Nissan 2020 Leaf : a photo, price and packaging, video

Before us is a car that, in fact, is what the recently started speaking public. Electric cars gradually took its higher level in the market, are gaining popularity and are one of the best alternatives to cars with conventional internal combustion engines.

Photo Nissan 2020 Leaf

According to statistics, namely Nissan 2020 Leaf – the best-selling and successful electric car. Its history began in December 2010, opening the sale. As of December , that is, exactly four years, the world of print about 165,000 copies of the Nissan 2020 Leaf.

What in fact is the electric car? Practical, comfortable hatchback with a slightly unusual appearance, which, however, not much stands out “Japanese” in the background of simple machines with a traditional internal combustion engine. Today the machine is found not only in Europe and the US, where the infrastructure for electric vehicles is more developed. Already far more than a dozen Nissan 2020 Leaf ply on the roads of Moscow, Kiev and other cities of Russia and CIS countries.

An important feature of the Nissan 2020 Leaf is still in the other. The car costs to customers in the amount of relatively democratic, does not require a complicated system and a large amount of time to charge. At the same time costs for electricity is much less than at the gas station on conventional filling stations.

Exterior Nissan 2020 Leaf

If you look at a photo and video materials, then find a major difference would be difficult on a modern car. The machine does the appearance sootvetstvuyuet modern requirements and standards.

Photo Nissan 2020 Leaf Front

The front part has a strong Stick forward, flowing lines throughout the body, as well as the almost complete absence of protruding elements. Similarly, made head optics, raised almost to the windshield. The front bumper is like smiling and compact fog lights create the effect of dimples like a man with a smile. Anyway, the front of the unit and other elements provides an excellent indicator of the wind drag – Cx of 0.28.

Photo Nissan 2020 Leaf Side

Side door hatchback was comfortable, solid wheel arches, nice rims alloy, as well as quite a classic exterior mirrors.

Photo Nissan 2020 Leaf back

The back of the reserved, well thought out, sometimes the original. Beautifully framed optics, trunk large enough to door, bumper caller.

With regard to size, they have Nissan 2020 Leaf, the following:

  • length – 4445 mm;
  • width – 1770 mm;
  • height – 1550 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2700 mm;
  • ground clearance – 160 mm.

It is important to add that the car has been widely recognized as a commercial vehicle, that is, the machine for many taxi services in the United States and Europe.

The interior of the Nissan 2020 Leaf

Inside the car, we do not see anything futuristic. At the same time Nissan 2020 Leaf got a lot of electronics, color displays instead of the traditional dashboard. It is, incidentally, is divided into two sections – one is directly behind the multifunction steering wheel, and the second – apart from the top, under a compact canopy. There are output data of speed and some other information.

Photo interior of Nissan 2020 Leaf

finishing materials used in high-quality, ergonomics at a high European level. In front of and behind the driver and his passengers can comfortably on the chairs. Free space everywhere with a margin. In this case the luggage compartment in the normal position can carry 355 liters of cargo, and if you omit the backrest of the second row, you get 720 liters.

Photos dashboard Nissan 2020 Leaf

Components Leaf 2020

In terms of equipment Nissan 2020 Leaf – the most that neither is a modern car. This is evident in the set. Even the basic version offers an extensive list of equipment:

  • steel wheels 16 inches;
  • electric exterior rear-view mirrors;
  • spoiler with stop signal;
  • LED dimensions;
  • charging port with backlight based on light-emitting diodes;
  • fog lights;
  • eight airbags;
  • ESP safety system, BA, ABS, EBDb HSA;
  • climate control;
  • height adjustable steering column;
  • lifter for the driver’s seat;
  • electric windows on all side windows;
  • two-tier instrument panel;
  • keyless entry system in the cabin;
  • System start-stop button for starting the engine;
  • 4 speaker audio system;
  • multi-function steering wheel;
  • electric power steering.

If all this will seem a little, then the Japanese offer to retrofit electric trolley extensive list of options:

  • an advanced multimedia system with a color touch screen of 5.7 inches, or 7;
  • navigation system;
  • advanced audio system;
  • phone;
  • Cruise control;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • Rain sensor;
  • light sensor;
  • electric door mirrors;
  • spoiler with a solar battery;
  • Camera panoramic view;
  • heated mirrors;
  • heating system and the steering of the front seats;
  • leather upholstery and so on.

Price Nissan 2020 Leaf

The car, after some updates and improvements, continues to be sold in different markets. Of course, the main sales regions Nissan 2020 Leaf – this is Europe and the United States.

To date, the price of electric car from Nissan 2020 in Europe range from 24 to 33 thousand euros, depending on the configuration. For customers in the US “Japanese” is even more cheaper – from 21.5 to 27.6 thousand dollars.

Unfortunately, at the moment officially Nissan 2020 dealers Nissan 2020 Leaf to buy in Russia or Ukraine impossible. Come to the aid unless the gray dealers.

Specifications Nissan 2020 Leaf

Now we can talk in detail about what the specifications are complementary to such an interesting and successful electric car.

Chassis surprisingly turned out simple enough. Front independent suspension on McPherson struts, while the rear – semidependent torsion beam. Each wheel mounted disc brakes. However, there is Lif and modern feature – Brake Energy Regeneration.

The engine compartment is located three-phase AC motor. It delivers power to 109 horsepower and torque at the same time reaches 280 Nm.

Power of the engine is carried out by the operation of the block lithium-ion batteries. All under the passenger compartment floor housed 48 modules with a total weight of 300 kilograms. Capacity – 24 kW, but very soon it will increase up to 30 kW. This will give an opportunity to increase the current reserve.

With regard to dynamic performance, the Nissan 2020 Leaf here, things are very good. Acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour takes 11.5 seconds. The maximum speed – 144 kilometers per hour. Used motor enough to overcome 199 kilometers on a fully charged battery. However, this figure is specified based on accurate driving.

If we talk about exercise, then you can use simple household outlet. Nissan 2020 offers customers a special standard port up to 3.6 kW. With the help of a full battery charge takes 8 hours. For a fee proposed port up to 6.6 kW. Plus, it is that the car charges in 4 hours.

Also, the Nissan 2020 Leaf, you can safely charge at special stations where the voltage is 400V. Do you have enough 30 minutes to an 80% charge the batteries.

Video test drive the Nissan 2020 Leaf


Nissan 2020 Leaf – it’s a huge step in departing from the traditional internal combustion engines running on gasoline and diesel. The popularity of Japanese hatchback growing infrastructure of many developing countries and cities, allowing it to acquire electric vehicles boldly or at least hybrids.

Of course, still have to go a very long way to supplant conventional internal combustion engine and switch to an alternative source of energy. But now, many went on to take the plunge and were satisfied. How else to explain such a demand for the Nissan 2020 Leaf ?!

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