heated rim and the instrument panel with 7-inch color screen. However, the screen displays the speedometer and tachometer, as well as navigation maps, data on tire pressure information from the trip computer and other factors.

Front Panel

The large 8-inch touch screen and is located on the center console. He is responsible for the operation and navigation of its settings for your phone, for a decent Bose sound system with 11 speakers. Climate control – two-zone, the screen also displays a rear view camera image data from cameras or panoramic view. There are four chambers, and they are installed around the perimeter of the body.

Rear seat

A little more about the options standard. Among them – the system of observation of the objects in the “dead” zones (Blind Spot Warning) and the system warning about the threat of a frontal collision (Predictive Forward Collision Warning). The latter has the function of automatic braking. Also among the options – smart cruise control and the AWD – all wheel drive system, which provides maximum security.

Technical equipment of the new Murano

Specifications Nissan 2020 Murano – third-generation has a choice of two drives – a complete 4WD or front only – 2WD. The power unit is proposed gasoline V6 of 3.5 “l” and a capacity of 260 “horses”. Aggregated with a CVT Xtronic-CVT.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, the new crossover is now consumes 20 percent less fuel. This was achieved by reducing the curb weight – crossover was “easier” to 60 kg, as well as by improving the aerodynamics by 16 percent of the body. At 100 km in the combined cycle consumes 8.5 liters. fuel. At least, so says the manufacturer. We is not no choice but to take him at his word.

It is possible that in the near future will be released and the hybrid version. Hybrid will be equipped with a gasoline engine 2.5-liter. and an electric motor. Overall the total capacity should be at least 250 horsepower.