Nissan 2020 Micra Year – Japanese compact city

In recent years, the segment of compact city car has received a major boost to its development. More and more companies are looking at this segment and let their representatives on the market. However, when it comes to urban compact, then immediately remember many Nissan 2020 Micra – and it is quite an interesting appearance. In fact, Nissan 2020 Micra is one of the best-selling urban avtomobilchikov having excellent quality and performance.


Carefully looking at the photo Nissan 2020 Micra year, we can notice a rather noticeable changes compared to the previous generation. The front end has become more expressive, not as funny as before.

Nissan 2020 Micra photo front

However, the optics, which, incidentally, differs a great location and the original form, still creates a certain image of a small beetle. Raised grille two-level, the first level of the compact, and the second – a large, in the shape of a trapezoid, only inverted.

New Nissan 2020 Micra photo

If you look at Nissan 2020 Micra Car of the Year on the side, here you will find a large number of overhangs, but will see a compact doorways, small wheel arches, where the radius of 14-15 inches tires will look more harmonious.

Nissan 2020 Micra photo Side

Experts do not recommend to set the radius of 16 low-profile because it will affect the handling and, as a consequence, to your own safety. In addition, given the compact size of the car, 14 or 15 inches – is the best option.

Picture Nissan 2020 Micra Rear

Behind the car does not stand out with something special. There are lights and comfortable, and suitable to the size of the car tailgate itself is quite roomy for its size trunk and all. Some might say that the new Nissan 2020 Micra became faceless, gray and dull. Allow me to disagree. Yes, it’s not a masterpiece of design art, but everything here is in place, everything looks harmonious and concise, no unnecessary details, nothing sticks out and hangs down, as some companies like to do with their cars, trying to drive volume, massiveness.

New Nissan 2020 Micra photo back

Nissan 2020 Micra – a small car for the city, which does not need massive. Its main advantages in appearance – a large door and a cartoon image. That is what makes the Micra recognizable among millions of people around the world. Plus, to compensate for the shortage of originality in the design of the body can be due to the bright colors, which are offered by the manufacturer – orange, red, blue, white, pearl, gray-green, silver, dark purple and black.


Opening the door leading into the Nissan 2020 Micra saloon car of the year, do not expect a miracle. It really is not there. Designers did not make it into something original and unusual. Following the tradition of the external design, that is, the exterior, the Japanese have created a practical, but a regular salon. All controls, buttons, vents placed in their places, but they do not fixate their attention. Yes, and it is good that they are there.

Nissan 2020 Micra photo salon

As the car a compact, fit more comfortably the driver can not be in it. Salon is intended for people of small stature and average weight. The steering wheel, you can only adjust the height, and the chair is adjustable in a couple of directions, not more.

However, there is also a pleasant surprise – the presence of the seat heating system. Not very well the Japanese did, without creating lateral support on the front seats. Because of this long stay at the wheel and the front passenger seat cause discomfort during long trips.

The second row according to the manufacturer accommodates three passengers. But if you watch a video overview of the model, it becomes clear that it is better to sit together. Places enough, tall man comes into contact with the ceiling, in the legs there are quite a lot of space. For comparison, a compact crossover Juke backseat behind Micra.

Photo tailgate Nissan 2020 Micra

Finishing is made of materials budget, which is understandable because of the cost of the car. In the trunk you put only 265 liters of luggage, but if you omit the back row, the volume immediately be doubled. Unfortunately, the smooth surface is formed when lowering the seat, but still place things will not be difficult.


Unfortunately, official Nissan 2020 Micra in Russia is not available, so we’ll focus on the one closest to our market – Ukrainian. Here comes the official micro and is offered in three trim levels.

  1. Comfort. This is the basic version, which has a fairly good set of security systems. So, you get EBD, ABC, two airbags. From the comfort of a little bit worse, because it includes heated front seats, a front electric windows, electric power steering, trip computer.
  2. Luxury. To all listed in the database when you buy a more expensive version, you can get an additional sound system on four speakers, air conditioner, and curtain airbags.
  3. Tekna. Take all of the above before, here and add light and rain sensors, climate control, entertainment system from Nissan 2020 navigation system, multifunction steering wheel, bluetooth.

We can not say that the Micra is very rich equipment, but for quite a budget car and it’s not bad. Of course, we recommend you take just a more expensive version, as even the absence of the rear electric windows depressing. Nowadays in modern cars see the “oars” – a sad spectacle.


As for the price of Nissan 2020 Micra, it also looks quite attractive, given the opportunity and the vehicle class. So, for the basic version you have to pay 400 thousand rubles. For Luxury packaging in Ukraine translated into Russian rubles asked about 490 thousand rubles. As the most powerful equipment, then there the price rises already to 534 thousand rubles, which still looks very good.


Complaining about the technical characteristics of this city car is hardly worth it. Now you know why.

Built on the global car platform, which will be used later to create a number of small Nissan 2020 and Renault vehicles Association.

Picture Engine Micra

The front suspension is independent, MacPherson strut-equipped. As for the rear, there is semi-dependent suspension, torsion beam supplemented. Unfortunately, the motor is only one available – a three-cylinder gasoline power unit, which volume is 1.2 liters. It gives it a 76 horsepower. It works engine mated to a manual or automatic five and four steps respectively.

If we talk about the dynamic characteristics, they are as follows:

  • acceleration from zero to hundred – 13.7 or 15 seconds, depending on the box
  • maximum speed – 166 and 152 kilometers per hour
  • average fuel consumption in mixed mode – manual transmission on the 5.8 and 6.5 on the automatic transmission
  • real consumption in the daily mode of operation – 7.5 and 8.5 liters per hundred, respectively, for two different transmissions.


Nissan 2020 Micra – year changed compared to its predecessors, but still in his image traced dullness and boredom. No, this car will not choose to show off to friends, or take part in some races.

Nissan 2020 Micra – a very popular choice in the secondary market among women who only comprehend the wisdom of driving. And the new cars bought mainly for women. They are in such a compact hatchback looks much nicer and more logical than an adult solid man. Perhaps it is because of this car stubbornly refuse to officially deliver to Russia. He is too cartoon and simple. A domestic buyer is difficult to please.

Anyway, the company Nissan 2020 has work to do. First of all, you need to modify the appearance, but it is better to radically change the approach to design Micra. Or is it easier to start production of a completely new urban hatchback, which will be the replacement for the Micra. Plus, given the competition in the market, do not be amiss to change the pricing policy. Painfully expensive Micra looks compared to other offerings in this class.