Nissan 2020 Lania : photo price and equipment, video

It often happens that the company will present a very bright, interesting and original prototype, and then proceeds to the production version. At the same time from the futuristic concept and uniqueness sometimes no trace remains.

If we talk about the Nissan 2020 Lannia, then this car is not caught up with this fate. And this fact can be happy.

Photos Nissan 2020 Lannia

Recall last spring as part of the international motor show in Shanghai, the company has brought its new Nissan 2020 sedan prototype called Lannia. Then the machine was of great interest because it is a project created specifically for the Chinese market.

And a year later, on the stage of the same motor show in Shanghai debut the production version of the sedan. The car is not just retained the title, but also largely remained the same, as well as the conceptual version. This means that the appearance was very unusual and attractive. Of course, there is already a matter of taste, however, challenge the very successful design solution is unlikely to be appropriate.

Despite the fact that the machine was created exclusively for the China market and the local audience of customers, the company Nissan 2020 has provided strong support for subdivision Nissan 2020 Design China, which helped to achieve high results.

Exterior Nissan 2020 Lannia

It is fair to call the production version of the prototype sedan copy. Yes, even the exterior mirrors become more classic look, like door handles, and even modified head optics with the transition to the “mundane” drawings wheels does not make a major difference between the car shown in , and the form in which it will go on the assembly line.

Photos Nissan 2020 Lannia

The front part has retained its original nissanovskogo trim grille V-shaped. Also available were interesting lights, where we see the exquisite contours of daytime running lights, made on the basis of light-emitting diodes. Large hood edges, impressive front bumper, fog lights quite classic round shape – all this gives the car refinement and originality.

Photos Nissan 2020 Lannia

Side view of an open survey on large folding door mirrors, which also complemented with LED turn signal repeaters. Quite compact and high glazing virtually connected to the flat roof line. Crash Doors “muscles” vyshtampovok and exaggerated wheel arches add together car aggression and power from solid alloy wheels.

Photos Nissan 2020 Lannia

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not announced a series of data, which we are interested. In particular it concerns the overall size of the car. As noted in the company, sedan Nissan 2020 Lannia takes an intermediate niche between a sedan Teana and Sylphy. With the last car you have to be familiar with, it’s just the Chinese name for the Almera models.

Also, the manufacturer claims that their new product is focused on Chinese youth. The audience, which focused Nissan 2020 Lannia – it’s customers from 20 to 30 years.

Interior Nissan 2020 Lania

By the way, in many respects for the sake of the younger generation and young clients in managing the internal space of the Japanese news.

The interior looks really cool, as fresh photos and videos allow you to talk over details, and to form your own opinion regarding the machines.

Photo interior of Nissan 2020 Lania

Drivers have access to a flattened bottom multifunction steering wheel, a large decorative insert. Behind him – quite a classic dashboard without separate wells, but with a color board computer display in the center. The center console housed a variety of controls, buttons for the climate, music and more. Under the two air vents at the top of the center console to place a large screen multimedia system.

The central tunnel is responsible for the arrangement of a very stylish gearbox compartment for accommodation of bottles or glasses, armrest with boxing and several control buttons.

Photo front seats Nissan 2020 Lania

The front seats can be made of fabric or leather combined with fabric. Handlebar base already has a leather sheath. The lateral support at seats can be traced without any problems. Back row will place a fully three passengers.

For interior design in general no complaints. All stylishly done, effectively, plus high-quality materials used. For them, by the way, I want to say a special thank you. Painfully little is now China’s machinery, to which the cabin is almost impossible to present any claims.

Options Lania 2020

Unfortunately, much equipment is still an open question. Official list of equipment the company has not provided as part of the official launch of Nissan 2020 Lannia, which was held in Shanghai.

