New 2020 Volvo S80

We have before us an updated sedan 2020 Volvo S80 model year, the Swedes collected. Restyling model boasts a new exterior design, a bunch of additional equipment, intelligent security systems, excellent multimedia operating time. Presentation of the new 2020 Volvo C80 was held at the Geneva Motor Show . Sales of the sedan began in the summer of the same year, the price of the basic version starts at the level of 1399 thousand.

Review Readers will appreciate a new appearance, so to speak exterior, cabin interior, additional new options, a variety of security, the first front wheel drive car of the Swedish representative in the class E. Rate the new 2020 Volvo S80 in will help us photos and videos, plus we will build on the information that It contains reviews of the owners of the current generation 2020 Volvo. Let us according to the manufacturer specifications, fuel consumption learn, write a conclusion after the pass a test drive business sedan 2020 Volvo S80.

Together with 2020 Volvo S80 experienced a restyling that became more modern, fancy, innovative, sedan 2020 Volvo S60, 2020 Volvo XC70 crossover and the most popular at the moment out of the lineup of the Swedish manufacturer 2020 Volvo – crossover 2020 Volvos the XC60 . Overview start with a little background business sedan 2020 Volvo S80.

S80 first saw in 1998, when the first generation were produced until 2006. Sedan based on the P2 platform from 2020 Volvo. Sold first generation machines 370 000 copies, not much is not enough. 2006 we met open the Geneva Motor Show, it introduced the second generation of the 2020 Volvo C80, built on the P24 platform, 2020 Volvo refers to this platform as their own, but really this platform Ford’s Ford C1 Plus, it is used in Ford’s fourth-generation Mondeo. This sedan has undergone two updates in 2010 and the current update in . The second generation of the sedan 2020 Volvo S80 can boast excellent marketability. By counting up sales for , statistics showed sedan sales will not exceed 20 000 copies.

  • Overall dimensions of the business is not a small sedan, the 2020 Volvo C80 in length of 4854 mm, width 1861 mm, height 1493 mm ground clearance is 151 mm.

Update 2020 Volvo S80 model year, the sedan has made more vivid, harmonious and modern, but beat its main competitors and failed. It’s too great fading on the background of the BMW 5 the Series- , the Mercedes the E Class and Audi A6 , even an American child of Chrysler 300C looks much nicer.

Producers did a good job on changing the front of the car, especially over head lighting fixtures, false radiator grille, bumper, everything has become more harmonious, smooth. Many little details painted in chrome color, betrayed the elegance of the car. Bumper equipped with daytime running lights.

Assessing the sedan in the profile is not anything new, we do not notice all tezhe smooth lines running from the beginning of the long hood, passing over the massive doorways and flowing into the vehicle karma. As before, in the eye catches a shark plavnichok.

The back of the memorable updated bumper with excellent light engineering and a massive trunk lid. No other changes have been observed.

Sitting behind the driver’s seat all enthralls magnificent interior assembly, the use of expensive finishing materials (quality fabrics, aluminum, soft plastic, natural and artificial leather). Exquisite captivating all central dashboard as if floating in the air, directing his gaze to the driver. Above stylish nozzle deflectors located 7 inch multimedia cent Sensus Connected Touch (this intelligent system is optional and is available for top of the range). Wooden steering wheel trim are delighted, it’s still a real business class. The steering wheel is not poorly punctuated auxiliary keys, very convenient. The dashboard is full of 8-inch color screen, which displays all necessary information of all vehicle components. The display has three color gamut: Elegance, Eco and Performance. Considering all the charm of the cabin gradually feel how much comfortable front seats 2020 Volvo S80, is only required to work on the lateral support, not enough comfortable.

Rear seat passengers abound freely, but without excess space will accommodate three adults. Legs in the front seat does not abut, there is space between the head and the ceiling. Additional options allow you to set the DVD player, two monitors in the front head restraints facing Cedeno.

I am glad that the Swedes even basic equipment 2020 Volvo S80 Kinetic equipped with decent list of options. Buyer immediately available dual-zone climate control, electronic driver assistance systems, City Safety, diode running lights, high-quality music Performance touch screen 5 inches, a full set of airbags.

Regardless of the configuration, for an additional fee you can sedan bloat beyond recognition. Order leather upholstery, heated all the seats and steering wheel, fitted with front seat massage and electric, set the automatic sunroof, bi-xenon lighting equipment, Parktronic, good music, navigation, light sensors and rain, various support for the state of the tracking system of the driver, road markings and signs, blind zones. In general, the list of options is huge, but do not feel sorry to part with their money.

Business Class Sedan 2020 Volvo S80 is not designed to carry bulky items, so the trunk is free instead of just 480 liters. Reserve fuel in the long journey of 70 liters.

Assessing the interior, exterior exterior you can safely begin to discuss the specifications. 2020 Volvo C80 in as the first built on the independent suspension. The front part of the usual rack type McPherson, rear multi-link system. All four wheels are disc brakes for superior braking and minimal stopping distances. Spin the wheel helps power (optional install steering with variable effort).

On the Russian expanses 2020 Volvo S80 came just two turbocharged petrol power units and one transmission is six-speed Geartronic automatic.

  • The first option is a 2.5-liter turbo engine giving out 249 pure blood loshadinnys forces with a peak torque of 350 Nm. Thus the motor is equipped with a 2020 Volvo S80 T5. Acceleration up to hundreds of 7 seconds. Fuel consumption declared by the manufacturer no less than 8.8 liters in mixed mode, urban pokatushki devour 100 km at least 13 liters.
  • The second option is preferred by the present fans of drive, this 3.0 liter V6 from which break free 304 mares with a peak torque of 440 Nm. With this engine delivers a maximum 2020 Volvo S80 T6 grade four-wheel drive. To disperse hundreds of 6.4 seconds, with an average flow rate of at least 10 liters, and the city mode will eat at least 15 liters.

The potential buyer a choice of 13 exterior colors available, 7 finishes, 16 interior options. Price 2020 Volvo S80 T5 in the Russian market for the basic package Kinetic 1399 thousand rubles. Altogether there are 4 OPTIONS: Kinetic, Momentum, Summum, Executive. Max Executive grade four-wheel drive, 3.0 liter V6 will cost 2249 rubles.

In the conclusion of our review, we shall state the magnificent impressions that cause us to test drive the all-wheel drive 2020 Volvo S80 T6 model year. Sitting behind the wheel of a business sedan, start the engine and hear the roar of the unstoppable six-cylinder the V6, just feel not a businessman and racing driver of the sports car, which hunt just drive, drive and drive. Pedal’ku gas going to the floor, we were shocked with what force pushes into the back seat. Overclocking potential was great even when reaching a speed of 170 mph. At this speed the car is perfectly manageable, he took turns as if gripping the tarmac all the teeth. Balanced suspension kept the car as it should, not have banks. at high speeds Box behave smartly, as if she were at the same time with the driver, and knew when to make a switch to increased, and when a lower gear. This harmony is simply gorgeous. So evaluating the car in appearance do not be severe, all the charms of relief under the hood.