Nissan 2020 GTR – submissive Japanese sports car

The first prototype of the future Nissan 2020 GTR – year, appeared in 2005. Then the concept was presented to the court of world public. Not everyone could then expect that this project will become one of the most successful in the world. After all, today the Nissan 2020 GTR is one of th

e most recognizable not only Japanese cars.

Sports cars have long led a desperate struggle for world leadership. However, Nissan 2020 “udelala” of creating not just the fastest production car, which is easily intervene in the four man, but still a relatively budget. No more than any supercar, which would have such characteristics, and costs so little. But the price issue, we will talk a little later. First, I want to stop at the exterior.


If you look at a photo Nissan 2020 GTR – year, you will see that major changes compared to its predecessor is not. Moreover, the feature still have the characteristics of the first prototype of the future supercar.

Nissan 2020 GTR photo front

The company Nissan 2020 know that is not enough to install on the machine a big powerful engine and bypass the expense of competitors. It took a unique appearance. Just look at the front of the Nissan 2020. Is it possible to fall in love with him? Rough, but at the same time, harmonious lines of the bonnet, grille of the original form of the radiator, the traditional model icon and sports skirts. Just look at the photos of the machine and make sure that this creature geniuses.

Nissan 2020 GTR photo Side

You can look at the body from the outside, and you will see powerful, with aerodynamic components doors, trim, but more than functional side rearview glass, large wheel arches with no less impressive in size wheels.

The rear part – it’s all brilliant creation of designers and specialists in aerodynamics. Often the machines give different pseudo aerodynamic elements, which play a purely decorative role.

Nissan 2020 GTR photo back

In the case of the Nissan 2020 GTR is difficult to find at least one body component over which the experts did not work in the field of aerodynamics. It all plays a crucial role, allows to achieve the required clamping force, to achieve the perfect balance of powerful motor and counter resistance to air flow.

Yes, apparently Nissan 2020 GTR – year was less aggressive than his predecessor, but the true animal eyes and looking forward and forward only design preserved. This car, which fit perfectly beautiful appearance and internal appearance.


If you look inside, you will not see “stuffed” parlor, as if from some sports car involved in illegal races. Yes, lack of equipment there, but made a very harmonious interior trim, with a perfectly exaggerated emphasis on the fact that Nissan 2020 GTR – year – a car premium.

Photo interior of Nissan 2020 GTR the year

This is evidenced by the quality of finishes, materials, comfortable seats both driver and all three passengers. Yes, the machine provides for the planting of four people, including the driver. The back row is separated by two seats, which will be landing at comfortable for passengers of any build. And detailed video review of a car it will confirm.

Photo of the front seats Nissan 2020 GTR

Another plus in favor of practicality Nissan 2020 GTR said trunk. Suppose it is a sports car, but it you calm place 315 liters of luggage. That such is the amount of luggage that is a very, very excellent result.

To have an idea of ​​the size of the car, we offer to get acquainted with its dimensions:

  • 4670 millimeters in length
  • 1895 mm in width
  • 1,370 millimeters in height
  • 2780 mm wheelbase
  • 105 millimeters of ground clearance
  • 1740 kg curb weight.


As we face a sports car with premium, it is unlikely one would expect of a miserly equipment. Plus, the Japanese traditionally do not spare themselves for their customers pleasant options that are included in the cost of the car, not that you can get for a surcharge. So, buying himself Nissan 2020 GTR – year, you will receive:

  • leather upholstery (red, black, or red and black)
  • covered steering wheel, tunnel, center console and seats
  • heated and power seats (driver’s adjustable in 8 directions, passenger – 4)
  • multifunction steering wheel, adjustable in height and length
  • two-zone climate control system
  • Cruise control
  • motor start button
  • multimedia system with touch screen and the ability to read a variety of formats, to connect a USB device, bluetooth and so on.
  • Rear view camera
  • rain and light sensors
  • side, front airbags
  • TPMS system, EBD, BAS, VDC and ABS.

As you know, the assembly is more than respectable. Simply to say, is not present at Nissan 2020, rather than list all the available systems, assists and other components.


Fortunately, a lot of fans and the speed is really solid sports car, Nissan 2020 GTR – year and sold in Russia.

Depending on the vehicle filling options, it can be purchased in one of three versions. However, for the base version will have to have to shell out not less than 4.6 million rubles. Do not only think that the basic equipment you will get much less than the maximum. In fact, the difference between the variation lies only in the materials used for decoration. Filling in all the will identical. So that the price of the Nissan 2020 GTR – is 4.6 million rubles. Unfortunately, in Japan and the US car cheaper.


As we have said, the car Nissan 2020 GTR was born in 2005, although fully functional, and the production version has been made available only two years later.

Engine Photo GTR – year

Either way, the company has gradually developed its own car, use new developments to improve the engine output. As a result, starting with 480 horsepower in the first versions, the Japanese reached the figure of 550 horsepower today. That is, if we do not take into account the particular more powerful version.

Well, today considered to be the most relevant two engines and two versions of the car.

  1. Engine 3.8-liter twin-turbo and six-cylinder. Its capacity is 550 horsepower. Complete with six-speed automatic engine. Their combination allows to accelerate from zero to hundred in 2.7 seconds record. Nissan 2020 Maximum speed 315 kilometers per hour. This engine requires about 17 liters per hundred kilometers in the city. But if you push the pedal to the floor, then the flow rate will increase to 25 liters or more per hundred kilometers.
  2. The second motor is placed on the special version Nissan 2020 GTR -, the Nismo. In this modification, the capacity is already 600 horsepower. In addition, the car is equipped with other body kit and spoiler made of carbon fiber.

It is important to note that each of the marketed cars Nissan 2020 GTR has a different amount of horsepower. The fact is that every motor configured personally Takumi – Japanese master, who is considered nowadays gurus power plants. Setting is carried out manually, which is why there are small and razbezhnosti on horsepower.


Well, given the technical characteristics of the car, as well as numerous positive reviews of the owners of Nissan 2020 GTR -, we can say – it’s a real bestseller of our time, sports car, which was trying to keep up with many companies with much more serious budget. However, it is Nissan 2020 GTR – dictates fashion on the sports car market.

The main advantages model – is its unique appearance, unique technical capabilities and price. Due to its accessibility and superiority even over such monsters as the Bugatti Veyron, Nissan 2020 have a long time there will be real competitors.

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