New Nissan 2020 Qashqai

The second generation Nissan 2020 Qashqai officially presented on November 7 in London last year. We offer our readers a preliminary detailed review of the updated Nissan 2020 Qashqai model years -.

With the help of photos and videos, you can appreciate the new interior and exterior design of the compact crossover from Japan – Nissan 2020 Qashqai II. Before describing the new version of the crossover in the class C, it would be appropriate to recall that the previous generation of Kashkai ever since the appearance of cars on the market in 2007, has become a real bestseller – in total has sold more than 2 million cars around the globe . Positive feedback from car owners are forced to think about the actual purchase.

Photo Nissan 2020 Qashqai

The new Qashqai to go on sale later this summer, and the price of new items will be announced to the public earlier this year. Russian motorists will receive an updated crossover assembled at St. Petersburg in the company of Nissan 2020, but initially this car will deliver the Russians from the UK.

Nissan 2020 Qashqai – photo

As planned (we have already written on the subject of how, most likely, will look like the next generation of the Qashqai) appearance of the second generation model, the design is very similar to his older brother Nissan 2020 Pathfinder 4 and almost exactly copies a brand-new Nissan 2020 X-Trail year. Japanese engineers at the resemblance does not stop, the updated Qashqai and X-Trail will be used as a base for two one platform – CMF.

New Nissan 2020 Qashqai photo

It is important to note that the change in generations has resulted in an increase in the overall size of the new body to Qashqai : crossover grew to a length of 49 mm, a total of up to 4380 mm, the width was more than 20 mm – 1800 mm, but the height of the cars was less than 15 mm – 1600 mm.

The new Qashqai photo

The front end has a stylish crossover and compact LED headlamp head optics, which are complemented by corners daytime lights with LEDs, stretching along the inner edge, a little false radiator grille with chrome full of vases, the center of which Nissan 2020 logo printed. Bumper, on the contrary, demonstrates a certain solidity and even the brutality of all kind. Visually front cowl consists of two parts. Lower – very powerful, with a special aerodynamic skirt of unpainted plastic, which is traditional for all crossovers, and the top – painted in the same color as the body. Supplement the whole way should round fog lamps in chrome rings. Also, a huge plane with hood is very fashionable at the moment ribs and elegant mirrors with integrated cornering duplicators.

Qashqai – photos

The review of the updated crossover can distinguish large wheel arches, which are able to accept tires sizes up to 225/45 R19, using the alloy wheels of 19 inches, the large doors at the first and second rows of high refractive glass, and, in general, very interesting, and thing finished and harmonious way. As a decoration for the side surfaces of the body, acts as a well marked longitudinal rib extending in the door handles for a natural grip and greatly extended wings, which visually enhance sufficiently compact crossover.

Review of the new Kashkai

The rear of the car, despite its apparent simplicity and similarity to classmates, demonstrates the confidence and reliability, provides more shades for overall lighting, stylish surface curvature at the tailgate and the present off-road bumper, almost completely clad in unpainted plastic, which is not afraid of scratches.

Overview Nissan 2020 Qashqai photo

We would like to note that LED lamps are used not only for the headlamp, but for the marker lamps, and even turns duplicators, hidden away in the mirror. This means that LED lighting cars completely, but only in the maximum configuration.

LEDs Nissan 2020 Qashqai photo

The second generation Nissan 2020 Qashqai because of its similarities with the updated Nissan 2020 X-Trail began to look more expensive and solid. Body Autonovelties now has excellent aerodynamics – Cx of 0.32. Such a good result was achieved not only through the smooth contours of the body, but also because of the innovative spoiler at the boundary between the roof and the trunk door. There is also a contribution to improved aerodynamics and automatic closing shutters on the air intake (they close when the speed is 30 km / h and immediately opened if the engine must be increased cooling).

Salon Nissan 2020 Qashqai photo

Interior of the car has become much better and more developed and gives the driver with four passengers more space. By quality we mean not only the use of new, more solid interior finishing materials, but also an opportunity to order a lot of options of new chips, absent for the previous model of this crossover. Bend your fingers – that’s the list.

