Nissan 2020 Maxima – This sports sedan

Company Nissan 2020 is well known worldwide as a manufacturer of high-quality, reliable, and sometimes quite fast cars.

At one time this was the best-selling model Nissan 2020 Maxima QX. However, for a long time the model was removed from production, and the name itself Maxima met less and less.

However, in the international motor show, which took place in early April of this year on the territory of the United States of America, namely in the city of New York, the Japanese automaker showed a very interesting novelty. She turned the car called the Nissan 2020 Maxima sedan and index A36.

Beautiful running lights

If anyone remembers the Motor Show in Detroit, which took place last year, then you will certainly be able to recall the concept of the company Nissan 2020, which was called simply – Sport Sedan. This eighth-generation Maxima was built on its basis, and. At least in appearance between the serial version and the concept is very much in common.

Also a lot of similar solutions in the exterior observed when comparing the Maxima and Nissan 2020 Murano models of the third generation. It speaks of a new corporate style of the Japanese automaker.

Frankly, the sedan looks great, fresh and interesting. But it attracts not only the appearance, but also excellent performance saloon, rich equipment and serious technical characteristics. So let’s talk about all this in more detail in order to understand how to get this sporty four-door sedan.

Photography appearance Nissan 2020 Maxima

As we have noted, appearance – one of the strongest sides of the car, who arrived in New York from Japan, which will soon begin to actively distribute the markets all over the world.

Photo Nissan 2020 Maxima front

The front part was the original trim grille with chrome surround, forming similarity of the English letter V. The company is located the middle of the Nissan 2020 nameplate. Impressive sports bumper with sharp edges clearly makes it clear that quite a sports sedan in front of us. Vyshtampovki on a long bonnet, large angle of inclination of the windscreen provide excellent streamlined and, as a result, good aerodynamics of the body. But the main decoration of Chuck – a complex form of head optics, which was a place of LED lamps.

Maxima 2020 side

The side of the stand inflated wheel arches, relief doors, glazing doors quite compact, neat roof line, nice alloy wheels.

The rear of the Maxima – 2020 year

Behind it is worth noting conveniently located fairly good-sized luggage compartment lid, indicating a possible plunge in inside overall load without problems. Also enjoy rear optics, lean bumper and two exhaust pipes, divorced almost the edges of the rear bumper.

That is there to say without a doubt share – the machine was very beautiful in terms of appearance. Now the most important thing is that the car does not disappoint inside and matched to the manufacturer loud that we face four-door sports sedan.

Photos Nissan 2020 Maxima salon

If we talk about the interior space, it does not disappoint on the background of exquisite exterior. Inside, according to the photo and video materials, the manufacturer has engaged high-quality finishing materials and decor. So the question is removed as soon as we looked inside.

Rear sofa is an impressive site, which can accommodate three passengers. Though to be frank, the sofa designed for full comfort two people are talking about two distinct headrest, a built-in armrest, as well as the rise of the middle cushion.

Rear sofa

That is to sit in the center – on the greatest pleasure. Although if you focus solely on size, then for three people here will not close, that’s for sure.

Salon Nissan 2020 Maxima

Much more interesting is the front part of the cabin. Let’s start with the fact that the driver turned out to be at the disposal of multifunctional and very nice wheel with exquisite decoration and a truncated bottom rim that has become fashionable today among sports cars. Behind the wheel is a modern dashboard with electronic display of seven inches.


It is made with two radii of the speedometer and tachometer, and between them – a great and, most importantly, color multi-function trip computer, which displays very useful information.

Photos interior Maxima

Pleasantly pleased design of the center tunnel that separates the driver and front passenger. Wide armrest with storage box for small things, a double podstkanannik mounted closer to the passenger, beautifully decorated transmission area and a button unit responsible for traffic and safety.

As for the center console, then it has no claims. At the top there are two deflector ventilation, and directly beneath it – a big screen multimedia complex, which is surrounded on all sides by various buttons.

