New Mitsubishi 2020 L200 – this is the fifth generation of the popular pickup

The car made in Japan under the name Mitsubishi 2020 L200 is well entrenched in the market. In principle, the fact that Mitsubishi 2020 company produces for the fifth generation, speaks volumes.

We used to call it just L200, although many of its markets, called Triton. The novelty was presented in Thailand, where the pickup uses a fairly high demand.

New Mitsubishi 2020 L200 photo

Let’s find out what’s new in this car, what innovations developed manufacturer, as well as what the new truck will be able to surprise, please and may disappoint its customers. We offer you a complete overview of where we examine changes in appearance, look at the interior, explore options for equipment and technical capabilities pointeresuemsya.


Mitsubishi 2020 L200 -, front photo

Say at once, Mitsubishi 2020 L200 -, he became a more attractive and modern appearance. This was made possible thanks in part to an entirely new optics, as well as the excellent performance of the radiator grille with copious amounts of chromium. Monumental bumper, grille and classic round fog lamps are located in the chrome trim.

Mitsubishi 2020L200 photo

Type in the user’s profile is very familiar from previous generations, as compared to its predecessor the minimum changes. In fact, the only new steel exterior mirrors, equipped with an additional repeater turn signals based on light-emitting diodes. The rest of the left door large comfortable, large wheel arches, stylish form and performance of the truck.

Mitsubishi 2020 L200 photo back

Behind the changes undergone bumper and taillights. Mitsubishi 2020 L200 kept comfortable design luggage, and therefore use the car as a workhorse and very very comfortable.

Basically, while maintaining the exterior of the previous version, the new product turned out sleeker, more modern and interesting. Claims to the exterior there. Moreover, given the purpose of the machine.

We can say that this appearance, combined with the best facilities and technical data, which we will discuss later, will allow the new Mitsubishi 2020 L200 – to become a leader in its segment, beating is still the leader in the face of the Toyota Hilux . While the chance of a big name from Mitsubishi 2020.

Options bodywork execution provides three – single, queen and double cabin. In the case of double cabin dimensions have changed somewhat in the direction of increasing. As a result, they are:

  • length – 5280 mm
  • width – 1815 millimeters
  • wheelbase – 3000 mm
  • height – 1780 mm
  • ground clearance – 195-205 mm (clearance depends on version).

That is, the increased length of 20 millimeters, and the width increased by 15 mm. Other parameters remain the same.


Preserving old architecture, interior could do more solid and more relevant for our time. Among the main innovations, we note a new instrument panel, a new shift knob, an updated steering wheel. Also underwent a major upgrade of the center console.

Photo salon in the new Mitsubishi 2020 L200

Predecessor had serious claims to the finishing materials, as well as to the quality of interior execution. This time the problem was promised eliminated by the use of more high-quality materials and a more responsible approach to making and decorating. Obviously, this can also affect the cost of the car.

Photos dashboard L200

But pleasantly pleased by the fact that the interior is now not so old-fashioned and dull. Still, buyers are paying great attention to the interior, even if it is planning to use truck for transporting freight or other working moments.

Options and Prices

We have combined these sections, because at the moment a minimum of information. Regarding equipment, alas, is now to tell you can not do anything. Based only on assumptions and guesses as to be not quite right.

Pictures of the new peak Mitsubishi 2020 L200

Therefore it is better to wait a while until will be officially announced on the supply of pickup Mitsubishi 2020 L200 to Russia. Then we tell about the configuration and price. Most likely, the expected appearance of new items is only after the first half of next year.

Also note some anecdotal evidence, according to which will bring the pickup for the Russian market with all-wheel drive modification with a double cabin and a new diesel engine.

To date, to purchase Mitsubishi 2020 L200 can be only in the Thailand. The cost of pick-up lasts from 24 thousand dollars. A lot or a little, will judge after the example of our able drivers to evaluate all the pros and cons of the fifth generation of the well-known Japanese company Mitsubishi 2020 pickup.


To create the fifth generation of a pickup used the old platform, which modernized the frame, bearings and springs fastening point. The steering wheel will now be equipped with electric power, and already in the basic version.

Photos Mitsubishi 2020 L200

The range of powertrains has expanded by one. From now on, you can select one of the four engines. Let’s start with those that went to the pickup from its predecessor.

  1. The petrol engine capacity of 2.4 liter capacity of 128 horsepower and a torque of 194 Nm. Frankly weak, especially given the volume. However, the used engine is a good demand.
  2. Two diesel unit with a turbine and a 2.5-liter has two degrees of boost. The first was 128 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque, and the second was brought up to 178 horsepower with a torque of 400 Nm is already.
  3. Finally, the new diesel engine with turbo and 4 cylinder. Its volume – 2.35 liters, and the power output – 181 horsepower. This engine demonstrates impressive performance and torque, which reached the level of 430 Nm.

As for transmissions, the new items is provided for a five-speed automatic transmission, or the two mechanical – five or six steps.


The new generation Mitsubishi 2020 L200 already surpassed many expectations. It should be understood that this is a sufficient budget pickup truck, the cost of which is not particularly high. Therefore, expect from him something extraordinary, too, not worth it.

In general, at the moment the impression of the Mitsubishi 2020 L200 -, the positive enough, because it has good looks, predisposed to perform various tasks body, better and more modern interior, as well as updated technical parameters. Yes, the owners will be able to generate responses for more than an objective assessment for pickup. Either way, many eagerly await the appearance of L200 is not only in Russia but in many other countries around the world.

Photos Mitsubishi 2020 L200

Not everyone can ride a small compact hatchbacks around the city. Many require cars that are not afraid to go fishing, hunting, engage in extreme kinds of motor sports such as trophy-raid, or simply to be used as a reliable workhorse somewhere in a village outside the city and so on.

Mitsubishi 2020 L200 – perfect for all of the above. Plus, the price is to arrange many. No wonder pickup called the future leader who easily shifted from the “throne” Toyota Hilux.