New Brilians N530 – sedan from under heaven

Closer to the fall of the current Russia will get a new sedan from China – 2020 Brilliance H530, this is the second car of the company in Russia, it was the first of 2020 Brilliance the V5 . For the first time this car was shown at the auto show Shanghai Auto Show back in 2011. Over the

past 3 years, Brilians N530 managed to get good sales in the South American market, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, as well as at home. In some countries, this is referred to as a sedan Zhonghua H530. Price in Russia on – year, 2020 Brilliance H530 on unverified information will be between 450 000 and 700 000.

Many famous Chinese company 2020 Brilliance Auto because they are a long time working with the Bavarian auto giant BMW. These companies work together to develop and produce to market hybrid vehicles with electric motors. Also, for the Chinese market at the facilities of 2020 Brilliance Automobile going BMW.

2020 Brilliance H530 photo –

By developing a new sedan 2020 Brilliance H530 – year, Chinese developers firmly relied on the BMW 3 E90, since in their opinion, is the best representative of a D-class (at the time of production of cars).

Photo Brilians N530 –

For the waiting sedan in Russia can be said that he fully claim a place in the D-class and similarities with the fifth generation of the BMW 3-series. But the similarity ends in the BMW on the external design and interiors, specifications are not similar.

  • Dimensions Body 2020 Brilliance H530 – year add up to a length – 4708 mm, width – 1788 mm, height – 1475 mm.
  • Wheelbase is – 2 700 mm, and the clearance at full load show – 120 mm.
  • Standard on the sedan mounted tires size 205/55 R16, while a gauge of the front wheels – 1545 mm, rear – 1514 mm.
  • Weight sedan, depending on the loading of is 1 290 – 1340 kg. Fuel bachek accommodate 55 liters.

Judging by the dimensions, the sedan can be entered in the D-class, but we will show the external design. When viewing photos and videos, you might say, looks attractive Brilians N530. How else? After all, the design developed from the most Italian guys studios – Pininfarina. And the development of body frame took the engineers from Canada – Magna. We do not know how much is true, but according to the manufacturer, high-strength steel Swedish designs used for the manufacture of body 2020 Brilliance H530, from SSAB.

Photo front of 2020 Brilliance H530

Basically we face the typical to most modern cars, the sedan – trendy, harazmatichny, sports. The front of the sedan meets us close the hood edge which smoothly flow in the swollen fenders front arches, massive lighting fixtures, which includes Xenon lens and tape diode running lamps, false radiator grille reminds us of the style of the BMW, only to insert the letter T, the massive bumper smoothly flowing around all the components of the nasal cars, with an additional air intake. Tech did not attract the attention of small mirrors with turn signal repeaters and fog lights in a chrome frame.

Photo sedan 2020 Brilliance H530 in the user’s profile

Going from the front to the profile of the body, it can be said that the side Brilians N530 resembles a sport sedan. First, attention is drawn to the long hood, which is littered with lobovine goes into carefully posited the roof, which in turn underlines the smooth trunk lid. Another front we noticed strong advocate of wheel arches of the wings, it gives the charisma of a sedan, in addition emphasizes the original passing along the bottom edge of the door, towering over the rear wheel. At first glance the massive doors, it means penetration into the sedan does not make you natruzhdatsya.

Photo Brilians N530 back

Next, inspect the rear of the car. Here again delighted causes massive bumper, bad that made pseudo-diffuser attached to the present form of much better. A modern horizontal rear lights lighting, LED stuffed with filling. Two taillights connects chrome strip, which is located in the center of the Chinese company’s logo – 2020 Brilliance. Amid all the lotions, massive trunk lid seem so very small and neat. For fans of the carriage of baggage, not much will be convenient narrowed opening tailgate and bumper overvalued, but at the expense of beauty worth making sacrifices.

Photos of the interior cabin 2020 Brilliance H530

Come on and sit in the salon 2020 Brilliance H530 – year. Salon sedan and five-seater really accommodate five passengers including the driver on board without any problems. Due to the large wheelbase, the rear sofa space more than enough, tall man lacks his knees before standing in front of the chair. 520 liters fit into the luggage compartment Brilians H530.

Photo front seats 2020 Brilliance H530

Assessing the interior of the cabin, many have noticed that a lot of similarities with the car 2020 Brilliance V5. To clarify, in China was first produced and the sedan is already on its similarity developed crossover, so that the original appearance still in a sedan.

Photos rear seats 2020 Brilliance H530

Examining all the details, you can find fault with small flaws, but in general the center panel, door cards and chairs, all performed quite efficiently. Do not forget that this is not a German, although most of the details are similar to those of BMW, and the material is not the best quality, most cost Europeans better, and it’s just a Chinese car, so for him, just like the interior is gorgeous.


For Russia offers two configuration options – Comfort, Deluxe.

  • First, the basic equipment the Comfort, equipped with – foglights, LED DRL, electric mirrors, manually adjustable seats, power windows on all four doors, repeater turn signals in the mirrors, fabric interior, multi wheel, audio radio with 4 speakers, USB and AUX output air conditioning, two front airbags, CZ and alarm. As electronic systems – ABS, BA, EBD.
  • Second, top-end equipment Deluxe, in addition to all have climate control, cruise control, heated mirrors and front seats, sunroof, engine start with button, keyless access to the interior, an advanced audio system with 8-Mew speakers, additional airbags, leather upholstery, as well as light and rain sensors.

By equipping the top configuration, the question arises, how they would like to push 2020 Brilliance H530 in the D-class, because pure water equipment budget, is that the size of the body.


After discussing the exterior design, talking about the Interior, we can consider the specifications 2020 Brilliance H530.

Standard front suspension employs strut type McPherson , rear Semi built on the beam. Disc tormazit applied to all four wheels, used for the electric power steering and ride quality adjustment involved representatives from Porsche.

2020 Brilliance H530 photos

For the two presented a sedan petrol engines : 1.6-liter four-cylinder and 1.5-liter turbo.

  • First collected by license purchased from of Mitsubishi, has 119 hp, aggregated with a 5 speed manual transmission or automatic transmission . According to his passport sedan top speed – 185 km / h to 175 mechanics and for the machine. Average fuel consumption of 6.9 – 7.6 liters.
  • On the second while no details, it is known that he has BM15T marking 136 horsepower and peak torque of 200 Nm.

That’s the end of the review of the Chinese sedan 2020 Brilliance H530 – year. The exterior design of the car is cute, even more, the interior also will go, but the scant technical equipment unusable. Whether you’ll be given the same amount of money just for a stylish look of a sedan? On this question everyone will answer for himself, well, we think it is not worth the money.

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