Due to the good location of controls, each individual unit with buttons responsible for its specific tasks. This suggests a high level of ergonomics, what has always been famous Japanese automaker.

Front seats

It hardly needs to doubt the quality and comfort of the front seats, as well as in their ability to take the most comfortable position for each individual occupant.


The exact list of basic and optional equipment manufacturer has not yet announced. Official information on this subject will appear closer to the sales start of the Nissan 2020 Maxima. In the meantime, we can say that the package is going to be rich. Some filling the nuances of already known.

Thus, the owners of the eighth-generation Maxima in body A36 will be able to count on the following arrangement:

  • multifunction leather steering wheel;
  • leather upholstery;
  • color display in the dashboard 7 inches;
  • climate control;
  • Cruise control;
  • multimedia complex;
  • color touch screen multimedia system diagonal of 8 inches;
  • Internet access;
  • satellite radio;
  • advanced audio system;
  • navigation system;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • LED fog lights;
  • LED and bi-xenon head optics;
  • alloy wheels to choose from;
  • set of airbags;
  • complex security systems and electronic assistants and so forth.

Harmonious lines

Scrolling further configuration does not make sense, because it is better to wait for the official release on the subject. We only know that the company will offer five fixed equipment options, as well as a specific list of equipment available at a charge.

The price of a new Nissan 2020 Maxima

Here it is necessary to bring some clarity. Before us is not a new car, a new body for the Nissan 2020 Maxima, which appeared quite recently. Therefore, studying the machine, it is compared to the source code, so to speak. Body A36 is a desire to make a simple Maxima is more powerful and more interesting.

Accordingly, a number of changes resulted in an increase in price of the car. New focus primarily on the North American market, there will be sold mainly in the United States. Will the manufacturer to supply Nissan 2020 Maxima A36 to other markets – is still unknown.

However, New York is an American value has been named as part of the presentation. Here the car, which goes on sale since this summer, will be available at a price of 32,400 dollars. And it is starting, the first of five complete sets. How much will the most expensive version, can not say.

Specifications Nissan 2020 Maxima

The engine of the new Maxima

Under the hood of the Nissan 2020 Maxima A36 turned out to modernize and is familiar to many of the VQ engine series. The power unit has six cylinders and 3.5 liters of volume, of which managed to extract 300 horsepower. For comparison, previously gave 290 engine horsepower.

Growth, seemingly insignificant. But it affected the improvement of dynamic characteristics. Still, most importantly the desire to finalize the engine, which, according to the company’s application engineers Nissan 2020, replaced 60% of its parts, is to improve the fuel-economic indicators. Flow eventually fell by about 15 percent. As a result, average fuel consumption according to the manufacturer, is 7.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

Now let’s talk specifically about the technical characteristics. Finalization of the engine to 300 horsepower allowed to be a sports sedan faster than its predecessor. And that’s how it is – an enigma. For reference, the usual Maxima spends exactly 6 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour.

Unique taillights

An important aspect of improving the dynamic performance and proper power distribution is the installation in a couple of 300-horsepower engine Xtronic CVT, which is tuned in such a way that works magnificently in the active drive.

The company Nissan 2020 said their Nissan 2020 Maxima A36 may soon get a hybrid propulsion system, similar to what is under the hood Pathfinder crossover. But when this could happen – not specified.



Launch of a sports four-door sedan Nissan 2020 Maxima in body A36 index gives great hopes to the manufacturer to expand its presence in the North American market. Still, the car looks great in appearance, has a very well-organized and high-quality interior and rich equipment.

Plus, located under the hood at the same time powerful and economical engine, which is very highly sought after in the states. Add to that a sufficiently attractive price tag of 32-40 thousand dollars (depending on version) and you get a product that has great potential for a very huge market.

It would be great if the success of the model in the US will enable Nissan 2020 to consider expanding the geography of its sports sedan. Of particular interest is, of course, is the probability of the machine in Russia. While on this subject there is no data absolutely no.