However, it managed to obtain some of the data after some time. Because now able to announce a list of equipment that will go into basic and optional equipment of the new sedan for the Chinese market:

  • multi-function steering wheel;
  • leather trimmed steering wheel;
  • adjustable steering column for height and reach and,
  • color display of the onboard computer;
  • multimedia complex;
  • touchscreen multimedia system 7 inch;
  • navigation system;
  • sound system;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • climate control;
  • leather upholstery;
  • Combined leather trim and cloth;
  • heated front seats;
  • electric sunroof;
  • LED fog lights;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • full power accessories;
  • repeaters LED turn signals on the outside rearview mirrors;
  • set of airbags;
  • complex security systems and assistants, and so on.

Of course, as we approach the official start of sales of the company will call more precise details on the equipment, as well as talk about how much this machine in a given equipment will cost in terms of finances.

Price Nissan 2020 Lannia

Although data about the car is not fully disclosed, it is already known about, what will the price of youth sedan Nissan 2020 Lannia

The Chinese will have to pay at least 150 thousand yuan, in order to become the proud owner of a Japanese sedan. To help you understand, in terms of our native Russian rubles – about 1.2 million in the Russian national currency. So that the price tag is not so great, as experts could assume initially.

As a result, China has a chance to get a good car at the right price.

Production, as you know, will be set local. To do this, employ power Dongfeng-Nissan 2020 plant.

Sales will open somewhere in the beginning or middle of autumn in the local market. As for the possibilities of the further geographical spread of news, something to that effect by representatives of the Japanese and the Chinese side is silent.

If the results of sales in China are successful, exclude delivery Nissan 2020 Lannia markets of other countries in any case impossible. Of course, we are more interested in Nissan 2020 Lannii chance to be in Russia and CIS countries. But while we can only speculate at this point. This year waiting sedan just not worth it, and only at the end of , when the results of the first year of the sedan will be announced in the presence of China, it is expected the news. While Nissan 2020 is entirely focused on China.

Specifications Lannia 2020

And here again, the secrets. It is not known how much will be able to please the Chinese buyers specifications youth sedan Nissan 2020 Lannia, because on this account data have not yet been announced.

It reported only that Nissan 2020 Lannia builds on Nissan 2020 MFA chassis. And it adapted “trolley”, borrowed from the company’s Mercedes. She, incidentally, produced A-class cars, as well as GLA and CLA. That is, the platform is very serious.

If we talk about the engine compartment, there is expected to use three different petrol engines. This will provide customers with a choice. Junior engine will have a working volume of 1.6 liters, more advanced – a 1.8 liter, and top-end power unit is “spewing” power from 2.0 liters of its volume.

Will the turbo engines, or we are dealing with simple aspirated – is still unknown. Although likely turbine will be present. This will provide increased efficiency of power units while maintaining low levels of fuel consumption. For China, it is at the moment is very important. It is unlikely that a company like Nissan 2020 did not take this into account.

Video Test Drive


Let information on Nissan 2020 Lannia not as much as we would like, however, to sum up the results, you can now.

First of all, we have a car with a very attractive and interesting exterior design. Such a machine is clearly draw the attention of the target audience, as well as force to attract the attention of customers who are over 30 years old. In addition, the car is quite possible to classify the machines in the unisex, ie Nissan 2020 Lannia perfect for both male and female audience. The main thing – to choose the correct color of the body.

Interior design more than meets modern trends and directions. Quality finishes, the level of organization of space is respected. Yes, as long as nothing is known officially about the packaging, and data on the technical characteristics of the surface. However, it is unlikely we will be disappointed here.

The company Nissan 2020, together with their colleagues from China have to offer the most successful version of its new sedan, in order to be able to conquer the Chinese motorists. In addition, given a starting price tag of 150 million yuan, is already standard equipment promises to offer a wide range of useful and modern equipment.

We look forward to the start of sales Nissan 2020 Lannia on the territory of China. Perhaps next year we will be able to find out if there is a chance that the youth sedan to be in Russia. Let’s hope so, because the novelty looks very interesting and promising.