New 2020 Volvo S60

Last year at the Geneva Motor Show, the public was introduced a restyled version of the Swedish 2020 Volvo S60 sedan model year. In our review, we consider the external changes and dimensions of the sedan. We estimate the exterior trim and interior of the cabin of the new 2020 Volvo C60 . Let’s talk about the additional equipment, which includes a variety of entertainment and security systems. We discuss the exact specifications claimed by the manufacturer and by how much more than the stated rate of fuel consumption. Draw conclusions will help us a photo and video materials published in this review, as well as reviews and comments famous car critics. Price S60 in the base starts with a mark of 1099 rubles.

After working on ristaylingom Swedish sedan 2020 Volvo S60 , major changes occurred in the appearance. The manufacturer decided to add a small drop of the change in the exterior design. In general, the car and looked particularly serious, stylish and confident. It affects good story cars starting from 2010 years distant. It is in 2020 Volvo Personvagnar this year was sold to China, namely industrial holding Zhejiang Geely. Now you can see the external appearance of the car, for a clearer perception of the exterior.

The bow of the 2020 Volvo S60 has undergone the most changes, there is a new head light with excellent optics Active High function (in the dark makes it possible not to dazzle oncoming drivers). The new grille is integral with an updated bumper. Generally before the 2020 Volvo C60 resembles a kind face, lights, eye, nostril grille and lower bumper incision is made in the form of a mouth. In addition, the massive bumper decorated with stylish LED ribbons or other daytime running lights. Perfectly in tune with the bumper and the hood false radiator grille with massive ribs, stylish dominates the wings. Such a design of the front of a little rejuvenated and at the same time betrayed the seriousness of the Swedish sedan.

Departing from the front to the side and observed the new 2020 Volvo S60 in the profile, the roof catches the eye. The roof, which resembles a dome and towers in the central part of the body over inflated doors with high window sill line. As a result of raising the window sill line, the window began to seem a lot less. Sedan, by go downhill roof into the boot lid, it is more like a hatchback.

Feed 2020 Volvo S60 is similar to the front of the new acquired phony bumper with stylish tailpipes on each side. Everything else remained the same. Massive vertical trunk lid with model logo and 2020 Volvo word. Plafonds taillights smoothly flow from the bumper and move into the boot lid, examined by the head of eagles can be seen looking at each other.

Ordering 2020 Volvo S60 model at dealers, it is possible to complement the new look of enamel of different shades and colors, as well as to decorate the stylish 16, 17 or 18 inch alloy wheels with a variety of drawings.

  • Metallics: Silver, Dark Silver, Ssvetlo beige, beige, dark gray, dark brown, blue, red, orange, black
  • Not Metallic Black, Red, White, Bright Blue, Silver, Bright Blue

Manufacturer 2020 Volvo C60 on the bodywork for the new sedan has started the most durable materials of aluminum and magnesium. As a result, the stiffness of the body torsion and corrosion resistance improved significantly. A huge plus for large cities will further corrosion and Stone Chip bottom processing. Data processing will save your car perfectly by aggressive reagents sprinkled on the roads megacities, and superbly reduce mechanical damage.

Before consideration of the passenger compartment shall indicate the overall size of 2020 Volvo S60 Year:

  • Length – 4628 mm;
  • Width – 1825 mm;
  • Height – 1484 mm;
  • Wheelbase – 2776 mm;
  • Ground clearance – 160 mm.

Transplanting of the driver’s seat 2020 Volvo S60 notice especially familiar to us, floating center panel deployed in the driver’s side. The modified central baffle the flow of air, one of them is located in the center of the central panel, the entire width, and the second is a little higher and to the right, on the same level with a magnificent 7 inch touchscreen multimedia system Sensus Connected Touch (sensor responds even on hand in gloves). The system allows you to go online, listen to music, use the navigation and create a WiFi network in the car. By shifting the focus from the central panel, you know how much a comfortable seating area of ​​the front row, with additional support for the torso and thighs, this also applies to the rear seats. Then the eyes rest on the new dashboard, it is designed as an adaptive color TFT display (This can tidy was first seen on the 2020 Volvo V40 and the 2020 Volvo V40 Cross Country). To display this chip include color changes in the settings you can choose one of three colors (green, blue or red). On the instrument display shows the driver all necessary information about the vehicle units.

Peres back row seat 2020 Volvo S60 Please note that due to the thinning of the backs of the front seats, rear legroom is increased. Three rear seat passenger should feel comfortable, knees do not rest against the backrest of the front row, head over to a small reserve of space.

Swedish cars have always been famous for excellent safety, these rumors are not spared and the new 2020 Volvo S60 in year. Sedan is stuffed to the eyeballs electronics. The new model of the system were the main who follow the unauthorized crossing of the solid line, road signs, blind areas, as there is City Safety system, which at speeds below 50 mph to avoid collision with the side of the car. The main innovation of the Swede was a system Pedestrian Detection allows you to prevent accidents with pedestrians, it works up to 35 mph if the range of the speed on the trajectory of your car will be a pedestrian, the system immediately notifies the driver about it, if the driver does not have time to react, the vehicle activates the braking system automatically. Then talk about the heap airbags, ABS and other banal stabilization systems thinking does not make sense. As already picture emerges as far as the Swedish child safe. Not for nothing 2020 Volvo takes the title of the safest cars.

