Nissan 2020 Juke – -restayling popular crossover

The segment of compact crossovers today is very popular. Many of you know that, until recently, did not even know about this vehicle class. That company Nissan 2020 is the founder of the fashion for compact urban crossovers.

In principle, this whole saga is a small SUV started to exit the car under the name of Nissan 2020 Juke. This is a car with a very controversial appearance, which, however, has found tens of thousands of its customers and fans. Indeed, many believe the Nissan 2020 Juke is very original and attractive car, and are happy to buy.

To date, competitors have intensified, bringing their representatives to the relatively new class of compact urban crossovers. However, to be frank, to the position of Nissan 2020’s all still very, very far away.

Photos of the new Nissan 2020 Juke

In addition, the Japanese automaker itself does not sleep, and prepared the update. Importantly, changes have occurred not only in the exterior and interior decoration of the crossover, but also with regard to its technical characteristics.

But let’s take everything we say in order. By tradition we start with the external aspects, then look at the interior, see how to change specifications, and then get to the engine.

Photos Nissan 2020 Beetle – in the new body

You can just say that it took place in the exterior of the biggest changes. And it is pleasantly pleased, to be honest.

The machine now looks more sporty, loaded dynamically. There is a certain approach to the sports version of Juke due to the appearance of new body elements.

The front of the crossover Nissan 2020 Juke –

The front part is decorated with the modernized bumper and slightly modified grille trim. Moreover, as the new head optics, which have added LED strip acting as daytime running lights. As a result, the perception of the exterior of the car has changed very, very much. Especially predatory look LEDs with night lighting.

Nissan 2020 Juke -, in a new body side

Side also saw an interesting modification. door handles as before the original, if you talk about back doors. They seem hidden, but the convenience of landing in the car was not damaged. Given the size of the crossover, landing big people in the back row remains somewhat problematic. Designers decided to retouch exterior mirrors, adding to the housing LED repeater turn signals. SUV kept his plastic protection around the perimeter of the body, and even at the edge of the wheel arches. By the way, now the customers can choose their wheels in the extended list of suggestions.

Photos Nissan 2020 Juka – back

The rear part of the designers have left unattended. If you look at photos and videos, you can see the new lean bumper and LED lights on the back of the optics.

It looks car is really better, fresher and more original. Although Nissan 2020 Juke by itself is synonymous with the word “original”. Meet the similar car on the market today, which would be used so much in demand today is not possible.

Dimensions Juke

Also interesting is the fact that when there are new bumpers and some other changes in appearance, Nissan 2020 Juke – has retained its former size. This means that the following indicators are relevant for crossover:

  • length – 4135 mm;
  • width – 1765 mm;
  • height – 1565 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2350 mm;
  • ground clearance – 180 mm;
  • curb weight – from 1176 to 1433 kg (depending on configuration).

Many people like this crossover also for the fact that it can be personalized. To this end, the manufacturer offers a wide list of wheels, ten color options Body.

Wheels for Juka

Plus do not forget about special packages for personalization, which involve the use of various inserts in the interior, exterior and bumpers.

Photo interior of the updated Nissan 2020 Beetle –

As we said earlier, the interior was much less innovation than the exterior. However, and here are some changes have taken place.

Regardless of the configuration, customers will experience a renewed Juka new, higher quality trim materials. Plus there are some small elements, focus on which no special meaning.

At the same time Nissan 2020 Juke boasts a rather original version of his cabin, because here, as in appearance, present their own unique touches.


And here is where you can feel the full extent of the restyling, so it is in top trim. It is here that the owners understand what is new made to its compact crossover Japanese developers.

So, now the car is offered with an upgraded multimedia brand Nissan 2020 Connect system, touchscreen display that has a diagonal of 5.8 inches. Plus planting is carried out in advanced racing seats, received clearly marked lateral support. It is impossible not to note the presence of a system called NDCS, with which one press of the button changes the modes of operation of systems on board the vehicle.


Optionally, the car owner will be able to get a large hatch in the ceiling of glass, which previously did not have access.

An interesting fact is that the Japanese have not forgotten about the interior layout. She finished the luggage compartment in such a way that it is now able to accommodate 40 per cent more. In the normal position of the sofa back, the boot capacity is 354 liters. If the lower back, then formed a flat floor and the loading platform at the 1189 liters.


Opening the luggage compartment can be simplified to the maximum, automatic ordering. It will be a wave of his legs under the rear bumper to open the tailgate.

Options Nissan 2020 Juke

As before, for Russian buyers will be available five options set. List the available equipment in each of them the special does not make sense. Therefore it is better talk about the packaging, which can tell a lot about the generosity or stinginess producer – base.


It’s nice to see that even the base model is ready to offer a lot of interesting options and chips. Here are the main ones:

  • active head restraints;
  • steel wheels 16 inches;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • six airbags;
  • fabric upholstery;
  • full power accessories;
  • sound system;
  • washer for the rear window;
  • heating system on the front seats;
  • heating system for the exterior mirrors;
  • powered door mirrors;
  • height adjustable steering column;
  • central locking with remote control;
  • dokatka;
  • immobilizer;
  • BAS security system, EBD, ESP, ABS.

The price of a new Nissan 2020 Beetle – year

As you can see, it is quite solid. And in , the purchase of this compact crossover variant in the initial equipment cost about 685 thousand rubles. As for the most expensive equipment, the prices are up about 985 thousand rubles. Given the available new options, the price tag on the Nissan 2020 Juke may well pass for a mark of one million rubles.

As for supply an updated version, then they should start closer to the summer. Deliver crossovers are the factory located in Great Britain. It will come out in Russia Juki.

Rear part

Specifications Nissan 2020 Juke –

Unfortunately, there is for the Russian consumer comes a moment of frustration. The fact that our market Nissan 2020 will offer only the old engines. The weakest of them has at its disposal only 94 horsepower.

Despite the presence of two quite feeble gasoline engines, we remain the most interesting unit. It is, as you know, a turbocharged four-cylinder engine 1.6-liter that produces 190 horsepower. The choice will be offered a six-speed mechanical variator or six gears.

Its dynamic performance is a very interesting and attractive. Thus, acceleration from zero to a mark of 100 kilometers per hour takes using manual gearbox exactly 8 seconds. If you have at the disposal of the variator, then the acceleration takes 0.4 seconds longer. Maximum speed at the same time on the mechanics and variator is 215 and 200 kilometers per hour, respectively.


But for Europe, the Japanese will offer two brand new engine. The first of these petrol, has a volume of only 1.2 liters, but is equipped with a turbocharged engine, which allows a small amount of extract good 115 horsepower.

The second motor runs on diesel fuel and is also equipped with turbocharging. Its capacity is 110 horsepower.

Video test drive the new Nissan 2020 Juke –


Restyling for the Nissan 2020 Juke – year was quite expected. At the same time, not all experts expect such a major change. They thought that the Japanese will cost a little retouching appearance and specifications and does remain unchanged.

But, as you can see, things went very differently. Updated Juke has become more interesting, more sports, more attractive. At the same time it has retained its originality.