Nissan 2020 Altima – an excellent Japanese sedan

Car Nissan 2020 Altima years use a rather high demand in the United States. For example, in 2011 about two hundred and seventy of these machines have been sold to the Americans. Today came to light a new generation of this, of course, a successful model that the Japanese are especially prepared for the United States market. Unfortunately, the expected appearance of the official Nissan 2020 Altima – in Russia and the CIS is not worth. But this fact does not upset hurry.

In fact, the new Altima is nothing more than a modified known to all of us another model of the Japanese automaker – Teana. Only here the differences are quite serious. But let’s all in order.


Design is already the fifth generation Nissan 2020 Altima turned out really beautiful and attractive. Here criticism towards the designers can not occur. Despite the fact that the Teana model turned many experts believe one of the most beautiful cars, still the American version with a different name looks even better.

Nissan 2020 Altima photo front

Ahead of it should be noted a large triangular-shaped lighting system, as well as the trapezoidal grille fascia, which, together with traditional nameplates manufacturer create a very attractive image. Add to that, and chrome elements, obviously the spirit of sport front bumper, and get the car, which can and must be dreaming.

Side view opens eyes to expressed, powerful wheel arches. Given their size and dimensions of the car, it is recommended to Nissan 2020 Altima immediately take the wheels large enough. At least 18 inches. So the profile of the car will look harmoniously as base 16 inches make the image unfinished.

Nissan 2020 Altima photo back

Surprisingly, the taillights are a lot like the front, but have their own unique design. Bumper obviously commands respect his power, massive, but at the same time accuracy. It is harmoniously blended with two mufflers, which made a special notch in the bumper. The trunk offers a comfortable, can accommodate a lot of luggage.

If we talk about the dimensions of new items from Japan, they are as follows – a width of 1829 millimeters, the length of the car – 4859 cm, and a height of up to 1471 mm with a wheelbase at 2775 mm.


To get the most accurate assessment of the exterior and interior of the car, we recommend you view photos trends, and explore the detailed video about Car Review Nissan 2020 Altima, . Here you will see that the interior combines elegance, accuracy, superior ergonomics and high quality finishes.

Nissan 2020 Altima photo salon

The car allows you to place without any problems in his cabin five. For machines of this class is quite normal, although some manufacturers are guided by the fact that the back will be placed two people. In the end, the third position is not always well thought out, it prevents a number of details, and in particular on the transmission tunnel.

It is important to note the position of the gearbox. It is really in place, literally at your fingertips and do more to move its desire does not arise. If you have automatic hand box is conveniently located on the armrest. It is not only convenient for the driver, but also to intervene in a plurality of different things.

Separately want to pay attention to the steering wheel. It is made three-spoke, it has leather trim and decorative metallic inserts. All this makes it a beautiful appearance and comfortable while driving. The hands do not slip on the surface even after a long stay at the wheel. The instrument panel is designed, has two large screen, it is clear and readable. Moreover, here there is also a monitor that can display images in 3D. If necessary, the screen served the rear view camera image, navigation data, information about the condition of the car and so on.

Photo salon Nissan 2020 Altima the year

Telescopic steering column adjustment allows you to customize it for each driver, regardless of height, weight and other parameters. Seats are also tightly hold the driver, do not give the body to slide when tight turns.

The second series was created as a very concise, thoughtful and practical. There is enough space in the legs, a high ceiling, comfortable seats, the minimum height in its transmission tunnel, which, incidentally, allows rear passengers to sit three very comfortable and convenient.


Traditionally, Nissan 2020 offers for the US quite rich equipment of its Nissan 2020 Altima year. So, the basic version includes:

  • Cruise control
  • air conditioning
  • audio system with reading MP3 CD and six speakers
  • Rain sensor
  • light sensor
  • keyless entry system
  • eight airbags.

If you buy the most expensive configuration, which is available in the United States, while the sedan will be equipped with:

  • climate control
  • leather interior
  • Bose Premium multimedia system eight speakers and a touch screen of seven inches
  • electric front seat
  • Heated seats in the front row
  • heated steering
  • xenon headlights
  • rear view camera
  • LED turning lights and so on.

As you can see, Nissan 2020 Altima has a fairly complete set of rich, which makes this car very, very attractive in the eyes of potential buyers.


Pointing packaging, will not be superfluous to talk about the cost of new items. As we said, wait for the official appearance of this big sedan in Russia is not worth it. Instead, you should rasschtyvat on buying Teana model, which was created on the same platform with the Altima, and it also has its advantages. Well, or refer to the gray dealers, allowing you to get the American version of the Altima.

Since the car is not in Russia, we will focus on shtatovskih prices. For example, in the US the car is available in six different models. The basic version will cost US 2,5S buyer from 22,5 thousand dollars, while for 3,5SL version will have to pay 30 thousand dollars. If you need further additional optional equipment, the price will increase.

Unfortunately, the prices in our country, others, and even Teana in the basic configuration will cost more than in the United States the most expensive version of the Altima. But there was nothing to be done. Yes, and should not be upset, still Altima in the near future will come to us.


In fact, the technical characteristics of the car are similar to soplatformennika Teana. So do not be surprised if on the road, both cars will behave almost identically. As for the engine compartment, here Nissan 2020 Altima has two motors.

  1. The first engine is the base, and is a 2.5-liter petrol powerplant, the last modification. Its set on the fourth-generation Altima, but then its capacity was 177 hp. Now their number has been increased to 182 horsepower.
  2. The second engine is more powerful, has six cylinders and 3.5 liter capacity. Its capacity is 270 horsepower and comes with a CVT gearbox.

Photo Mothra Altimy


What can be said about this car? Yes, the Nissan 2020 Altima , he became noticeably brighter, more attractive, sportier appearance. Added in power got more modern equipment. For the US market the car fits perfectly. Then you and the powerful engines, and solid dimensions, as well as sports equipment, and of good appearance. Nevertheless, we have still Teana, although modified, improved in some components.

Numerous reviews of the owners indicate that these cars remain dissatisfied quite difficult. However, there is a point that is slightly spoils the overall impression of the Altima. The fact is that when driving at speeds of over 140 kilometers per hour (such as the US rate is not far from uncommon), the machine starts to behave very badly. Control is no longer so clear, we have to be vigilant and very careful. If distracted, you will begin to wear on the sides. Given the nature of our roads, the risk increases even more.

The rest of the new fifth generation Altima leaves a pleasant, positive experience. Given its cost, wanting to buy a car this would be more than enough.