Buying sedan 2020 Volvo S60 initial basic configuration Kinetic, the driver will provide you and your passengers sufficient comfort. The base immediately enters the climate control, the original security 2020 Volvo cars exterior lights, central locking, heated front-row seat, heated power mirrors, and anti-glare system, as well as fancy 7 inch touch multimedia entertainment system.

Who wants more bells and whistles, you can order extra options, which include: electric front seats, electric sunroof, rain and light sensors, headlamp washers, bi-xenon head optics, the system monitors the condition of the driver, heated windscreen, rear sofa seat heating, rear camera type, leather upholstery, trim a variety of wooden, aluminum or graphite inserts. The manufacturer has prepared a whole lot of accessories for unikalizatsii exterior and interior of the cabin, from the additional trunk and towbars with fairings and spoilers, ending with various mats in the interior and trunk.

All materials used for interior decoration and hammering – premium. High quality textile fabric and leather, and soft plastic silent.

For fans of the transportation of goods sedan unlikely to be suitable as a basic trunk volume is 380 liters, with folded backside back sofa, the volume will increase slightly.

Having examined the appearance and interior of the 2020 Volvo S60 was time to discuss the specifications. Restyling sedan got to the powertrain. Means used as the first independent suspension, front MacPherson strut type, rear mnogoryichazhka. Sedan is built on the EUCD platform, the same platform can boast crossovers 2020 Volvo XC60 and not cheap the Range Rover’s the Evoque , as well as the 2020 Volvo S80 in , and the family of Ford: Ford Mondeo, Ford S-Max , Ford Galaxy. Swedes this platform is referred to as the 2020 Volvo Y20, it is not clear what they are shy, but most likely will not want to give out their long being under the wing of the American Ford.

Thanks to the old optimized and modified to bring test drive 2020 Volvo S60 shows excellent dynamic performance, refined confident handling. Confident tenacious steering wheel in addition to the aggressive power units and excellent brakes, the driver charges the full program. Praising sedan with a dynamic hand, it is possible to criticize from the comfortable movement on the Russian roads. Suspension of this sports car is strongly sensitive to the uneven asphalt, all passed into the cabin, about the holes in general are silent. Can a manufacturer and would like to bring as much as possible the appearance of a sports car sedan given by the suspension stiffness.

Having read reviews of the owners 2020 Volvo S60 can be concluded that fuel consumption in the combined cycle of 1.5 liters more than the 2020 Volvo claimed, the majority of owners.

Talking about the engines of the sedan can be a lot of time, as the manufacturer provides a lot of different options, from the most economical to the most dynamic. With the spread of diesel powertrain options for the 2020 Volvo C60 is not sold in Russia, it is very sad, because he is the most economical. In Europe, car comes with the most economical diesel engine D2 1.6-liter (115 hp), it is enough for 100 kilometers of mixed mode only 4 liters of fuel. In Russia, the available gasoline turbo 1.6-liter T3 and T4 (150 and 180 hp), T5 – 2.0 and 2.5 liter (240 and 249 hp) and the most aggressive 3.0-liter T6 delivers power to 304 hp.

Transmission is offered three options, this is a six-speed mechanical, automatic Geartronic, a robotic box Powershift. The most powerful unit T6 (304 hp) is available in a pair with the automatic Geartronic and all-wheel drive.

Above we mentioned the strong rigidity 2020 Volvo S60 suspension, and that the manufacturer immediately corrected, we were informed that as an option can be installed adjustable dampers Monroe-Ohlins with characteristics of system changes take Four-C by three parameters, is Comfort, Sport and Advanced. As a result of the change of regime (Varies by pressing on the center panel) changes not only the rigidity of the shock absorbers themselves, but also adapts to the desired mode of the engine, transmission, brakes and all other auxiliary systems.

the new 2020 Volvo S60 sedan Sales of the model year began in Russia in the summer of . Price Rinetic base complete with motor mechanics and T3 is 1 099 000 rubles. And for the most heaped 2020 Volvo C60 with a T6 engine (304 hp) and four-wheel drive will have to pay 1949 rubles.

For potential buyers add that service the car need only specific authorized 2020 Volvo workshop as cars packed with sophisticated high-tech systems and a bunch of electronics. Conventional STO just turn the car in the amoeba. Before buying weigh the pros and cons, find out the cost of spare parts (they are not cheap), is there in your town official representative of 2020 Volvo and then buy it. Referring to expensive, we are not saying that the car fussy and often breaks down here with accuracy but on the contrary, cars are very reliable and strong, if take care of them worthy of all to do something within the specified period, it will serve you for a long time! No wonder the 2020 Volvo cars are amongst the safest and one of the most reliable cars.