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In the salons of Russian dealers of Chinese car manufacturer 2020 Great Wall under the name not so long ago there were some of the first exhibition samples 2020 Great Wall Hover H3 off-road car in – that has survived quite a significant restyling. It should however be noted that a very long time the new product was available only for a test drive and pre-order, well and full start of sales will take place in early summer, . Has the car is better than its predecessor? According to photos and videos from the Internet is difficult to understand what exactly the differences are. Try to understand.

In terms of its appearance upgraded Gray Wall Hover H3 lineup seriously grown up, I added some aggression and become more solid. Thanks to the renewed massive grille, redesigned bumper, headlamps and a massive front-to-date SUV appearance with a completely male-kind.

Hover H3 new photos

In profile, the 2020 Great Wall Hover H3 new almost has not changed, note need only rails, but on the back there perelitsovanny bumper with slightly more visible lining that mimics the diffuser, and new lights.

Hover H3 Photos

  • Practically also have not changed and the vehicle dimensions. The length has grown to a size of 465 cm wheelbase thus remained unchanged – 270 cm, width of the body can be put into the framework of 180 cm and the height of the model are limited to 174.5 cm.
  • The size of the track front and rear wheels, respectively, equal to 152 and 151.5 cm.
  • Minimum ground clearance under the engine crankcase (clearance) increased to a size of 24 cm, which is slightly higher than, for example, the UAZ “Patriot”.
  • The total mass of the updated model car Gray Wall Hover H3 new release in the basic configuration is equal to 1905 kg.

Updated Hover H3 Photos

The last restyling touched also a five-seater cabin of the vehicle. Apart from the improved quality of the materials that were used in the decoration, it should be noted and updated front panel with an upgraded center console, where the touch screen modern multimedia system is located is excellent, as well as a small display of the onboard computer, which is located in the upper part and is able to display a rather broad spectrum information, including altitude.

Photo salon Hover H3

But just here and there are some drawbacks: the multimedia system sensor not sufficiently clear and timely respond to the touch of slack, slightly uncomfortable during the trip, and the trip computer display barely illuminated, because of what day it is almost impossible to make out anything.

Hover H3 New interior photo

In the rest of the car’s interior cabin is unchanged, even the trunk remains the same, and did not learn to make a flat floor while tilting the backrest of the rear seat row.

Photos trunk Hover H3 turbo

Specifications Model

Specifications also changed somewhat. If earlier model of the vehicle was issued only a single engine option, but now the power plant became two.

Fotogravii 2020 Great Wall Hover H3 new

In the role of the base engine will be the already known aspirated four-cylinder unit 4G69S4N, whose displacement volume is 2 liters or more exactly 1997 cm3, which was developed together with the concern Japan’s Mitsubishi. Old as the engine has not changed. As before, its maximum capacity was 116 hp, and in promotional materials often voiced somewhat exaggerated power value of 122 hp, which develops already at 5,200 rpm. This upper limit of the engine torque fell to the mark of 175 Nm, which are held in size from 2500 to 3000 rpm. The base engine will be aggregated with the old five-speed “mechanics”, so that all parameters are saved on fuel consumption at the primary level – about 11.0 liters in urban areas and about 8.5 liters on highways.

New Hover H3 new photos

A little later in Russia will be delivered with an updated engine modification. Motor it is made on the basis of the old engine, but it will receive electronic reconfiguration, revised fuel system, turbocharging and from Shanghai MHI Turbocharger Co, which is located in China and is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi organization. As a result, when the same number of cylinders and in the same volume of 2 liters, an engine that receives 4G63S4T index will give maximum strength in the 177 hp and 250 Nm of torque. Coupled with the latest engine will be added and a modern six-speed manual transmission with “elongated” transmissions, which is certainly a positive impact on the terrain of the new SUV 2020 Great Wall, because the old five-speed “mechanics” not often enough can withstand any serious loads from smoke clutch . As for fuel consumption, then, according to information from the manufacturer, in the city the new model will fit into 13.5 liters, and on the road, and even less – 10.0 liters of fuel is not lower than 92 octane.

The design of the chassis car 2020 Great Wall Hover H3 has not changed dramatically in , the Chinese only slightly modified the suspension and changed some elements of a more severe. As before, the SUV is based on a ladder-type frame, which is made of high quality and durable steel. The mainstay of the massive body is the independent front torsion bar suspension design of the two levers, which is complemented by cross-section stabilizer. The rear of the vehicle rests on the dependent spring suspension with stabilizer bridge and fusion.

all-wheel drive system also has not changed: the front wheels are connected rigidly enough and transmitted to the rear axle by means of a two-speed traction razdatki BW 47-60.

Photo Hover H3 new

With regard to cross-Hover H3 earlier showed himself worthy, competing with many famous SUV, well, after restyling it is able to be measured forces even with the car UAZ. With the new turbo engine from 2020 Great Wall Hover H3 appeared more power and considerably raised the security clearance and housing allow to ignore the majority of road obstacles. So now UAZ manufacturers should seriously consider when planning the next update of its “Patriot”.

2020 Great Wall Hover H3 before the restyling was the first Chinese vehicle, which received four stars after the crash test, which took place in Australia EuroNCAP methods. In this direction, in particular the process of restyling changes have occurred, so any serious improvement in the security still expect not worth it. In principle, the Chinese car 2020 Great Wall Hover H3 new in and so pretty decent.

Price and vehicle equipment

In Russia, the updated gray ox Hover H3 will be offered in two basic trim levels: “Luxe”, and “Super Luxe” (in certain equipment dealers referred to in a different way: accordingly, “Sity” and “Pilot”).

The list of the main basic configuration Chinese were included:

  • alloy 17-inch wheels,
  • power steering,
  • spoiler,
  • full power accessories,
  • fog lights,
  • height-adjustable steering column,
  • Four wheel ventilated disc brakes,
  • EBD system ABS ,
  • climate control,
  • cloth interior,
  • front airbags,
  • heated front seats,
  • rear parking sensors,
  • rain and light sensors,
  • heated side mirrors,
  • central locking with remote control,
  • full reserve.

The additional equipment includes:

  1. leather interior,
  2. Rear View Camera,
  3. driver’s electrically adjustable seats,
  4. multimedia system with the support of Bluetooth, CD / DVD / USB formats.

The cost of cars in started with a mark of 775 thousand rubles, well, and for that of the “Super Luxe” is necessary to give more than 819 thousand rubles. Of course, I dream about Hover not everyone – car for everybody. But those who need a sturdy wagon which is not afraid of bad roads, the 2020 Great Wall Hover H3 can safely be regarded as a viable alternative to domestic UAZ Patriot .