Interior Nissan 2020 Qashqai – photo

  • 1. Front Collision Avoidance – this system provides complete stop cars with the threat of a frontal collision, the front of this by submitting a special signal to the driver.
  • 2. Driver Attention Support – an automatic controller of the physical (biological) state of the driver’s car.
  • 3. Traffic Sign Recognition – a system with a camera that is able to detect any signs and automatically reduce the speed of the car when it detects such restrictions.
  • 4. Lane Departure Warning – This is an automatic vehicle lane controller.
  • 5. Blind Spot Warning – this system using the View Monitor camera constantly monitors the vehicles and objects in the areas of – reach glance car driver.
  • 6. Moving Object Detection – a set of front and rear parking sensors and cameras, providing a panoramic view around the car.
  • 7. High Beam Assist – it lights assistant control beam.
  • 8. Chassis Control – is a set of electronic assistants in the suspension and braking system.
  • 9. Intelligent Parking Assist – is an assistant to facilitate parallel parking.
  • 10. New Nissan 2020 Connect – is a color touch screen of 7 inches (Bluetooth, Internet access, AUX USB CD MP3 and navigation).

It is clear that most of these chips is offered for a fee. More talk about the built-in climate control, heated front seats with the rear-view mirror, multifunction steering wheel, very informative color display in the instrument panel with a diagonal of 5 inches, is likely to be somewhat redundant – all included in the car’s equipment.

Roof Nissan 2020 Qashqai – photo

One can only note that the trunk can accommodate up to 430 liters if all passengers are in the cabin. Its volume is easy to increase almost three times simply folding the rear seats.


Specifications Nissan 2020 Qashqai , as we mentioned above involve the use of the new CMF platform developed by Renault-Nissan 2020 Alliance technology with fully independent front suspension on McPherson struts. But rear, depending on the particular drive type, there are different circuit suspension. Crossover with front-wheel drive has a rear torsion beam, and cars with four-wheel drive “All-Mode 4 × 4-I” satisfied mnogoryichazhka.

Test drive Qashqai

Since the beginning of the sales under the hood of the updated Nissan 2020 Qashqai will be installed, the choice of a potential owner of four different turbo engine, equipped with system start-stop – two petrol and two diesel. They will operate in conjunction with a 6-speed manual gearbox or automatic transmission – CVT Xtronic CVT. Russian buyers, as opposed to European, will be available another aspirated (140 hp with 196 Nm) engine on gasoline of 2.0 liters. The technical arsenal, also brand new electric power steering (EPAS), works in two modes – Normal (for maneuvering at low speeds and the city) and Sport (for a drive on the highway). Brakes, of course, disk, once for all the wheels with the ABC system, EBD, Hill Start Assist and ESP.

Petrol turbo:

  • 1. The 1.2-liter engine DIG-T (115 hp and 190 Nm) with a very low flow gorjuchki – from 5.6 liters.
  • 2. The 1.6-liter engine DIG-T (150 hp and 240 Nm), the automaker also promises gorjuchki consumption is not more than 5.6 liters.

Diesel turbo:

  • 1. The 1.5-liter engine DCI (110 hp) with a very low consumption of a diesel engine – only 3.8 liters.
  • 2. The 1.6-liter engine DCI (130 hp), this engine enables the crossover with front-wheel drive 4.4-liter content with, well, with all-wheel drive transmission, a little more – 4.9 liters.

Compare Models & Prices

List and optional equipment Nissan 2020 Qashqai 2 remains unknown. This is not surprising, since the beginning of the crossover sales scheduled for the first quarter of , before the Russian car buyers will get later, closer to the summer. Collect the Russian version of the crossover is planned for St. Petersburg car factory Nissan 2020. Price trends grow up slightly, as stated by the representatives of the Japanese Nissan 2020 Division. Let’s hope that the cost of basic kit Nissan 2020 Qashqai will be 850-900 thousand rubles.